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52,675 pics

404 112 pics Barbie meets frog - should I kiss him? Maybe it's an enchanted prince???
403 150 pics I spoil my body with cream: my cute little feet, my round breasts, my soft tummy and my luscious bottom. Have I forgotten something?
402 126 pics I spoil my body with cream: my cute little feet, my round breasts, my soft tummy and my luscious bottom. Have I forgotten something?
401 149 pics Oops... you surprised me. I'm lying on a lounger in the garden in the sun, reading. Now the peace and quiet is over - you want me to take my clothes off! Okay, you don't have to ask me for long. I hope I'll be rewarded in the end?
400 148 pics I love to tease you and slowly seduce you ...
399 149 pics Hey - New Year's Eve is just around the corner! What should I wear? I try on my wardrobe and realize: these super sexy silver lurex pants have a hole! I can't help it, I have to tear them! I start drilling slightly larger holes with my fingers, then I gleefully rip them open further and further. And not only expose my round buttocks, but also my pussy... It was the kind of fireworks you can only see from me! Happy New Year!!!
398 149 pics Hey - New Year's Eve is just around the corner! What should I wear? I try on my wardrobe and realize: these super sexy silver lurex pants have a hole! I can't help it, I have to tear them!  I start drilling slightly larger holes with my fingers, then I gleefully rip them open further and further. And not only expose my round buttocks, but also my pussy... It was the kind of fireworks you can only see from me! Happy New Year!!!
397 132 pics I'm bringing summer back to you .... Let me be your "Eve" in this apple orchard ...
396 130 pics I try to seduce you in my red suspenders sitting on a green velvet rocking chair. Did I succeed?
395 78 pics Sometimes things turn out differently than you think ....  I chose a beautiful photo wallpaper as the background for a hot photo series. Unfortunately, SC doesn't allow that because the people are recognizable. Now I've blurred the background - and the only thing that's still really sharp is me!
394 116 pics If you walk past this window - you'd better stand still! Otherwise you'll miss a lot....
393 146 pics Here you can see how wonderful a wood-burning stove is for showing off my curves. Especially in this elegant, semi-sheer dress and my black high heels.
392 92 pics I bought a selfie stick - this is my first spontaneous shot with it. Of course, I still need to practice a bit, but I think it's pretty good already. You can see me taking off my everyday clothes (jeans, black dress and black underwear) while walking back and forth. A little everyday strip for you! Hope you like it!
391 125 pics This is probably one of my hottest outdoor sets this year. The chain link fence was just perfect for taking beautiful photos. I press both my breasts and ass firmly against it and you can see everything - really everything - in a very special way. Also for lovers of soft bondage a pleasure!
390 132 pics You will quickly notice and especially see that I feel very comfortable in black.... and especially I like to take it off!
389 137 pics In this beautiful set in a small bathroom I wear orange again - which suits me very well, I think. (and many of you too!) Especially in combination with white underwear. I love to be photographed in front of a mirror and play with different angles and the reflections.
388 150 pics In this set I'm wearing a checked mini skirt and a matching bra for you - but the most important thing is: also a very hot pantyhose. I love these! While my photographer is shooting me, Tina is filming me- which encourages me to do even hotter poses.
387 144 pics Isn't this beautiful blue bench wonderfully suited for a short drinking break on my hike? Let's enjoy this view together - I look at the landscape and you? At my landscape, I suppose? Gentle hills, mossy crevices and... what else can you discover???
386 136 pics This is a set for all my foot lovers! You see my pretty feet in Birkenstocks, with plaster and bandage, barefoot in the sand by the sea, in a flower meadow and in the sun. For those who love not only my little feet, of course, my other assets are also to admire....
385 132 pics Blue is a very elegant color and this gorgeous underwear set looks so good on me- especially paired with the white glitter pumps. I think you will enjoy it when I slowly take it off for you?
384 115 pics Check out these hot red overknees! Wearing them and touching the soft leather(imitation) makes me really horny.... Hmmm- I can not help it- I need it now! I finger myself until I cum hard in my soft overknees....
383 150 pics If you like to be seduced by me, you will love this set! I will meet you on a staircase and tease you with skirt up, bending over and tits squeezing - and of course with my feet in beautiful white slingback pumps.
382 137 pics After a strenuous hike, my body desperately needs a long shower! I use a good foaming bar of soap to pamper my sweaty body. By the way: the shower would be big enough for both of us- too bad you're not here....
381 150 pics Here I show you a side of me that you do not know yet! Beatrice crocheting! I'm wearing a very classy knitted dark blue top that sets off my curves very nicely and matching dark blue underwear. Such an afternoon on the sofa with my crochet stuff is very cozy.... but when I know that you are watching me, of course it doesn't stop at crocheting....
380 112 pics In this wonderful new set, I'm standing in front of a mirror. So you can sometimes see me from the front and from behind at the same time - quite charming, isn't it?
379 107 pics This red tankini and shiny mini skirt are not my everyday clothes- but to seduce you they are wonderful- right?
378 150 pics Let's have another walk in the sun.... Maybe we should take a little break at this round stone table here? I could bend over in my tight denim skirt - or should I better lie down on it and spread my legs? Either way - there would be several positions in which we could have fun together. Which would you prefer?
377 133 pics Orange is the new black - at least it might become my new favorite color. This set is so sexy! You'll love it whether you're a fan of my round boobs, my nipples, my cute feet, my hairy pussy or my round butt.
376 102 pics I love to hide - and even more to be found. But I have never hidden in a bathtub filled with balloons. So you will only discover individual body parts between black and purple balloons before I - like Venus - get out of the tub and you can admire me in all my glory. What fun!
375 143 pics In this beautiful set you can join me on a nice hike. Of course, it does not stop at hiking - in this beautiful light-flooded forest I can not help but stretch my beauties in the sun. By the way- a nice place for a little quickie .... Hhhmmmm ...
374 141 pics I would love to seduce you in my purple negligee - but unfortunately you're not here. You have to work. I loll on the bed and start stroking and playing with myself. Then I remember the pink dildo in my nightstand drawer.... The day is saved!
373 123 pics Sometimes a cozy afternoon snuggled up in a blanket on a comfy chair turns into something completely different than you think....
372 126 pics Actually, I do not smoke regularly - I am an occasional smoker. Smoking a cigarette always has something erotic for me. Especially when the sun shines on my face and breasts. Ok - on everything else too ... If you want to listen to my erotic thoughts that I have while smoking - check out my new video !
