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Q. Where do you live?
A. I live in germany near nueremberg. Nueremberg is known for his frying sausages and his gingerbread. ;-)

Q. Do you answer all of your emails?
A. Yes i answer everyone of my emails so good as i can! But sorry ....please excuse my bavarian english ;-)

Q. What can i expect as a member on your site.
A. You get to see all of me, i promise you i will show you things that you never seen before.
I have Girl/Girl, Guy(s)/Girl, many Fetishes and many masturbation pics and movies.

Q. Can you send me a sample of what i will see in your members area?
A. Sorry i cant do that, i leave that members only.

Q. Are you going to make videos and put them for sale on your site?
A. Yes i´m doing videos now for sale. If you like a custom video just email me
and tell me what you would like and we can go from there. Prices will range n videos.

Q. Do you smoke?
A. I smoke sometimes

Q. How can i meet you?
A. Please take a look on my meet me page where you have the chance
to win a shooting with me.

Q. How many Updates in a week?
A. I will update a minium of 2 in a week.

Q. Are you married?
A. Yes, but we love to play!
He loves to see me with men and woman.

Q. Are you Bi-sexual?
A. Yes! I love a womans touch!

Q. Do you like Toys?
A. I have then 50 oh them from small to XXL. Does this answer your wuestion? ;-)

Q. Do you like Anal Sex?
A. Yes, I love it and i cant get enough of it.

Q. Is your kitty shaved?
A. Yes, my kitty is shaved ervery time.

Q. Do you swallow?
A. Yes i love it! I also love it on my face and on my body.

Q. What did you meen, what size a cock must have?
A. Size does not matter....a good lover knows how to use it.

Q. Do you Deep Throat?
A. Yes i do, as far as it will go.

Q. Do you like to wear sexy lingerie?
A. I love to wear sexy lin gerie and i wear it every day.
I have lots of lingerie and sexy nylons...i think i must have a fetish for it! ;-)

If you have some more questions, feel free to write me an email and i will answer you soon.

XOXO Jessica Jones