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I'll be adding MPGs frequently for your pleasure.They're listed here so that you know what they are,but they're TOO HOT for the free side, so you'll only be able to view them if you're a member!

1. WMV1- This is the first in a series of6 clips. This is taken from a series which I call "Behind the Shoot" because these are taken from a video camera that I have going while doing a photo shoot. Although notfilmed specifically as a video, you still get to see the hot action going on during the shoot. In this case, the photo set hasn't been posted yet, but will be in the near future.

This clip from Carolina Bash V shows me naked, kissing my partner and beginning to rub himbefore Itake his pants off.

2. WMV2- This is the second in the same6 clip series from above.

Here you see me naked and beginning to perform oral sex on my partner.

3. WMV3- This is the third clip in the series.

In this clip, you see my partner lift me up and begin to carry me to the bed as I wrap my legs around him and his manhood rubs against my sweet coochie.

4. WMV4- This is the 4th of 6 clips in the above series.

My partner has me on the bed and is"eating" away!!. You can hear and see me as I cum. Close-ups of his performance and my face as I scream in ecstasy!!

5. WMV5- This is the next to last clip in this series.

Watch as my partner pushes my knees up to my shoulders and drives in deep. Listen as I cum again from his deep thrusts.

6. WMV6- Last, but not least, thefinal clip in this set.

My partner finally gets his release as I cum again. Watch and Listen!

__________________________________________________ 7. WMV7- This clip is from a 30 minute customvideo that I did of me masturbating.

Cum in and watch me play with my toy.

8. WMV8- This is a second clip from the above 30 minute custom video that I did last year.

Why not join so you can cum in and watch and hear me cum!!!


9. WMV9- I did avideo for a fan some time ago using balloons.

Watch my boobs bounce as I ride the balloons in a white and pink bustier and white thigh high stockings.

10. WMV10- More of meriding the balloons.

In this clip, you get to see my "bottom"bouncing and shaking.


11. WMV11- I thought you might like to see a close-up of my sweet coochie.

This is an extreme close-up of my coochie as I play with it and spread it open.

12. WMV12- Anal play.

In this clip, you'll see me insert an anal plug and play "the other way".


13. WMV13- This is a 3 part series of me playing with a new toyI got froma fan named Paul.

You'll see some nice close-ups of my coochie and hear me as I reach my climax


14. WMV14- This is a4 part series of me masturbating from a custom videoI did some time ago.

I use a couple of toys and play until I cum. Why not cum in and see and hear me?!?!


15. WMV15- This is another in my "Behind the Shoot" series. This is from a shoot I did with

someone VERY special while at the North Carolina Bash V. He and I had met in Florida

but weren't able to do a full shoot together. When we met in N. Carolina and he agreed

to do a set with me, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. He was sooo

nice and sweet and such a wonderful lover. I came over and over and over and . . . .

I just couldn't stop! I'll be posting the photo set very soon, but until then, these clips

are a MUST SEE!!! I have never cum so hard or so much! Click on the links below and

watch andhear me cum as he plays with my wet coochie! And, there's more to come!!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5 Part 6


16. WMV16- Continuing my "Behind the Shoot" series, this is from my very first 3-some shoot I did at Mardi Gras 2004.    The guy has become a very close and "personal" friend of mine that I see periodically, both for shoots and "just for fun".

Part 1          Part 2         Part 3        Part 4  


17. WMV 17-  These clips were made in the Caribbean last January.  My hubby and I decided to have a little "afternoon delight".  Why not take a look and watch as he rips off my mesh pantyhose and makes me cum over and over.  Listen as I respond to his repeated thrusts!!  Three more clips will be posted on Thursday and you'll get to see my creampie.  Cum on in, it'll be fun! 

Part 1        Part 2        Part 3        Part 4       Part 5       Part 6



Watch for more clipsaddedevery week!! Cum back and Enjoy!!

Hugs & Kisses, Charlie