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I'm asked all the time if I accept gifts, and the answer is yes!

I love surprises!  If you want to get something

but have no idea what, I've made a wishlist.

I update it frequently! :) 


View My Wishlist


I receive tons of email requesting shoots.  Many times, I am asked if I have certain things for shoots, and most times I do, though sometimes I don't so I try to improvise if I can.  Sometimes members ask if they can send me things so it will be exactly as they like it for the pictures.  Now, you don't even have to ask!  I LOVE surprises and would love for you to send me anything you'd like to send me.
I am always looking for nice, sexy, cool, or unusual clothes to wear and accessories as well. 

All I ask is that the articles of clothing are new and tags left on, but if you find something cool on eBay like jewelry,

that is perfectly fine. 

Here is the info you'd need when looking around:

Sizes based in the USA

Bra Size:  36D or 34DD

Panty: 5/6 or medium
Pants: 5/6   

Tops: Medium
Jackets: Medium
Lingerie: Medium
Heels: 6

Boots: 7
Pantyhose: Size C or Medium

If you'd like me to play with a special toy, I am also always looking for some new toys for me to play with on my site.  I love colored dildos...all different shapes and sizes and vibrations! 

You can send me anything, just email me for my mailing address: