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Forget All This Text Crap, Send Me To The Porn!

About Me: Welcome to one of the websites of Persephone Entertainment!
I'm 36, and I've been shooting porn from home exclusively for My own company
since I turned 18. I'm originally from Atlanta, GA, spent a decade in Portland, OR,
and am currently in Las Vegas, NV.

I've always had a thing for analyzing the sexuality of others
and figuring out how to contribute to it for the benefit of both parties,
so between this and thehuman dollification fetish,
this career was simply natural progression for me
once I had reliable access to internet.

I'm currently45" bust - 38" waist - 50" hips, 5'4", 230lbs, 36F, & have size 9feet.
My members are content shows Me up to 56" hips, 315lbs, 38G, and size 10 feet because of medical issues.

I spend all of my spare time:
building acult ofpolyfidelitous muppet communists,
wandering around inhistorical attireasThe Queen Of Cascadia,
smoking quite a great deal of fresh legal plantlife,
and crushing console zombie/alien skulls with no mercy.

What I've Got: As an 18 year home-producingweb vixen,
I've covered a lot of content bases viaCustom Contentorders.
I post almost all custom content orders for My website members to see,
and offer them for resale unless clients pay for exclusivity -
that's how I've developed this incredible collection for y! ou to enjoy!

If you'd like to see everyone's custom pics:
Join My SC HD Photo Member's Area,
Join My CGK Video Member's Area.

There's likely already a photo set or video you'd love in my enormous collection.
I'm extremely experienced with fetishes including quite a few unusual ones,
such asPedal Pumping, Gloop/Messy/Food, Smoking, Scuba,
Pillow Popping, Public Nudity, Impregnation, Stuck, Hair Cutting/washing, wedgies, belts, glovesetc.
I have also doneboy/girl couples fuckingof all sorts
(around 25 partners in 60 CGK site videos),lesbian(five partners in 10 CGK site videos),
&3some! videos (both Male-Male-Female and Male-Female-Female in 10 CGK site videos),
but almost all of my photos are usually solo.

If it's FullDominationServitude you desire, My fees are $35/week.
Your first 30 day trial's dues are due in one chunk of $150, then weekly on Sundays.
Servitude includesslave assignmentseach week,
unlimited text chat time, a 50% discount oncamshows,
and periodic rewards for well done assignments.