371 72 pics This set was ordered by a loyal fan a while ago - but I think it can also please you! I'm lying comfortably on a sofa, drinking tea and reading a book. No special poses, no teasing, no undressing- just Beatrice in everyday life- with pantyhose, Birkenstocks and white underwear.
370 145 pics The colors black and red together are just sexy and seductive - and always make me horny! Especially when Tina films me at the shoot! ( Check out my new BTS video!) Enjoy!
369 149 pics I'm wearing a satin skirt and a transparent top - and of course my favorite high heels. Whether you're a fan of my round breasts with stiff nipples, my fine little pussy, my pink butt hole or my sexy feet, I'm sure you'll love this set! At least if you like sexy and elegant mature women!
368 120 pics This set is awesome! The erotic game with the asparagus is super hot - the different perspectives allow not only the view of my pussy, but also at the same time on my tight butt hole ... you'll love it!
367 137 pics This lace dress is so sexy you have to take it off! And how do you like the socks I'm wearing with my pumps? I think they look really good on my little feet.... I hope you will like this set - I lie, kneel or bend over.... and tease you all the time!
366 140 pics This workbench is a wonderful contrast to my chic outfit.... I wear wonderful purple suspenders, black silk stockings and a black lace bra under a transparent blouse and skirt. I hope not only the craftsmen among you will feel seduced by my charms! ( If you also want to hear my voice - check out the matching video!)
365 119 pics This lace bodysuit with long sleeves, the sexy stockings and my favorite high heels are irresistible.... But hopefully even more irresistible is your Beatrice when she takes off the bodysuit and sexy underwear. At the latest, when I bend down in front of you and let my finger slide into my little butthole, you will be lost!
364 131 pics This two-piece short dress accentuates my curves and gives hot insight even before I took it off. It is just sexy! I'm sure you'd love to see me bent over - trust me, I'd be ready for a quickie! (Especially since, once again, I'm not wearing anything underneath).
363 134 pics Want to see what I wear when I go to the office? And what it looks like when I seduce my boss? Then check out this photo set. (By the way, my boss likes skin-colored pantyhose and black pumps...).
362 138 pics In this set I pose for you in RED! Red fringe coat over red bra, highwaist panties and red overknees! SEXY! And I have my red lipstick with me - red lips should be kissed, right??? So what are you waiting for?
361 149 pics This is a rather private set.... my photographer took my picture when I arrived for a photo session. You see me in my everyday clothes and shoes - but then I take them off to get ready for the shoot. The lighting conditions are a little special , but also delightful!
360 134 pics Dancing makes me happy - you can see that very well in this new set! Make yourself comfortable and watch me dance for you! Enjoy my bouncing ass, my jiggling breasts and my wiggling thighs from all sides. And if you like to see me "in action", then watch the matching video: I dance naked- just for you".
359 138 pics I think blue suits me well! I love this slightly transparent blouse, which gives such wonderful insights. In combination with the white leggings and the white slippers I feel fresh - and as always: ready for you!
358 149 pics Your sporty Beatrice comes into the bath after a long run outdoors.... Before I get in the shower, I'll show you my new sexy outfit. Oh I am so sweaty.... My feet are sweating in my sneakers - I'm not wearing socks.... Can you smell my little feet? And my pussy? I'll show you everything - even my pink asshole.... I'm sure you'd love to lick me dry and clean.... Just the thought of it makes me hot!
357 143 pics This wooden beam has tempted me to make a sexy set for you. In my purple semi-transparent leggings, white cute blouse and my sparkly high heels it's fun to pose for you, to tease you and of course, slowly take it all off ....
356 149 pics I got two new leggings as a gift!!! Here I present them to you one after the other - I start naked, pull the one on and off, then the next. You can imagine what wonderful photos you get to see my lush curves! And my round breasts will remain naked all the time... fans of my beautiful feet and soles also get their money's worth.... And of course you will also find out which of the two leggings is my favorite. Which one do you like better?
355 115 pics I am sure that not only tights lovers will love this set. I am wearing a skin colored nylon bodysuit. Everything is wrapped in nylon except my head. There are no reinforcements - so you can see everything through this gauzy fabric. My little hairy pussy, my sweet tight butt hole, my round breasts and nipples. Of course, my big butt also comes out very well in this sexy one-piece. And the sofa cushion is especially suitable to ride on... By the way, there is room for two on this sofa - are you coming to me ???
354 116 pics Today I wear a white lace bodysuit, white stockings with slingbacks and as a special accessory a soft white faux fur scarf. Slowly I undress for you and show you my special assets - you probably already know them: my round natural breasts with the small nipples, my big butt with the small pink asshole, my pretty pussy with the silver curls - and not to forget: my happy smile by which you can see how much I like to undress for you!
353 130 pics I love my outfit in this set. Woolen overknee stockings in my classic black pumps, the gray lace bra and matching thong, my black skintight skirt and this absolute favorite part of mine - a short gray leopard jacket. You can see that in the pictures how good and sexy I feel. And as I slowly take off one piece after another for you, I wish you would show me what you have to offer too!
352 128 pics Before I go to the shower, I undress for you. In a tight white skirt and transparent top, with light blue, lace bra and thong I look rather innocent. But my strip is not innocent at all - but hot and naughty! I let you look under my skirt and make you horny with a look at my magnificent ass. I take off my bra and tease you with my hard nipples under the transparent top. My bouncing breasts make you even hornier, don't they? Or is it the view of my wet pussy when I bend over? I think it makes you horniest when I spread my butt cheeks wide apart and present you my sweet, tight butt hole - ready for your stiff cock!
351 104 pics This fur cap, the tight top with fur on the arms and the super hot overknees with fake fur conclusion are so sexy that I do not want to take them off! But I still show you my lush curves and I'm sure I could seduce you anyway- maybe on the floor?
350 149 pics And once again I realize - pink looks great on me! I love this sexy lace body in combination with the white slingbacks. I show myself to you on a white chair - from all sides and different angles. I strip for you and seduce you - not only with looks. I do not know how to please you better - with or without this favorite pink body!
349 142 pics Sometimes I like to wear men's clothes - like in this set. I discovered shortly before my photo session this oversized jacket at my photographer and immediately decided to wear it for you. I think it suits me very well - especially with my black high heels. I like myself so well in it that I put it on again at the end - but without my black lace underwear underneath ... just naked!
348 148 pics  

