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FAQ Page

Q. Where are you from.?

I was born on a small island in Denmark.

For most of my adult life I have lived in the vicinity of Copenhagen.

Q. Are you married.?

Yes. I am happily married. My husband is my inspiration, to the naughty adventures

and the pictures you will see on my site.

Q. Do you have bisexual experiences.?

No, unfortunately not yet. I'm looking for a sweet naughty girl

who I and my husband, can have "fun" with..
I hope that you in the near future, can see pictures of it here on my site.

Q. What turns you most.?

I love to be used, after my husband's wishes. Loves to subject me

and handed my masochistic desires.

I definitely like my husbands hard cock. Like to lick it and fuck it.

Q. Do you answer all of your emails.?

Yes I answer everyone of my emails.

There might be a few days before you receive my reply -

but you can be sure that you get it.

Q. Can you send me a sample of what I will see in the members section?

Sorry I cant do that, I leave that for members only!!

Q. Is your kitty shaved.?

I am always completely shaved. How to be a real slut.

Q. Do you make mpeg or avi's ..?

Yes - I love it. 
I plan to make at least 1 or 2 a month.

Q. You will receive gifts.?

Yes of course. What woman does not love it.
I am currently building my desire leaflet which comes on my site very soon.

Q. Why did you become a Southern Charm.?

I love to be photographed, it turns both me and my husband.
We thought that it is audacious and we are both very turned on by it.
We heard about this site of one of our girlfriends, who also is a Southern Charm.
I found it very audacious to think that you are out there and look at pictures of me.

Q. What type of pictures you have on the page.?

Most photos are solo pictures of me in various naughty kinky situations.
I enjoy the course to be used, so there are pictures

with ropes, whips and domination.
Loves to dress up. Lacquer, leather and sexy underwear.
There are also pictures of me and my husband. I loves to lick his cock,

so you will surely have to see.
In the near future, I hope - that there also will be pictures,

where I have "fun" with another girl.
If you have any wishes about what to carry me on a series of photos -

please send me an email.

Q. Where are your sexual limits.

I do not know yet.
I love to explore and handed things. Especially the wacky, naughty thoughts

- as my husband always takes on.

Q. how ofen are your images updated.

At least 2 times a month. I will try to make it 6 to 8 times a month.

Q. What do you do in your spare time.

I love to have sex - as a part of my spare time goes with it.
Otherwise I love to paint paintings and pottering about our "castle".