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Brandi’s FAQ Page
Q: What made you decide to be a part of Southern-Charms?
A:  We have posted sexy pictures on an internet site for a couple of years and a number of people have suggested that I have my own special place.  My husband was all for it, so here I am!
Q: Who takes your pictures?
A: My husband Hutch really gets into it!  We have such fun and it always leads to even more after the shoots are finished!
Q: How did you get involved with Southern Charms?
A: We looked at many adult sites (that was really “hard” work for hubby!) and the quality at Southern Charms made it very appealing,  Plus, in checking out SC, we came into contact with several Charms and they were all quite delightful.  I would really like to get to know them personally!
Q: Do you have a philosophy on life?
A: I try to accomplish something everyday to make my family’s life better.  Sometimes this helps to make the world a little better too.
Q: What does your family think of you having a web site?
A: My brothers absolutely love it and were the first members.  (No, this isn’t weird…its just nice to have support from my family!)
Q: Do you take requests?
A: If you're interested in specific photo themes, etc. please e-mail your ideas to me.  There are some things that I’m not into but, I will do everything possible to please you!  In the near future, I might add a “dress me” option.
Q: Will you answer all e-mails personally?
A: Absolutely!  I will do my best to answer every e-mail.
Q: What will I see if I join your Members Area?
A: It’s so nice of you to consider joining my site!  I really appreciate it!  You will be able to see me in my most intimate moments and very, very turned on!  While you watch, I will peel off sexy clothing and lingerie, touching myself and masterbating, playing with my favorite toys, and pleasuring and being pleasured by my husband and, possibly even some friends.
Q: Do you enjoy thinking about what the effect of your
pictures will be on others?
A: YES!  The possibility of someone enjoying themselves while they look at my photos really makes me hot!  I know that, while taking the pics, I become completely aroused. I hope that I can help you get the same satisfaction.  Self-pleasure is a part of my life and has been for many years.  It is a natural, human activity that, I believe, is not only healthy but also necessary for happiness.  I really hope that my pictures will bring pleasure and it turns me on so much to think what you might be doing while looking at my pics! I hope you’ll let me know!
Q: How often do you have sex?
A:  Its not just the sex-its romance, anticipation, feeling, and play.  It’s learning new ways of touching and experiencing new ways of being touched, to reach new levels of arousal and orgasm.  Well….to answer the question…..everyday!

Q: Do you enjoy anal?
A: Yes, both stimulation and penetration. I love
it when my lover plays with my ass during sex. That
really gets me going! I also like having my ass pumped by a nice, hard cock

Q: Where is the wildest place you've had sex?
A: We’ve had fun in lots of interesting places!  Probably the most notable was at a rather fancy party, we somehow met in the powder room and I ended up getting it doggie style while leaning over the toilet.  The door was locked but it was a real rush hearing people come to the door and try to get in to “use the facility”!

Q: If you could do just one new thing sexually, what would it be?
A: I’ve never done an MMF group, but the idea really turns me on.  My hubby Hutch is certainly open to it and when the right opportunity presents itself, we’ll do it!

Q. Have you ever been recognized by someone or someone you know?
A. Well, besides some close friends who are members of my site (and my brothers), a few people have “hinted” about it.  If anybody that I know sees it, I hope that they enjoy it and it would be great fun if they would let me know!

Q. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?
A. When I was in the ninth grade my sister gave me the book “The Sensuous Woman.”  I used to get so turned-on reading it that I would end up masturbating, sometimes cumming two or three times.  I still remember a date in tenth grade with a senior.  We started making out in his car after a movie and, before I knew it, he had my bra undone and had his hands up my sweater feeling me up.  It was a really hot time and I rubbed his hard cock until he came in his pants.  Within the next six months I had a very close boyfriend and enjoyed “learning” how to go down on him pretty soon afterwards.

Q. What excites you the most during sex?
A. The “Special Moments”…experiencing something completely new or  risking it in a “non-private” place, having a hot, fully engorged cock sliding in and out of my twat, having a big, hard cock in my mouth and the nice load of cum shooting across my tongue and down my throat.  I love giving blowjobs and to be licked to orgasm.  There are lots of fun things that I like to watch too...even my man’s cock growing hard and the cum spurting out when I give him a hand job.  Its even fun to masturbate in front of each other…a definite turn-on!