Like last year, Tina and I celebrate an erotic New Year's Eve together. Tina is already waiting for me in a fantastic dress and the champagne is also already cooled. We dance together and there is a crackle in the air. Tina's surprise for this evening is a balloon rain. I am thrilled. About 50 balloons raining down on us two sexy ladies at 24 o'clock sharp. I have never experienced anything so great. We toast the new year,slowly undress each other while dancing, playing with the balloons over and over again. With our high heels we burst some - that's fun. Are you having fun watching us do this too? Or do you like our hot kisses better? HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR YOU!!!!

347 119 pics Does turquoise suit me? I think itīs so delicate and yet very erotic. I'm wearing a sexy bodysuit with suspenders and stockings for you - and longingly await you in my bed!
346 123 pics Merry Christmas - and a blessed time to you all! I thank you for all the dear mails, compliments, gifts and your loyalty and I hope you have all come well through the Corona times. Stay healthy and I am happy if we keep in contact! And now I hope to sweeten your Christmas Eve with a sexy Christmas package: I unwrap myself for you - enjoy!
345 137 pics In this new set I wear my red leather gloves with black faux leather pants, black lace bra and hot high heels. Sit down relaxed and get your cock out of your pants - because now it's getting fucking hot! I slowly and seductively undress for you and you see many close-ups of my sexy assets! This makes not only you hot - but also me! (Actually, I do not wear real leather, but these red gloves are incredible!)
344 108 pics If you - like me - love the play with light and shadow, you will love this set!
343 107 pics Here you see me in my new apartment! It is very dusty here and I bought a new Duster with telescopic pole! So I get into every hidden corner and also in the height. Since I always get warm quickly during housework, I have to undress - except for my new gray tights! I leave them on until the end - underneath, of course, I wear no panties and you have a nice view of my round butt when I bend over.
342 145 pics It was a really hot summer day - what could be more natural than taking your clothes off? I don't care if there is a hiker around - I love the sun on my naked skin!
341 134 pics This transparent black dress shows nothing and everything... If you love eroticism and seduction, you will also love this set! Enjoy it!
340 150 pics This denim dress sets my curves particularly well in scene - even if it is a little too tight. Or maybe just because of that? You decide...
339 126 pics Such a round table always awakens fantasies in me - how you sit in front of me and watch me as I slowly undress in front of you and then lay myself across the table - ready for you and your magnificent piece! Come on, do not make me wait long...
338 148 pics An old cellar door inspired me to create this erotic set. In my hot high heel sandals and my slightly wicked outfit I feel sexy and a little dominant. With a hot strip I do everything in my power to seduce you. With success, I suppose??
337 141 pics After a joint photo session in front of a curtain, we spontaneously decided to hide behind this transparent fabric and take pictures. We are naked from the beginning and show everything we have. Sometimes only hinted behind and again and again in front of the curtain. We had a lot of fun exploring our bodies with our hands and you will have a lot of fun watching us doing it!
336 131 pics I discovered this beautiful wooden garden lounger in the large garden of our vacation accommodation. It is perfect to take off my jeans shorts, my white tight shirt, my light blue thong and the matching bra for you and present you my curves in this beautiful evening light. I love the evening sun....
335 139 pics Why don't you come to bed with me? I'll lure you in my sweet satin negligee and with all my charms! I'll show you where I want to feel you today and put my finger in my little pink butt hole. I think you know exactly what I want?
334 77 pics I tried making a set with my phone for the first time. Very private - just you and me on my sofa. For some body parts my arm was just too short (I need a selfie stick...), but you get to see some very nice close-ups of my pink pussy, my round breasts and my feet. The quality may not be what you're used to from my photographer - but you'll get some very intimate moments!
333 150 pics In this fantastic photoset you see us two luscious ladies quite sporty. We not only put on the boxing gloves and train on the punching bag, but of course we also take off our clothes. After we have taken off each other's bras, and have admired our round breasts - we want to touch them of course. Hmmm, that feels just wonderful... During the workout we get really hot and we also take off our shorts. With the boxing gloves it is not so easy to pull each other's buttocks apart so that you can see our small, tight assholes. But we can do it - after all, we are professionals in this field - even if not in boxing, LOL.
332 150 pics Who can dance tango? Or Pasodoble? This is your chance! You know - it doesn't stop at dancing ... I feel hot in this Spanish outfit ... and even hotter when I'm standing naked in front of you. Come dance with me!
331 150 pics On this very special bar chair I sit only with shiny pantyhose and my favorite highheel sandals - that's all i need to seduce you .... I turn all the time so you can look at me closely from top to bottom and from all sides. I find it hard to take off the pantyhose, they feel so good and accentuate my curves and my legs. You can clearly see my feet and red painted toenails showing through. I feel so sexy in them. But finally I make it and sit naked on the leather chair ... Are you cumming before the last turn?
330 150 pics In this picture set your Beatrice is the strict queen - in black leather clothes and hot underwear - and a black leather belt! You have to kneel in front of me, worship me and lick my pussy. If you don't do it well, I will punish you with the belt. I see exactly what that does to your cock! I am strict and tell you exactly what you have to do. Until the next time you have to learn a lot - because to satisfy a Queen Beatrice, you have to get better!
329 143 pics Silk tights definitely belong with this sexy leo dress! These ones have a silky sheen and fit perfectly. They accentuate everything beautiful wonderfully- my waist, my round butt, my hairy pussy, my little feet and the cute red painted toes. It's really hard for me to take them off- but for you I'll do (almost) anything!
328 149 pics A walk in nature sounds boring, right? Not when Tina and I are out and about, because then it gets hot! ( You know us...) We don't care that there are other hikers around - we like to show ourselves naked. We start taking off our clothes - first our nice round boobies, then our luscious butts. We pull each other's ass cheeks apart and rub our breasts together. And at the very end we kiss each other intensely and fiercely. Hmmm, we had a lot of fun together!
327 150 pics This transparent chair is just awesome and I love to strip and pose on it for you. I'll show you all my voluminous curves in very sexy positions. The camera changes from the front view to the view from below-which is very exciting and gives you a completely different - and VERY hot- view of all my sexy assets.
326 150 pics In front of this beautiful tiled wall in a bathroom I really wanted to make a sexy set for you. I want to seduce you in a little white dress with my pale pink lace underwear and white high heels. Do you find me as sexy as I feel myself in this outfit? I love these highwaist panties that accentuate my bottom so beautifully. That's the reason why I'm very slow to undress....
325 150 pics With this big hat , the little sexy denim dress and the white high heels I feel a bit like a diva.  The dress has a zipper in the front - that is very seductive and offers many possibilities, donīt you think? Since our photographer is busy, I ask Tina to take my picture. I think she did a very good job....
324 119 pics In this set I pose in front of a mirror - in red lingerie, fishnet stockings,black high heels, a transparent blouse and a very short mini skirt. Sometimes you can see me from the front and from behind at the same time... and in the end only the fishnet stockings will be left...
323 133 pics In this wonderful set I show you that it's not always necessary for me to take off all my clothes. I wear a black full body suit with open crotch. The staircase is very suitable to give you small hot insights - before I sit down, spread my legs wide and open my pussy for you. She is all wet, you can see that and I let my fingers slide in and out again ...
322 144 pics A fan asked me to make a set with the highwaist panties with satin and lace from set 85. Here it is - he also wanted doggystyle photos. I'm sure you like this too!
321 150 pics I feel incredibly sexy when I wear latex - especially with these awesome, black patent leather overknees. And that's what you can see in this set: I strip very erotic for you, my poses are lascivious and sometimes dirty. I am sure you will love it
320 147 pics In this wonderful summer set I wear a red and white dotted bikini with a highwaist panties under my white tulle dress. I see you sitting on the terrace watching me! So I come up to you and show you how well my bikini suits me. Of course, as always, I can not stop until I can show you how well suits me what is hiding in the bikini ....
