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Are you going to have Custom Videos?

Yes, I love to make custom videos, know that I have not taboos or limits. Write me and ask, and give me your ideas.

Are you Ticklish, and if so where?

I am ticklish under my armpits and feel, and of course, if you stick your tongue in my ear it drives me nuts.

How do you stay in Shape?

I do work out quite a lot, you will see that in future updates. Also I have plenty of sex, both with man and woman.

Have your photos been touch up, is that really you?

No way my photos have been touched up, I have guys tell me every day that I look better in person. Now I am not perfect as you can tell by some of my photos I contribute my youthfulness to genetics, and for not smoking as that does age you.  Again, lots of sex helps too.  Every part of my body is original, no boob job, no nothing !  I am 100 % the real MILF

Where do you live?

I live in The Netherlands, Europe.

Will you meet your fans?

Sure, would love to meet all my fans, but never alone.

Will you travel to meet your fans?

I will travel to the ends of the earth as long as my hubby and photographer go along and the fan takes care of all expenses. After all need to get some great photos.

Do you have tattoos and / or piercings?

Oh yes, I have several tattoos and a lot ofpiercings, I guess you have to check out my member site to know where and how many.

Are you bisexual?

I'm crazy about girls, nothing hotter than two or more girls going down on one other. So be prepared for some steamy lesbian updates

How about blowjobs?

Are you kidding me ? Oh yes, I love to perform oral on a guy and I do not stop until he unloads.  I love the taste of cum and yes I'm a naughty little swallower as well.


Write me...  Dutch Wilma