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I was feeling lonely one night and decided to visit the local bar. Its open 24/7 and is called Back Door at Shaffs Inn. Every one always seems to use the back door here instead of the front one. So the name was born.

I walked in and looked around for a table in the corner so I could just watch customers arrive and maybe even find a nice, buff guy to hang or hookup with. I worked my way to the back of the bar and took a seat facing the door.Not too many customers here tonight on a Wednesday.

Just then the door opened and in walk a nicely built, cute guy with a walk of self assurance and confidence. My eyes caught his at the same time and we shared a nice smile.

I watched him make his way to the bar stool down at my end of the bar, that was nice I thought he's saving me the long walk to the other end.

I watched him order his drink and tip the bartender, I hadn't gotten waited on yet so I thought I'd go get my own.

I slowly got up from my table and walked over to this rather handsome fellow and asked him if I could sit in the stool next to him. He smiled and said he was waiting for his wife, Helen. That's nice I told him but I wanted to keep him entertained in the mean time. He smiled again and I could feel a warm tingle go through my body and my panties starting to get damp. Not too many men have had that kind of affect on me this soon after meeting. What a rush. Now I could feel my face getting hot and my nipples standing at attention.

It was then that my favorite song came across the sound system. It's a very sexy song and has a good beat. I couldn't resist moving to the music, and the way I felt it seems only fitting that this handsome man get a little reward for turning me on so much. I then asked him his name and he told me "Larry, my name is Larry". I couldn't resist the urge to bump and grind to the music still playing, so I stood in front of Larry and put my hands on his knees. I slowly lowered my self into a squat position, allowing my face to stop at his crotch area. I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was glad I had stopped there. I looked straight up into his eyes and slowly started to rise into a standing position again. I then quickly turned around and pushed my butt right into his lap, with a long slow gyrating motion I moved round and round with the beat. I could feel his pants start to tighten from the bulge, as his hard stiff member was trying to free itself! from its hiding place.

I was getting so turned on, but that would have to wait, for at that moment I felt a hard tap on my shoulder from behind me. I turned my head around to see a woman about 5'3" long dark hair and fiery eyes. I guessed this was Helen.

Larry looked over his shoulder and just quietly said "hi hun"
If looks could kill we would have been dead at that second.

I was feeling a little darning so I decided to see how much she would let me get away with. I then told her I was just keeping Larry entertained while he waited for her. She said "I saw how you were entertaining him now get the hell out of his space and mine. Bitch.!

I really don't know what came over me but at that moment I turned to Larry and quickly put him in the best lip lock, tongue pulling kiss I could. That's when I felt a push, and I was up against the bar. By the look in Helen's eyes I had just crossed the line..(continued in my members area)

Story #2 The White Cadillac


It was such a warm night, almost too hot. The sky was a dark midnight blue, with every star visible. The kind of night that made you want to lay down on the ground and look off into space and perhaps catch a glimpse of a shooting star. The moon shone so brightly you could see every area around you as if it was day time.

I dressed in a tube top and a pair of cut off jeans and headed out the door for a walk down the road. There are a few houses on our country road but none to close, most are set back from the road with nice long driveways. It's a familiar walk to me because I grew up here and have lived in this house all my life. I knew all my neighbors. Tonight would be a little different.

I could hear the peepers and frogs, but also a car approaching from behind me. I figured it was my neighbor and thought I would hear it turn off the road anytime now. But instead it pulled up along side me. I glanced over my shoulder to see a large white car stopping. It was a nice white Cadillac, with shiny black interior. The driver leaned over and rolled the window down on the passenger side. He asked me if he was on the road known as Cummins Lane. I told him he was on that road because it was named after my family. My Grandfather had named it.

This nice looking man had dark hair and eyes and a nice smile. His voice was pleasant and made me feel very warm on this extra hot night.

He was a kind of smooth talker as my grandfather would have said, when he asked me if I needed a ride. I needed a ride alright but it wasn't the kind I needed a car for. I hadn't had a good lay in some time and he was looking pretty good right now.

His eyes stared at my large breast, My nipples naturally protrude from my shirt even on a hot night. I don't mind a good flirting now and then so I asked him if he liked what he saw. He answered with a " hell yes, I love them. Its awful hot tonight, isn't it too hot for a shirt." I had to agree it was.

So I just put my thumbs down inside and slide the tube top down to my waist.

His eyes almost popped out of his head and his mouth fell open as my hard nipples stood out in the moonlit night. I slid my hands gently over my breasts rubbing my large nipple tips to help them perk up even more. This poor man couldn't help but slowly reach towards me out the window to help. His large hands shook as he reached my milky white flesh and gently rubbed them over my chest. I was already turned on by his stares so I had no problem allowing his hands to reach me.

He then asked if I was sure I didn't need a ride. I did need that ride after all, I told him so I opened the door as he sat back up into the driving position.

As his eyes slowly looked up from their lingering stare he leaned over to let his mouth reach those large marbles and suck on them. So gentle he sucked and I could feel my. (continued in my members area)