319 150 pics Most of you love my hairy pussy (me too!) and I don't like shaving it off. But when Tina offered to shave me the other day, I couldn't resist. No more than the bikini line, though. She did it with a lot of dedication and it was very pleasant for me. I then asked her to take care of the hair around my little butt hole as well - there aren't many, but it was too tempting to stretch my round butt out to her and surrender to her delicate hands. But see for yourself ...
318 135 pics I'm sure you also like the hairy pussy and the hairy armpits of my dear friend Tina, but now it's going to be summer and she doesn't like to show herself so hairy in public. For this you will certainly like how I shave her extensively. That was really a very exciting and hot experience. So: Let summer come!
317 108 pics What do you think of my sexy look? I think I look like a teacher or an office worker with this black blazer and black mini skirt. But then there are these see-through leopard leggings - uhh, that looks pretty freaky, don't you think? Accordingly, it's sexy when I take my clothes off for you. By the way, I would do that in your office too....
316 124 pics Black looks good on me! This time I strip for you - very erotic!!! - in black lacquer overknees, black panties, black lace bra and a poncho- in front of a white background. You can see exactly how much fun it is to me! Especially because I know you like to watch me - so much so that you can not remain idle!
315 132 pics Trees are my friends - you can see that in this magical set! Not only the bark that massages my feet but also the branch that I break with my strong butt and then I can put to good use elsewhere.... Beatrice with white lace panties in the dark forest... will you follow me into the dark?
314 147 pics I got leggings as a gift ( thanks Timothy!) - now I'm trying them on.... I can only say - HOT! My big round butt looks great in them - especially in the light grey ones at the beginning. But you can see my sweet labia better in the tight black with pink stripes. Either way - I love leggings.... and even more I love taking them off for you! ( part 2 coming soon)
313 116 pics Whenever I put on my red suspenders, especially with the red nylons, I get so horny. I imagine how you put me over the table and take me really hard. It makes you hot when you see my round ass and you take off my red thong. You pull my ass cheeks apart and look with pleasure at my tight asshole. Where do you want to stick your thick cock? (There is also a super hot video with this outfit! )
312 141 pics Although I always particularly like the sets of Tina and me, I must say that these pictures are very special and exceptionally great. We both wear rubber gloves in pink and we are both completely naked from the beginning. The pink gloves look just fantastic on our bare skin! We fondle each other's boobs, show our great asses and make everything possible with the rubber gloves. Believe me, this is one of the best picturesets you have ever seen of us! gla
311 133 pics Even though I love to wear it - it doesn't always have to be black! In this beautiful set in an enchanted ruin of a former house in the middle of nature, I show you how erotic and sexy it can be not only to wear - but to take off a truly radiant colorful dress...
310 150 pics When I arrived the other day for an appointment with my photographer, he said - I look pretty. So I thought, then I'll show you how I'm dressed in everyday life - and of course, how it looks when I undress!
309 139 pics When I arrived the other day for an appointment with my photographer, he said - I look pretty. So I thought, then I'll show you how I'm dressed in everyday life - and of course, how it looks when I undress!
308 150 pics In this erotic set Tina and I drink a glass of red wine. You know what happens when two mature ladies get tipsy? They get naughty.... With soft music, we start dancing and slowly undress each other. Our breasts rub against each other as we snuggle and gently sway back and forth. We caress each other gently at first, then we get hotter and hotter and squeeze each other's breasts and buttocks , lick our nipples and kiss each other long and intensely....
307 143 pics In this super hot set you will see me as a schoolgirl.... I practice the piano. Of course I like to turn on my teacher with my charms. And you know I'm good at that! So would you like to be my teacher? Surely you can imagine how this school lesson ends?
306 112 pics Sometimes it takes nothing more than a gray wall and sunshine to put me in scene for you.... ( and not only for you- the players of a nearby sports field probably had their fun too- which I discovered only after the set, oops...)
305 129 pics MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!
304 140 pics You know- your Beatrice is very sporty (lol) . I would not want to miss the opportunity to train with a punching bag.... But that it is so exhausting, I did not know. So I have to undress - the skimpy sports bra, the tight legging and also the sweaty sneakers. Naked boxing is also much more fun!!!
303 149 pics This is the first set in my new apartment... the tight, black lace bodysuit sets my curves excellently in scene as I find... and the staircase offers possibilities for wonderful (in) sights...
302 150 pics In this extremely hot set I wear a strap-on for the first time. My pink dildo fits perfectly with my black (fake) patent leather and fishnet outfit, and in addition these sharp pointed high heels! Uuuuhhhh.... so sexy !!! But see for yourself...
301 132 pics This beautiful lace dress invites to many... I'm drawn to my sofa and it's not long before I start stroking myself. I let my imagination run wild and come to a great orgasm ....
300 149 pics Do you like surprises? Then you will love this set! Because when you open the cabinet, you will be surprised by two sexy ladies. You wouldn't have expected that, would you? And because you've already discovered our secret stash, you can also watch us undress each other and admire our curves. Honestly, we like to be discovered ....
299 137 pics This is what it looks like when Beatrice is out in nature - I dance and feel free. Also free to take off my clothes. (because I feel most comfortable naked.) That's especially fun with these tight three-quarter leggings, which show off my round butt brilliantly - and the lace top through which my breasts wink at you before I show them to you naked.
298 131 pics In this hot set I almost bring you to the madness! I pose in my hot high heels and a black mini (faux) leather dress on a marble table while you sit on the sofa and watch me. You're not only once tempted to get up and get it for me. But you have to stay seated - that's the deal. You just may look and touch yourself...
297 137 pics You know I love to tease you ... This time I have chosen a pink scarf to put my curves sexy and erotic in scene. Could I seduce you???
296 108 pics I'm always looking for "special" places for beautiful photos - here I discovered a special gem! An old, dilapidated house with rusted doors and graffiti on the wall. I like the contrast between the chic outfit and the run-down ambience. And I especially like the graffiti as a background for a hot strip!
295 150 pics I have a longtime and very generous fan (Thanks F.P.) who is absolutely into balloons. After 2019, he has also wished for a photo set for NEW YEAR'S EVE this year and here it is: Tina and I celebrate a small and very hot New Year's Eve party. We dance and drink a little champagne, we slowly undress and show our voluptuous bodies. Finally we crush the balloons with our high heels. OMG that was so much fun!
294 147 pics In this new set I wear the gift from a loyal fan (thank you Tim!!!). I love this transparent white dress - this time I combined it with dark green underwear and the hot green boots with silver buckles that my dear friend Tina lent me. With this outfit the undressing is really fun ....
293 107 pics My dear members, fans and friends! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for another year together at SC. You have been by my side and I thank you for the many emails, great feedback and compliments. You guys are great! I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year, where hopefully together we will finally get a handle on Corona. Take care of yourselves and most of all stay healthy!!! Love you guys!!! Hot kisses from your Beatrice;-)
292 124 pics I am on vacation - but my magic wand is always in my suitcase! When I'm alone and my fantasy overcomes me, I get so horny that I take it and start playing around with myself. You are not there, so what should I do? My little friend does it well! He massages me everywhere, he makes my nipples hard, massages my butt and thighs. I like it best when he makes my hairy pussy really vibrate - I spread my legs wide and let him do it! It does not take too long until I vibrate all over my body and experience a wonderful orgasm. ;-)
291 149 pics When Tina and me are in the kitchen together, it usually gets very hot! This time we find two CUCUMBERS, from which we actually want to prepare a salad. But- naughty as we are, we start to play with these cucumbers. We put them between each other's breasts. Then we give the cucumbers a good blowjob and get really horny. So we sit down next to each other on the floor and stick the cucumbers in our wet, hairy pussies. And then we stick them in each other's pussies and pretend it's a really nice cock. Delightful, two hot ladies next to each other and both pussies are well pounded- by cucumbers! What an orgasm! We are convinced, this salad will be a pleasure! Who wants to taste?;-)
290 137 pics With this beautiful set I bring you back the summer. I hope you get really hot looking at your "sunshine" Beatrice.
289 134 pics When I wake up early in the morning, the first thing I do is go to the bathroom - what I do there I can't show you here, but I can tease you a little bit in my cute jumpsuit.... and, surely you are also awake when I undress completely for you.
288 132 pics  

