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FAQ Page
FAQ Page
I don't mind answering questions so don't be afraid to email me and ask me anything you would like to know about me. Below are some questions and answers that I have been asked frequently :

Are you married? NO but I am VERY commited to a relationship and plan to be married very soon.

Do you have children? Yes, I have 1 son.

What is you sexual orientation? Very BI, I like a man best, but love to look at, touch, and taste women on a regular basis!

Do you like your feet played with or tickled, or your toes sucked on? I do like them massaged, but no licking or sucking.

How old are you? 24

Do you like younger men? Age is just a number. As long as you are legal we can have fun.

Who is your photographer? my photographer is the love of my life

What's the possibility of meeting you? I am not looking to meet members, although I will chat with you and do special photo shoots

Do you smoke? Y! es but will not usually include smoking pics unless asked to.

Do you respond to fan mail (email)? I plan on personally answering all of my emails from both fans and members. Members will get responses first. I do have a job so responses, shoots etc will all be done during my time off.

What about custom videos, do you do them? Havent made any videos for posting yet but I would love to start!

Do you take photo shoot requests? I have no issues doing special shoots for special people, but as with responses please remember to give me some time, I am great but I can't make the day longer!  

Can I send you a gift to wear or use in a photo shoot? YES! If you buy something special for me, please make sure it is new and sealed in the original wrapper/container. Check Out my Wishlist for Ideas & sizes then mail it to:


PO Box 8572

Corpus Christi, TX 78468

Keep visiting my site for improvements & updat! es. Become a member for more exotic pics of me!!!!
I respon! d to my Members & Fans. Members are my priority!

I would to thank Southern-Charms for providing me with this web space! Tjsbabygurl