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Hi, my name is Foxy Lady.

I am really very happy to be here on Southern charms

I have been here on southern charms for a couple of years now
and i am still loving both the taking and displaying of my pictures.
this maybe my first internet experience but my only regret is that the
world wide web was invented 20 years too late.

my measurements are
but these (as with most ladies) are subject to
change at short notice.

I like to laugh (often at myself), and enjoy the company of others with
a similar attitude,

most of my favorite pictures are taken out side as it
would seem that i get off on the thought that i may get caught.
i should point out that this has happened on more than one occasion.

if you look at other pages on my site you will find that i am open to
most suggestions from my fans and members.

i am happy to sell almost any of the items of clothing that i wear in shoots,
subject to availability. i can also supply autographed photographs with a personalized message. feel free to email me with requests. photographs can be selected from any
of my photo sets just give me the set and number. for none members, tell me what you want the picture to show and i will select a picture for you.   

did i mention that i sometimes meet fans,
i also use guest photographers and will in the future
be allowing a couple of gentlemen (or not) to use me on camera
for the use of the photographs on my site.

you can use the email address on my site to contact me regarding anything
to do with my site, or just to say hello.

well that gives you an idea of who foxy lady is.
i have over 25,000 pictures on my site and they range from
the mild free pictures to the full on hardcore pict! ures that my members get.