I feel so sexy in this sexy outfit - it makes me extremely horny and that's why I have to undress quickly and play with my wet pussy. Mmmm, that feels so good.


287 138 pics  

As you know I love being naked, but what I love even more is being naked outside and you can see that in this gorgeous new set.


286 150 pics  

A few months ago I bought a set of wonderful gloves at a flea market, which I present to you today in this fantastic new set. I myself can not decide which pair I like best. What is your favorite?


285 144 pics  

Oops, I did it again! Yes, I bought a new dildo and in this wonderful set I use it for the first time and what can I tell you: It was wonderful to lie on the bed and feel the pink dildo between my breasts and in my pink pussy.


284 129 pics During a short vacation with my friend Tina we found the game "TWISTER" by chance in the house we rented. At first we thought that this children's game is too simple and boring for us, until we were taught otherwise: It was incredibly exhausting to get to the respective points with our hands and feet. But it was also very very funny and we had a lot of fun doing it! Just watch it for yourselves.
283 116 pics I love the contrast between the run down setting and me in a beautiful pink dress. Watch me as I slowly undress for you so you can finally admire me in my complete mature nudity.
282 149 pics Sure I would rather have your cream on my skin and in my mouth, but since it may not be enough for my whole body I used whipped cream.First I spread it on my breasts, then on my belly of my pussy and on my big butt. This slippery feeling on my skin was wonderful and you would have certainly enjoyed rubbing me like this. At the end, when I squirted the cream into my mouth, I imagined that it was a big load of your cream. Mmmm, that was very hot.
281 149 pics It's always hard for me to get up in the morning, but the idea that you are watching me excites me so much that I loll on my bed for you a little longer to show you the most beautiful sides of my mature body. After that I was ready for a beautiful new day. - Today I have also uploaded a beautiful new Behind The Scenes video of this set.
280 146 pics Sometimes all it takes is a colourful scarf, a beautiful setting and an attractive, mature woman to make a fantastic new set for you. Enjoy the sight of me slowly getting more and more naked in front of a stack of wood.
279 150 pics As I have a very tight pussy I usually use slim dildos, but recently I got myself a thick black dildo and what can I tell you it was a sensational feeling when I inserted it into my pussy and it didn't take long until I came to a wonderful orgasm. I should definitely do this more often.
278 150 pics To keep fit I started hula hooping a few weeks ago. At some point my friend Tina heard about it and she wanted to try it too, so we met the other day and I gave her the first lesson.Of course, you have to warm up and stretch first and then do the first exercises. During the workout we got so warm that we took off our clothes. This way it was even more fun for us (and hopefully for you). Well, Tina was very talented and learned to keep the hoop up pretty quickly. Can you do that too?
277 149 pics Imagine that you are sitting at the end of the table watching me tease you, dressed in a transparent babydoll and high heels. You want me to show you my beautiful breasts? And my red painted toes? My hairy pussy? And my tight asshole? Ok, I'll do that for you and I hope you enjoy it.
276 137 pics I love summer and I love lying in the sun. Unfortunately, when other people are around, I usually have to wear a bikini, but when I'm alone in a wide field, of course I prefer to be completely naked and I'm sure you enjoy it more to see me like this, right?
275 131 pics I think that dressed all in black fits best with the white wardrobe in front of which this great new set was made. Well, at the end of the set I have only my black high heels on, but that will certainly not bother you, right? ;-)
274 133 pics Here comes the bride! Do you want to marry her? Please say YES
273 150 pics My photographer always scolds me for taking too long to get completely undressed. But I love this game - teasing you.... seducing you slowly..not showing everything right away! What do you think? Please let me know!
272 137 pics I like to tease you Baby - this time in a red lace dress!
271 150 pics Two sweet ladies enjoying sweet strawberries together - I am sure you can imagine how that ends?
270 98 pics Come with me to harvest red currants ... if you help me, I'll show you some other sweet fruits ....
269 149 pics Sometimes a beautiful cardigan and a chair are enough to put all the advantages of a woman in an erotic light. I think I succeeded quite well - don't you?
268 124 pics In Germany there is a very well-known hit song: Ein Bett im Kornfeld (A bed in a cornfield) - I had to think of it when I was standing in this cornfield and undressed piece by piece... As you can see, I had a lot of fun - even if it didn't end like in the song...
267 125 pics This big window with the beautiful stone windowsill is perfect to show you my leo dress and matching high heels, don't you think? (How fortunate that the window doesn't have a clear pane).
266 150 pics You wished for a photoset with a smoking Beatrice - here it is! It's a warm sunny day and so I undress while I smoke- until I'm completely naked.
265 137 pics Today it's BLUE! I love my new pumps - thanks Tim!
264 148 pics Join my friend Tina and me on a walk in the woods! You won't regret it... we have so much fun and we both love to show each other our boobs and butts - and if you come along, to you too of course!  That would be fun!!! - Sorry for some blurry pics.
263 146 pics Beatrice Silver lives up to her name in this set: in a silver raincoat - underneath silver-grey underwear and stockings. And finally: silver-gray curls on her natural pussy.... Enjoy!
262 150 pics This set is from last summer - I'm teasing you a bit in this cute hanging dress - of course I'm not wearing anything underneath. I especially love the pumps I'm wearing here for the first time! I'm sure you will love them, too.
261 112 pics I recently found this set on my hard drive - it is from 2018 New Year's Eve .... I think it's so adorable that I don't want to keep it from you. (Sorry for some blurry pictures- my photographer already had a glass of champagne) By the way the tights are real vintage - and a bit too small ... (or is my butt tooo big?) I hope you don't mind.
260 141 pics  

White is beautiful! Especially when a mature lady with luscious curves presents it. White leggings, white sexy lace negligee and heels - what more do you want? Except maybe that she takes off everything?




