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I've decided to start a journal...and I'm going to let you have a peek inside. I'm not sure what I'll be writing about, some of everything I'm sure. Today I wanted to write a little entry because I'm feeling very sexually frustrated! The kind of frustration that makes me want to walk into a dark, smokey bar, pick out someone that strikes my fancy, an get lost in a dark corner. Today I would be looking for that shy quiet type. That guy you think would never do anything so scandalous...but I can see you think about it. I see your eyes trace the hem of my skirt between lingering glances and smiles. I love your confidence when you bring me another of the drink I just finished; I can tell you don't do this often. We fall into easy conversation and while we chat I cross and un cross my legs and watch as you blush because you can't stop looking. I slide to the edge of my seat and spread my thighs just ever so slightly, your knee between my legs. I dare you to slide your hands up! my do, slowly, tentatively. My soft, warm skin under your fingertips- the connection turning us both on. I love watching the effect this is having on you! ;) I slide even closer and you can see the pink satan of my panties peak out the bottom of my skirt and the hem is moving up. Hiding in our dark corner, you hook your fingers around each side of my silky panties and start to pull them down...seeing how this bold move has turned me on and the site of my wetness makes you can't stop now!