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HI! I wanted to thank you for thinking about becoming a Member of my site. We do our absolute best to make sure you wont be disappointed. I update at least 3 times a week and as many 5 times (the maximum we are allowed to Update). I also include 3-5 member's only video clips with most of the Updates I do.

It is also important to me that we change it up constantly. I always try new things and find fun new places to shoot as well as different sexy / fun things to wear. I want to keep it fresh. Members are always welcome to send me ideas! Some of our best sets were suggestions from fans.

Please consider joining and I promise to always give you your moneys worth! MUAH! sK


Married 15 years and I cook, I clean & I still swallow

Hi Im sizzleKITTY, I'm happily married and love to be sexy for my husband. He r! ecently thought it would be fun to share some of my sexy pictures, and I must say we are enjoying it! I do love dressing up and being pretty, who knew un-dressing would be fun too?

I'm just your regular glamorous girl next door. You'll never see me in public without make-up or wearing sweat pants and flip flops. The people who know me would be very surprised at this site. They might think I'm prim and proper. They would also think it was totally out of character, but we think if you want to have a spicy 15 year marriage you have to have fun. We have fun. I'm papaBEAR's Wife and Mistress. :D

things you will see if you join my members area:

shaved pussy
curvy ASS!
blowjobs (I swallow)
facials / cumshots
public nudity
superhero costume play
high heels
and hardcore sex