259 147 pics  

On the way home by car I was suddenly overcome by such horniness - I just had to take a break. Watch what happens.


258 113 pics  

Many of you keep asking me about stains in panties - well in this set you get your money's worth. But also lovers of a mature woman with beautiful curves in sexy white panties, transparent white lace top and white high heels will love this set. (The matching video will follow shortly...).


257 108 pics  

It is impossible not to notice that I love animal prints .... This time in zebra look in black and white. The pointy ankle mules go perfectly with it, don't they? Of course it won't be long before I show you the other pretty parts ... (unfortunately I have to take off the animal print clothes for that).


256 149 pics In this photo set on a warm summer day you can see that I love trees - the tree and I, that fits, right? In any case, I feel very comfortable in his arms - especially naked!
255 149 pics Every time I wear these HighWaist panties - especially in combination with my black lace bra and my favorite pumps, I feel so sexy that I immediately feel like stripping for you.
254 150 pics I got a gift - but these beautiful lace panties are unfortunately too small.... or what do you think?
253 135 pics These turquoise, adorable mules are not the ideal footwear for a walk in the woods, so I preferred to stay on this bench at the edge of the forest. You donīt mind- do you?
252 150 pics I work as a successful sex therapist. With my clients I practice, among other things, self control. Here you can see my - admittedly somewhat unconventional method. I strip and my client must control himself. Can you do that too? (If you want to hear what I say, you can listen to it in this week's video).
251 127 pics A chair is a wonderful place to pose for you ... all in black and silver: black clothes - silver hair!
250 150 pics In this new set I play with a huge beach ball which was a gift from a fan. You see - there is nothing too big for your naughty Beatrice ....
249 150 pics My magic wand and me - we are best friends!!!
248 138 pics In this set I try to seduce you in my new lingerie set in dark green. My accessory is a cuddly soft scarf in fakefur look. I am sure you will like both.... (but most of all me - I hope!)
247 150 pics I'll take you for a walk in the woods with me again.... This time I wear tight blue jeans and a very nice fur (fake) blouson. What no one knows but you and me- I'm not wearing anything under my jacket.... and the tree trunk on the path is of course very handy to lean on or lean over....
246 145 pics I like the contrast between these woolen knee socks and my new lace underwear and feel incredibly sexy. When I loll on the bed, spread my legs, undress and tease you with all my advantages I get so horny that I canīt but fingering my wet pussy....
245 138 pics I feel like a Greek goddess in these knee-high strappy sandals .... And I loved posing for you ... almost only on the floor ... Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
244 148 pics Beatrice on the road in the forest - once again! This time I found a kind of construction trailer in a beautiful clearing - a great place to photograph- and to undress ....
243 149 pics Sometimes I feel like wearing a hat ... especially in combination with a floor-length faux leather coat, suspenders and black underwear. The stockings are made of real nylon - that's why they wrinkle so wonderfully! I could not help but take a whip as an accessory to it - just to play a little ...
242 150 pics You know me a little now - I love extensive walks in nature. Especially in autumn, when many colorful leaves lie on the ground. It's not enough for me to undress and feel the sun on my bare skin. I want to play! I throw the leaves high in the air and let them fall on my bare breasts and ass. Of course I play not only with the leaves ....
241 136 pics A toilet is good for many things as you can see in this new set. Anyway, it's especially good for hot photos with your sexy Beatrice...
240 142 pics This year Christmas is different! I hope you are healthy and able to spend Christmas with your loved ones! (If not, come and join me on my sofa....we'll have a little cuddle!) Thank you all for your loyalty, your wonderful compliments, gifts and lovely emails! Let's go confidently into a new year - love will carry us! Despite Corona: MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! Take care and stay healthy!!!
239 147 pics When I discovered this trailer on a meadow, I knew, here I want to pose for you! I like contrasts.... a sexy lady on a rusty pendant... Awesome! Unfortunately it got a bit out of hand - so there is a a bonus set with over 60 more pics in the members area
238 136 pics For all my pantyhose lovers a beautiful set on the stairs... sheer pantyhose and white underwear under a black men's shirt ...
237 149 pics To describe this set, it does not need many words! Just dressed with a beautiful fur coat (fake), a pantyhose and my favorite boots on a sunny autumn day in the forest... It was a dream!
236 149 pics When I come home after work, I first relax on my sofa... I know you are watching me... so I take off my clothes and show you my new green lace underwear... Should I take them off, too? (What a question...)
235 146 pics This construction trailer at the edge of the forest invites me to a photo session. Well actually it also invites to more... Where are you right now? Can I lure you with my black fan and my red strap pumps?
234 132 pics A sexy lady who lolls around in the middle of many balloons and plays with them - such fun!
233 149 pics In this new set you can watch me exposing my voluptuous body in front of a wood pile.
232 147 pics This plastic dressing gown in transparent grey has been lent to me by my dear friend Tina ...To wear it and feel it tightly around my curves is really a special feeling! Hot and sexy....
231 84 pics A beautiful place in nature for your cowgirl Beatrice! Come with me up the stairs - a little off the beaten track, then I'll show you what I'm wearing underneath. Uups- itīs nothing!!!
230 114 pics Just me and my guitar - do you need more to make hot music?
229 149 pics In this set I discover during a walk very pretty yellow flowers... so small - but very suitable to beautify special places on my body. Another summer set with lots of naked skin and a happy Beatrice!
228 146 pics  

Today I will seduce you all in white - well, with a green scarf. Maybe you like it better if I take off my bra and panties? Ok - I will - just for you!


227 117 pics  

On the way to work I made a short stop in the middle of the fields... there was a farmer nearby - which inspired me to pretend that he could see me... I leaned deeply into the boot of the car and stretched my naked bottom in his direction. And that was not all! I'm sure if you had been the farmer, you would have stopped your work for a little fun! ( The car was not quite clean as you can see from the black spots on my bottom - sorry for that...)


