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FAQ Page
Questions and Answers

Q.) What made you decide to have an adult-oriented website?

A.) Simply stated, it's something I enjoy - it's fun - and it offers a creative outlet to explore the more sensual side of my personality.

Q.) Do you cater to specific fetishes and interests?

A.) As far as personal interests are concerned, if you have a distinct preference for a voluptuously curvy "girl next door" type - you may find me and my site appealing. I consider it a compliment if you do. As for specific fetishes, I like showing off my ass in panties. So if you have a panty fetish, I welcome you to explore what I have to offer. If you have an ass fetish, I hope you will consider mine - it's big, round and curvy and definitely one of my greatest "assets." If you like to be enticed, teased, seduced and mentally stimulated by a woman's charms and femininity then you just might like what you find in me. Some of you have expressed an interest in pantyhose and I will be offering more photo sets that include me wearing them as time goes by. I also include black and white pin up style photography for you to enjoy. This is a soft-core site for those who enjoy the art of erotic stimulation. (If you are looking for photos featuring hardcore action, this is not the site for you.) The goal for me is to offer you the kinds of things you enjoy sensually and sexually while at the same time leaving enough room for your imagination to create the fantasy (that's where the "action" takes place).

Q.) Where are you from?

A.) I am originally from Queens, New York but now reside in north central West Virginia.

Q.) Why is the website a pay site? 

A.) Maintaining a website takes time, effort and resources. While I don't depend on the income generated through this site, having a private members area allows this site to be "member supported" by those that truly appreciate what I have to offer. I realize that you can get free photos and media content all over the internet. But isn't it more fun, intimate and rewarding to build a personal relationship with the person in the photos? That's what makes the experience comes to life.

Q.) What does membership offer?

A.) Membership gives you access to all my content (including the more explicit content). Keep in mind that mine is a true amateur site. I am not a professional in any aspect of the adult entertainment industry. But while I do not have the resources to offer Vivid Entertainment quality material, I do my best to produce good quality content with the resources available to me. And I do it with a personal touch not many others will offer. When you stop by for a visit, I want you to feel like you are actually spending time with ME. Membership also grants you access to Southern Charms' own "Member Appreciation" section featuring an extensive high quality video library catering to many different sexual interests and fetishes.

Q.) Who takes your pictures?

A.) My husband is my photographer.

Q.) Are you a "swinger?" 

A.) No, I'm not. 

Q.) Do you drink or smoke?

A.) I do drink socially on occasion. I DO NOT smoke. I will not even pretend to do it for photos.

Q.) Will you communicate and correspond with me directly?

A.) Yes, I will communicate with you personally if you contact me ! via email. But I reserve the right to correspond or not correspond with whoever I choose. Whether or not I choose to communicate with you has much to do with how you approach me. If you are nice and respectful towards me I will return the favor. If you are rude, I will ignore you. Common sense and courtesy apply. (Please do not send random Instant or Personal Messages via Instant Messenger without emailing me first. I will not accept random IM or PM requests if I have not communicated with you previously via email.)

Q.) What kind of man are you generally attracted to?

A.) I like a down to earth simple kind of man with a sense of confidence in who and what he is. I DO NOT like conceited egotistical jerks with an over-inflated self image. I have no time or interest for "studs" or narci! ssists who fancy themselves "God's gift to women." Just be rea! l and ke ep it real.

Q.) Are you sexually attracted to women?

A.) Yes, I find women sexually attractive and appealing.

Q.) Do you consider yourself sexually dominant or submissive?

A.) Generally speaking, I like to please so I tend to me more on the submissive side. Much of the pleasure I get comes from the pleasure I give.

Q.) Can we meet off-line?

A.) This is highly unlikely but never say never.

Q.) Do you have anything for sale?

A.) If you want to buy or trade for something just write and talk to me about it.

Q.) Do you offer custom photos or videos through your website?

A.) I do not and will not offer custom videos. I will, however, consider photo requests that fall within my level of comfort and good taste. Feel free to write and talk to me about it.

Q.) Do you accept gifts?

A.) Yes, gifts and favors are a! lways welcomed and appreciated.

If you have more specific questions, feel free to write and ask. I want this to be a true dynamic and collaborative experience between us.