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I really appreciate your questions. Here are some of the more common questions I get asked.

What is your favorite Sexual position?
I really enjoy all positions. I think it's so much fun to change it up. It gets boring doing the same position all the time.

Do I like anal?
Yes I just Love it!

What turns you on?
Kindness to me is the biggest turn on. Being nice goes a long way.

A gentle touch, a romantic date, and a nice c*ck!

Where is the most exciting place you have had sex?
In public, outdoors, and on the beach, where lots of people were around. I have a double mattress for the pool that is so much fun to have sex on. I hope to use it again soon. I'm always looking for a new exciting place. It's fun to look forward to.

Why are you a Southern Charm?
I love to pose for photos, I think it's so erotic and sexy. It's fun to get creative and show my sexual side. On a professional level, Southern Charms is simply the best amateur site. There is so much variety and great people. I like that fact there are no popup ads that other sites have that are not fun at all for the users.

Do you accept gifts?
All gals love surprises. I don't have a wish list.  I think a wish list is like begging for stuff. I would rather have you surprise me with something I would never expect. To me that is so much more fun.

Do you meet members?
I sure do, I've met many members since I've been on line. I go to all the meet and greets that I can. I've also done photos sets with many that I've met.

Do you smoke?
No, I don't smoke but have done a couple of smoking sets as a request from my members.


Are you Ticklish?

Yes, I'm very ticklish. I love to be tickled and love to tickle. I love having my feet tickled the best. It's such a turn on to me.