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Hello, my online lovers!

As you can see, new photos haven't been posted lately and I do apologize.  I hope my Members are still enjoying pics in my 200+ updates.  I've had one problem after another that's made it hard to feel sexy for a new update.  I've had an ugly boo boo, now a scratch on my face from the pooch, and my camera man has a new job and they put him on night shift for just a couple of weeks.  I thought I would give up the photos, and then some sweetheart of a man signed up for six months, so more photos will come.   You have my promise.  In the mean time, here's a silly poem I wrote that I hope you find entertaining! 

All my love, Berry xxx000

Night Flight


My eyes are closed and my arms are

stretched above my head as I reach

up to the sky and begin to fly far

above the grass and sky and breach

the laws of gravity.  Like a! bird I shall fly

and like an animal I shall soar.

I spot below my prey and cry.

I make my dive and it is no more.

For in my heart there is a need

to feel the power and the breeze

and with every kill I am freed

to end my day while quite at ease.

My alarm goes off and I arise.

Strange, my dreams are, but I'm not surprised.