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FAQ Page

My Frequently Asked Questions :

Do you really read all your E-mail?

Yep! I'm always near an email device, so frequently I'll reply almost immediately if it's to complete a purchase or assist a member. If i'm not around, it'll be a few days, max. If I have not yet gotten back to you after that, make sure you were straight to the point, and include a follow-up email offering up the payment types you prefer to use to tip or place a purchase order. If you're just hoping to get to know me, try picking up myOnlyFans Membership.

Where can I send you a gift or fan mail?

I have a ton of differentAmazon Wishliststhese days.
I will not accept gift cards for payment of goods,
but they're excellent as presents, or if you'd like to
buy Me an outfit, toy, or fetish item.

Stay tuned, soon I'll have a PO Box you can send things to.
To hurry this along, use the flashing red tip button on the bar below.

Do you sell custom photos/videos?

Absolutely. I tend to shoot photos in quantities of 10, 50 or 110, and they run $1/photo.
All custom photos at that price are shared with other SC members,
which is why I have so many awesome, unique, well-funded photosets available for members to enjoy.

Custom videos currently are in high demand, the wait is long, and I'm not accepting them frequently.
If your first custom video request doesn't work for me, don't be afraid to try a few more times.
There's a lot of common sex work that I do longer do because of health problems,
but I don't mind if you throw multiple ideas at me to increase your likelihood of approval.
Don't let any of this discourage you if you've got an unusual fetish though-
I release very regular content for enjoyable niche fetishists like
wedgies, foot fetish, denim, satin, toenails, fingernails,
pantyhose/stockings, thigh high boots, and vinyl/leather look.

What are your limits?

Well, Mastercard GIVES us all limits as sellers, but my own personal limits may vary.
Email me if you have a specific naughty or taboo request, and remember, there's absolutely NOTHING you can say
that will offend me, gross me out, or make me mad at you! I love hearing about fetishes, and I have catered to many in my career.

How often do you update?

As often as I can, but unfortunately that's not as often as I'd like these days because it takes a lot out of me.
Sometimes that's only twicea month, sometimes that's 15x in a month when I'm
well-funded with fan-gift-props-and-outfits plus custom hotel shoot orders.
All my sets are of the highest quality, and I almost never reuse outfits, so they're all unique.
The common technique here on SC seems to be to shoot as many pics as possible in very similar sets,
but I go out of my way to provide a much higher quality photoset for your enjoyment.

Do you like anal?

I like the idea more than the practice, but I don't mind interesting butt plugs and small probes.
I do have some anal content, but it's fairly infrequent despite very popular request because doctor says hard no.

Are you still pregnant?

Nope, I was only pregnant in 2007/2008 and 2016/2017, and that's been doctor banned as well.
No, I do not have children. No, I don't want to talk about it.
No, it won't happen again.

What do I get when I join your members area?

Not only do you get access to all my photo sets and video clip updates to download and enjoy,
but you get the ability to chat with me any time through email or social media.

Will you meet me?

Yes, actually. This is an incredibly new offering, and I can't share the info link here,
but email me about 'Adventures' for more about this.

Where are you from?

Atlanta --> Portland --> Houston --> Portland --> Las Vegas--> Orlando
All Americans are convinced I'm British.
I'd rather be Canadian, but they're weird about giving work visas to sex workers.
If I had the right generous fans, I'd be sailing around the world.

Are you ticklish?

Only somewhat. The worst spots are my butt, my sides, and my feet,
but i'm ticklish everywhere with the right touch sometimes.
I'm not against shooting tickling content, but I don't want to fake it,
and most people prefer a stronger reaction than I have.

Can I call you?

Sure, but at the moment i'm only accepting calls from slaves on Niteflirt at
1-800-TO-FLIRT, ext. 9547525 for FinDom
or 02992050 for Ignore Line and Cuckolding.
or texting with fans onSextPanther.
I am not much for standard dirty talk, and have limited improv skills.

If you just want to hear my sexy voice say something specific,
I sell custom mp3 recordings of me saying anything you want, even reading Literotica!
ANOTHER one of my favourite things to do is leave my fans naughty voicemails and text messages, too!

I want to WORSHIP you, What else can I do?

! Just my kind of guy! EMAIL ME to find out more about worship packages and adopting my bills!
It REALLY helps me out, even if you just adopt something simple like a water bill. :)
Also check my LINKS page for more.

What kind of gift cards do you prefer?

The best ones right now are from Disney, SockDreams, Victoria's Secret,
Cacique/Lane Bryant, Torrid/Hot Topic, Target, Playstation or Southwest Airlines.
I'm always hoping to find a fan sponsor for more latex, custom boots, or hotel rooms as well.

Got Another Question ThatShould Be Added?EMAIL ME.