226 150 pics  

Tina and I already made a solo set a few months ago with the great judo suits that our member Michele gave us. Originally we wanted to make a "fight" film, but as I still have a painful foot we could only make a set of pictures, but this one turned out really great. So enjoy the sight of two "fighting" mature Judokas.


225 149 pics  

I love the color green - especially in summer! The field, the dress and the new lingerie - all in green! That simply makes good mood, as you can see in this set ... But what I like even more than the color green is the feeling of being naked in nature... Happy!


224 149 pics Back from a trip to the swimming pool I have to rest for a while and take off my clothes. It is such a hot day! Do you want to see my new bikini? I'll show it to you... It's still a bit damp - so I'll take it off as well. (Sorry for the little green thread on my butt hole - that's from my green underwear I wore in the morning...Neither I nor my photographer had noticed it)
223 128 pics An old tractor like this invites you to romp around a bit, don't you think? I would have loved to take it for a spin, but the keys weren't in it. So I at least pose a little, that'll be fun for both of us, won't it?
222 149 pics  

I like the combination of casual and chic - a black jacket with vest and nice underwear combined with my jeans shorts - puuhh, they are even tighter than before. That doesn't matter, does it?


221 144 pics  

Summer. Sun. Green. Some water. And of course, Beatrice... (in a semi-transparent blouse and a very tight miniskirt.. ) Any more wishes?


220 144 pics Your favorite MILF Beatrice in a black leather skirt, very hot stilettos and black leather gloves. There's nothing more to say!
219 150 pics If you like eroticism and elegance, then you will like this set. Under my jacket I wear red lingerie with garter belt and fine nylons - and on my feet my favourite high heels in red. The sun shines warmly on my body and it doesn't take long until I start to undress...
218 121 pics Now I can understand that you get horny when you look at my pictures! It happened to me too - while looking at a set of mine, I got really hot !... So let's get out of these clothes...
217 123 pics Since my foot injury last year I have put on a few kilos..much to my regret! Now I'm trying to get rid of these pounds again- best with a daily workout. In tight leggings I soon get too warm... so I'm gradually taking everything off - you don't mind, do you?
216 148 pics It's cherry time! Will you help me pick the ripe fruit? I can't take off all my clothes because many of the neighbours work in their garden plots. But I find a place where I can play with the cherries - if you want to see exactly how I put them into my pussy and slowly pull them out again - watch my video: "Cherries in my cherry" ...
215 133 pics Today I seduce you with a transparent black dress, red lingerie and suspenders, black stockings and red high heels. I love posing with a chair ... You could sit on it - how's that?
214 141 pics I love Leoprint patterns - in my PVC Leo coat I feel sexy immediately ... especially because I wear my black bra and a black thong underneath - and black overknee boots. Do you think I am sexy too? I feel so hot that I start playing with my pussy ... If only you were here ...
213 149 pics This was one of my last rides with my old bike. As you can see on the pictures, we are very familiar with each other...;-) At this beautiful place in the middle of nature I feel like getting undressed... Well, not such a good idea - there are many cyclists on the way... But as you can see, I'm willing to risk a lot for you! (while my photographer dies a thousand deaths, poor guy)
212 132 pics You know, I have a good feeling for colours - I love cobalt blue ! Especially in combination with the grey tiles and of course my bronze skin it looks beautiful. I really feel like lolling on that beautiful floor...
211 127 pics This is one of my favourite sets in a long time - not only because I love the leo dress ,my matching grey pantyhose and the nice grey bootees - but because you can get wonderful views from below when I turn around and the dress swings wide... I am sure you will love it too!
210 128 pics A walk in the vineyards on a Saturday afternoon is wonderful - unfortunately, many other people thought so too. So it was a bit tricky - but you know I love to get undressed in nature - especially when the sun shines warmly on my big ass and my round breasts....
209 104 pics Black and white: your Beatrice all in black with overknee boots, lace body and black cloth in front of a white door....Seducing can be so easy...and so much fun!
208 150 pics A cosy afternoon on my favourite armchair - in transparent leggings and wool socks! I'm horny and take my clothes off while I'm waiting for you... I hope you come home soon...
207 150 pics When the weather is fine, I love to be outdoors. As a small snack I took a banana with me this time, but before I ate it I made what you certainly imagine in your fantasy with the combination woman/banana. Can you guess what?
206 127 pics This beautiful outfit with fake fur in pink and my white stockings emphasize my curves. But I like to strip for you - and maybe you like my natural pink body parts even better? (Enjoy as well the "Behind the scenes" video to this set!)
205 128 pics  

I felt so sexy in my purple dress and purple thong, black stockings and high heels right in front of the mirror ... and my photographer proved once again that he is an artist... great perspectives and surprising angles! I am sure you will love it!


204 117 pics  

You guys love my smile. I know that. But there are as well situations where I can look very serious: when I put on my black PVC coat and my leather overknee boots and I am your dominatrix! Then sometimes I have to be very,very strict!!! And now: get on your knees and lick my boots clean!!!


203 109 pics  

For this outdoor set on the balcony Tina had to step in as photographer - since there were houses and neighbours all around who could observe us, my photographer refused ... I think she did it wonderfully!


202 132 pics The picture set of today is a kind of prequel to the wonderful video I have uploaded today. Watch Tina and me fooling around in the kitchen and then undressing bit by bit. Since we both could hardly keep still some pictures are unfortunately a little blurred. Sorry for that.
201 137 pics How about some judo lessons with your sexy Beatrice? (Thanks dear Michele, for the great outfit!!) You see, I have the black belt - so prepare yourself for a hard training!
200 136 pics

Update #200

Incredible! When I started here at SC, I never thought that I would have so much fun! Thanks a lot to all my fans and members - also to those who are still to come! I love your feedback and enjoy your compliments and inspirations! Thanks also to the SC team for your great work! I celebrate my number 200 with a very extraordinary set! Cat Beatrice lolls lasciviously in her transparent catsuit with open crotch on the table before she puts the tangerine slices into her pussy and sips the milk from the bowl... Meow!!!

