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Hello, my name is Teresa, but you feel free to call me Tere. I am a 40 year old single mom of two teen boys, and I'm also a BBW. I have posed for this kind of pictures for more than 15 years now and I have enjoyed all of that! I feel you will like my big curves, as I have a global sized butt and some thick and shapely big legs. This is my debut here on Southern Charms, so hope you give me a great welcome. I really feel all kinds of sensual things just to imagine there are guys out there that could be excited seeing my body; I like that and hope you let me know what you think. I am ready to please you in any form you demand and ask. I have never liked to shave my private areas, so if you like the natural look of big pussies then this is your lucky area on SC. I will post also some video clips soon to test the waters; so hope you get to see all what it is in store right now for you, and all that is to cum! Email me with your requests, ideas, thoughts and all to: I'll reply personally all your emails. Thanks and gracias! Tere.