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The following Q's and A's are from the most common questions I'm asked:

-What nationality are you?  Scottish, Irish, English and Spanish.  Unfortunately I never learned Spanish except for the 2 years I took it in college.

-Is it really you answering your e-mails?  Oh yes, it is really me!  I answer all my emails personally (unless it was distasteful or vulgar in some way).  Sometimes it may take a while for me to answer because of the quantity of emails I receive.  If it's been a while and I haven't answered, please resend.  My email sometimes filters some things it wasn't supposed to!


-Can I join your site with a Money Order?   Definitely!  Click here for details.  


-Do you do Webcam shows?  Yes, I do.  My cam is on iFriends and I'm "Live" just about every weeknight from 10PM until I'm ready to go to bed.  If I'm not Live at the moment you can also check out my fanclub.


-Do you meet your members?  I do meet fans and members at conventions such as Glamourcon.  I love to see the faces behind the emails, get feedback on my site and take photos with them.  I've become good friends with quite a few of my fans.


-Do you accept gifts?  Yes I do!  You can send what you'd like to the address listed on my Store page.  If you want to get something but not sure what I want, I have set up a Wishlist.


-Do you make custom videos?  I don't do them at this time.  I do however take requests from members for videos that appear only on my Members' side.  That's another good reason to Join my site. :) I also take requests for videos in my fanclub.


-Before becoming a model on Southern Charms, how would you describe yourself?   A little shy around people (actually, I still am when I first meet them).  I've met so many super cool people here that my shyness is starting to fade even in real life!  I'm also a lot more confident about my body now and take care of it much better than I ever have.  I love to work out now and stay in shape. 

-What kind of music do you like?   I love a little bit of everything--from Pop & Rap to Rock & some Country.  I played all types of music in my videoclips until SC stopped allowing us to use regular music in our clips.  Now we can use generic music. Fun, fun!

 -Do you travel a lot?   I've been traveling a lot lately.  Recently I've been to NYC and Los Angeles for Glamourcon  I've also been to Japan which was a definite culture shock!  November 2004 I went on a cruise to Mexico with a group of 20 friends.  That was a ton of fun.  This year so far I plan on going to Jamaica, Los Angeles, Chicago and Key West. 

-The biggest thing most of your fans want to know is what sort of person you like to date?     A sweet guy with a sense of humor who's honest and trustworthy are the main things I look for in a guy.  I also like him to be adventurous and be able to keep up with me in and out of the bedroom. J  Looks are important too, but you could look like Brad Pitt and be boring or a player and I wouldn't give you the time of day.

--If you could have one supernatural power what would it be and how would you use it?  I've been asked this a lot since I posted my superhero WW photo set.  I'm such a voyeur, so I'd like to be invisible.  That way I could be a fly on the wall anywhere.  Mindreading and being able to fly are the runners up.

**Email me if you have a question you'd like listed on this page.