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My Frequently Asked Questions :

Are you REALLY the girl shown in the pics? It's hard to believe SHE really runs all these this site herself.

Hah! ah, yes I know, but tens of thousands of happy fans, members, & viewers don't lie- I am THE one and only Persephone Vixen, and I really do run all my websites all by myself. All my other sites were created with Dreamweaver and the help of some awesome free css templates, but I appreciate you thinking I'm so professional! I do fan signs for members of any of my sites for FREE if you just email me and ask, and not those goofy computer generated fake ones.

Do you really read all your E-mail?

Yep! I'm obsessed with checking my email every minutes, so typically if i'm ! at the computer I'll answer within 24 hours, if not sooner. If! i'm not around, it'll be a few days, max. I go through & respond to each and every one individually, because I love you guys! A lot of times, I answer email immediately.


Where can I send you a gift or fan mail?

Persephone Photography

P.O. Box 1086

Cumming, GA 30028-1086

OR you're welcome t! o buy so mething off of my Amazon Wish List below,

which will automatically send the gift to me!

Do You Have Any Wishlists?

Do you sell custom photos/videos?

Absolutely. I do free reasonable custom photos for my Members, or non-members can request photos for varied rates that I c! an be asked about, ranging from $1-5/photo, depending on type! 

Videos are typically $2/min solo, $3/min fetish, $3/min BJ, or $4/min sex, + $1/min extra for audio.

How Long Do Custom photos/videos take?

I usually quote people for photos & videos at anywhere from 7 to 10 days, but when it really gets backed up it's taken closed to a month or more. If it's something you just *H! AVE* to have within 3 days, I'd suggest asking to pay the RUSH Charge. Most of the time when people pay the Rush Charge, I bump them ! to the beginning of the line and it's done that night if possible.

How Much Is The Rush Charge for custom content?

The Rush Charge is $10 for a total content order that costs between $1 and $50,

and $25 for a total content order that costs between $51 and $200.

If your content order costed more than $200, please ask for a quote,

but I might be so happy with you I Rush it for free, lol.

What are your limits?

Well, US Obscenety laws GIVE me limits, but my own personal limits may vary. Email me if you have a specific naughty or taboo request, and remember, there's absolutely NOTHING you can say that will offend me, gross me out, or make me mad at you! I love hearing about fetishes, and I cater to just about everyone!

How often do you update?

As often as I can. I tend to update anywhere from once a week to twice a month, sometimes more frequently.
All my sets are of the highest quality, and I never reuse outfits or backgrounds, so they're all unique.

Do you like anal?

I do, but I'm very shy about it. My toy box contains over 40 toys, a! nd quite a few of them are great anal toys. :)

In the members area you can see everything from me fucking other guys in the ass with my big strap-on to me getting my tight little pussy fucked by my boyfriends, even fucking myself with my toys!

In live private webcam shows, you can even see me do anal fisting,

but it requires a LOT of lube and patience, lol.

Are you still pregnant?

Nope, I was only pregnant from Aug '07 to Feb '08. 
Since this is an adult website, please don't ask any further questions about that, but thank you for your interest!
All my pregnancy photos can only be found on my main website, found on my links page.


What do I get when I join your members area?

Not only do you get access to all my photo sets and video clip updates, 

but you get the ability to make special set requests as well. 
If you're looking for live webcam and primarily full length video content, 
then make sure you check out my "CamGirlKitten" link on the links page.

Will you meet me?

Sorry guys, but I don't meet up unless you're a submissive/slave. You'll just have to keep your fantasizing to strictly online! hehe. The only exception to this is! people who run into me at Dragon*Con in Atlanta! It's on labor day weekend every year, and I take donations to be able to afford my hotel room and membership badge every year, too. :) If someone buys me the hotel room, I'll be able to take bookings for LIVE sex shows! If you can make it AND pay for my hotel room, you'll get a whole BUNCH of free sex shows!


Where are you from?

Born in London, UK, lived there for 3 years, grew up in the south the rest of the time. No British accent unless I'm very angry or very drunk, lol. No southern accent ever.

Are you ticklish?

Very. The worst spots are my butt, my sides, and my feet, but i'm ticklish everywhere with the right touch.

My guy friends torture me with it all the time!

Can I call you?

Sure, but at the moment i'm only accepting calls from Slaves at 1-800-TO-FLIRT, ext. 01884545 or you can call me anytime and even leave me a voicemail or text to my personal cell phone number if you're a member of my CamGirlKitten site.

If you just want to hear my sexy voice say something specific,

I sell custom mp3 recordings of me saying anything you want, even reading Literotica!


ANOTHER one of my favourite things to do is leave my fans naughty voicemails and text messages, too!

My loyal fans, customers and members get ALL KINDS of special bonuses like that!


I want to WORSHIP you, What else can I do?

Just my kind of guy! EMAIL ME to find out more about worship packages and adopting my bills!

It REALLY helps me out, even if you just adopt something simple like a water bill. :)

Also check my LINKS page for my Domination site.

What kind of gift cards do you like?

There's a TON of websites you can send Gift Cards at that I'd love. EMAIL THEM HERE

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* XBox *

* *

* TheMeltingPot Restaurant*

* Longhorn Restaurant *

* Chilis Restaurant *

* Kroger *

Got Another Question? Think A Question Should Be Added? EMAIL ME.