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Bio Page

A Little Bit About Me...

Well, speaking about myself I can tell you I was born in Mexicali Baja, one of Mexico's most hottest summer cities; usually hitting the 122F mark in August. Currently I work on a catering service, and I am still attending school; I am learning english (I speak a bit) and computers. I am about 5'5" tall and the last time I weighted myself I hit the 310 lb. mark. But as you know most of that weight it's located on my legs, and most into my thighs which are my main body feature. I can say honestly I have average breasts and calves, so that's physically speaking. I have zero plans on going into diets, or losing weight; I am happy as I am now. I do love to wear these cute combat boots and very small panties, but I also enjoy the freedom of no panties at all. This it's been for me something good, as I consider myself a sexy big girl. I enjoy eating, but I do enjoy more eating out; and my favorite food is chinese, and it helps living in Mexicali, because you can find more than 100 chinese restaurants, I can say chinese it's our local food besides beef tacos with guacamole..yummmm!..... I do love to be somehow dominant on bed, and I love to use my body to overpower my man but there aren't many fitted to withstand the body power and weight of a girl my size, and I adore to ride on top as well as having my man to kiss me, hug me and let me sit over his face (if he can cope with that). I am much into tight hugs, kissing and much into long sex drives as I am young and strong for most. Many of my friends ask me if I didn't dream of being born average or slender, and I reply back with a: Of course not! I am a big girl and proud of that, so bad I am living in a world where most are judged by their body size, so hope you judge me on a positive way. I am here to please you; to show you all that I have; and if there is something you may wanna see please let me know. Email me to: and I'll reply quick. Hasta la vista, Baby! Martina.

I would like to thank the Southern Charms for providing me with this web space. - Martina Velarde