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DVD's Page
See me in your favorite fantasies through these videos. My collection is just beginning so check this page regularly. You will find these to be quality videos. They are captured with a digital camera and transferred to DVD to give a clear picture and sound for your viewing pleasure. I have written a brief description for each DVD, to help you with your selection.

DVD 001. Tasmin’s Backyard Playtime. I am in my backyard in a short house dress. The sun is warm and my wine is cool. On my porch I get comfy in a chair and stir my wine with a glass dildo. Watch me reach my g-spot with the glass dildo and hear me cum. This is a great masturbation and cum video.

Runtime: 20 minutes-$25.

DVD 002. Tasmin’s Birthday Party! Friends; Autumn, Lusty Liz, Mr. E, and Spike surprise me for my birthday with a cake and party. It doesn’t take long till this is no longer a traditional party. The clothes come off and the icing is on. Since this is my birthday, I get most of the attention, but you will see lots of kissing, licking, cock sucking and twat eating.

Runtime: 20 minutes-$20.

DVD 003. Tasmin and the Boss Lady. Autumn teams up with me to make this entertaining and hot skit. The ditsy office assistant (Tasmin), needs a lesson in office protocol. Tasmin turns the tables on Autumn and get the Boss Lady on the table. Girl/girl action with twat grinding and eating.

Runtime: 20 minutes-$25.



1. I am at least 18-21 years of age which ever is the legal
definition of adult in my jurisdiction. The material I am requesting is for my own
personal use and will not to be used/viewed by minors or anyone else.
The materials will not be used or redistributed in any form or manner under
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2. I am not a Law Enforcement Agent of any kind, a US Postal
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individual / entity or Corporation or for the purpose of entrapment.

3. I agree that the material that I'm ordering is not obscene or
offensive to me, that I enjoy reading, listening to and watching sexually
explicit material for personal purposes. I am also certifying that the erotic
and / or sexually explicit material I'm ordering below is not illegal or considered

obscene in my community.

4. I understand that this video is protected by copyright laws and
that any duplication is unlawful. That none of this material will be
duplicated for any reason of any kind. I agree that if for ANY reason
duplicated copies are traced back to me, I AGREE to pay all lawyer fees,
detective fees, and will face criminal charges and be sued to the fullest
extent of the law. I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that all of
the aforementioned is true and correct.

"I understand and 100% agree with THE TERMS OF THIS LEGAL DOCUMENT
statement and agree to abide by this document and state that I am releasing any
and all obligation, liability or responsibility from Tasmin SC3 its
Webmasters, model(s), and its ISP from what I choose to do."



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____ DVD 001 Tasmin’s Backyard Playtime

____ DVD 002 Tasmin’s Birthday Party

____ DVD 003 Tasmin and the Boss Lady

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