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Hello & welcome to my site !!!

I am a real "NudistGirl" and my name is "Chris"
I am really excited about beeing here on Southern Charms. I love the feeling when I know that I have lots of spectators. They all want to see me nude - and that is what I do every day - whenever it is possible, I take all my clothes off. When I do my housework, I do it completly nude. ( I am the postmanīs favourite adress ). When I work in my garden, I need no dress - I love that free feeling. I think, Iīm a little "exhibitionist-girl" !

I hate panties and bras and wear them only for hot photos. Even when I wear my shortest skirt, I need no panty. I like it if everybody can see my nudity, for example in the supermarket when I bend down to take potatoes, or when I get out of my car at the petrol station. - I enjoy that ! I also enjoy to know that You can see all details of me here - I am not ashamed ! - Tell me what You like most !

I am happy to get Your personal EMail ! Tell me Your secret wishes and Your personal ideas for new pics ! Share Your fantasies with me - I want to be Your girl-friend !

I try to give You an update every week and my video-page is growing. On my member-page Youīll find hundreds of my very best pictures. I donīt want to be only a model that You can have in every magazin, I am the girl of Your neighbourhood. Look at my pics and You get to know me better. My themes are :

Nudist holidays
Nude in Public
Bathing Suits
Wet Pics
Sexy Lingerie
Various Costumes
& much more