199 119 pics This bench in the sun is the best stage for a wonderful performance! Everyone presents themselves from the best side: my round breasts, my big ass and my tight, little asshole, my feet with the red painted toenails, my fingers that slide into my wet, hairy pussy and of course my smile that puts the crown on everything.
198 133 pics In this lovely set I will strip for you in a toilet. The purple tights look great on me, don't you think? My red painted toenails gleam beautifully, especially when I put my feet under the tap...
197 150 pics What could be better than lying on the sofa on a cold winter's day and reading? Well, maybe slowly undressing for my dear members and showing them my soft, mature body, my wet, hairy pussy, my small, tight asshole and my beautiful breasts. I hope you enjoy the set as much as I enjoyed doing it for you.
196 108 pics A beautiful summer's day, sunshine, a blue sky and a lawn chair... What more does a mature lady need to show you her curvaceous body? I hope you enjoy watching her...
195 138 pics Come to me - I want to seduce you! I lie provocatively on the sofa in my extraordinary tights and red scarf... Then I start teasing you and stripping for you. I'm sure you can't resist!
194 110 pics One of my favourite outfits to seduce is this hot black net underwear. It shows everything but doesn't allow for everything ...
193 129 pics Hugging trees can be beneficial, did you know that? But I don't only hug the tree, I also tease you in my transparent blouse - as always I don't wear a bra under it! Enjoy!
192 134 pics This was a special wish from a fan - but I am sure you will love it too! Beatrice in leggins and high heels... Maybe you'll like it even more if I take them both off?
191 118 pics  

In this new set I show you, besides my beautiful red underwear, everything you love about me: My little sexy feet, my firm big butt, my hairy pussy, my beautiful breasts and of course my sweet smile. I am sure you will love it.


190 150 pics  

A fountain in the garden - a wonderful place to pose for you in my turquoise bikini with matching mules and a transparent blouse! You see many close-ups of my pussy and my little tight asshole and nice shots from below. Enjoy!


189 146 pics  

You like PVC jackets and overknee high heel boots, red stockings and your sexy Beatrice in them? Then you will like it when I give you a look underneath and open the jacket for you. And at the latest when I put my fingers into my pussy and my tight asshole, you can't keep your hands still anymore - I'm convinced!


188 105 pics  

I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. A special THANK YOU to all those who joined my site and purchased my videos. THANK YOU for all your wonderful emails, compliments, pics and gifts.


187 148 pics  

I made this set in summer - it was a very hot day! So I took everything off and refreshed myself with a glass of water! It looks very sexy as the water runs over my breasts down to my hairy pussy.


186 147 pics  

If you like my curvy body and pantyhose, you will love this set! I especially like the light sheen of these beautiful tights and the soft feeling when I stroke them. Of course I don't wear anything underneath - and in the end I am completely naked.


185 149 pics Lady completely in red! Red High heels, red pantyhose, red panties, red bra, red top, red lips! And not to forget: red toenails! I think you can see in this set on a staircase that RED is a colour that inspires me very erotically...I hope you will forgive me that the tights are torn?
184 138 pics The plaster is gone - finally I can wear sandals again! (many thanks, dear Gary) . This was one of the last sunny days and I enjoyed sitting on the terrace. Because the curious neighbors just were not near, I could strip naked and play extensively with my pussy ...
183 108 pics Even with a cast, a woman can be hot, can't she? Especially in a sexy transparent dessous like this (thank you, dear Gavin!) I pose for you in front of a mirror on a wooden box and show you my curves and all the special places on my body that make you so horny. Enjoy!
182 111 pics I am watching you working in the garden with naked upper body and tight shorts... that makes me horny. So I lure you seductively to me in the house..... With success..... You cannot resist me and my curves
181 130 pics In this new set I feel like a queen on the throne! The transparent delicate neglige (thank you, dear Gavin!) emphasizes my female curves and sets them wonderfully in scene. And the black, powerful armchair seduces to very erotic poses...
180 125 pics It is not easy to look elegant when you have a plaster foot that you must not burden. But I do my best for you!! If you like my red high heels and my curves, then let yourself be surprised how I present them to you in this golden frame!
179 123 pics In this set I want to play chess with my photographer - but he is not the best player. So I have to get creative... I put the king (who else!!!) between my breasts and between my toes - it does not take a long time and I am hot! So I also put him in my wet pussy and in my little creamy asshole. What would you think about you playing chess with me? Please be my king!
178 120 pics Every time I lie in bed, I think about sex. I imagine you watching me and then I want to seduce you and I show you all my advantages! I'm sure I wouldn't have to ask you twice to lie with me...
177 146 pics The red lace dress doesn't only go well with the new red sandals of a fan (thank you, dear Gary) but also with the white plaster! I'm sure you'll like how I bend over for you and show you my little asshole. Or do you like it better to see me put two fingers in my pussy?
176 135 pics It will be autumn... I love my cuddly woollen jacket and a beer after work! The evening sun bathes me in a beautiful light! And I'm sure you'll like it when I try to press my chest into the beer glass or wet my pussy with beer....
175 136 pics In this long, white lace dress, which I got from a fan (thanks dear Gavin!) I can only feel sexy! Together with my pink high heels it is the ideal outfit for an erotic diner for two. I already set the table - with myself - and hope you come soon and try how delicious I taste!
174 122 pics I can't possibly stay in bed all day, so I chose the big white sofa. Of course I also wanted to look sexy - so I dressed my healthy foot in one of my thigh high stockings and my favourite high heel. A black thong, an exclusive bra and a cuddly woollen sweater over it. I'm already starting to take off my clothes until you come ... Don't let me wait too long ...
173 129 pics Have you ever looked at a globe to see how far apart we are? I'll show you in this set! But not only the distance between us but also my curves and female advantages -and at least one foot in a wonderful new red sandal !The other one is still in plaster... I hope you don't mind?
172 127 pics Torn ligament. Shit happens! But as you can see, I am no less hot and horny. The crutches on which I put my legs are giving you a wonderful view of my hairy pussy. Feels almost like a gynocological chair . Would you examine me? Also from behind, please?
171 136 pics Now it's my red buttplug's turn! First I push it into my wet hairy pussy - then into my tight little pink rosebud! You can see how the plug slips in and out and you are of course as always very close!
170 145 pics I actually wanted to make a set with my beautiful buttplug, but then I was so fascinated by my black leather gloves that I preferred to put them in my cute little asshole. The buttplug has to wait until next week ...
169 131 pics Actually I didn't want to make a picture set with the swingstick, because you can't see the movements well on photos, but then I thought that you could also like it if I do gymnastic exercises. It was a lot of fun and I hope you have fun watching it ;-).
168 149 pics This is again one of my favorite sets- not because of the brown tight (fake) suede skirt but because of the beautiful sights it makes possible with its high slit...Many upskirt views and sight from below- which you like as much as I do I am sure.
167 133 pics In this set I am teasing you in a black full body suit and a mask! I want to inspire your fantasy as much as possible! So I open the zipper very  slowly - starting at the top of my butt. As it is very stimulant for me too  I am putting two fingers in my wet pussy and you have the best sight from below to my hanging breasts too.
166 145 pics This very hot babydoll was a gift from a member of my site (Thank you Gavin!) I hope you enjoy my curvy body in this sexy outfit ...
165 112 pics This is one of my favorite sets - see me in a very elegant lace onepiece which was a gift from a member of my site. My favorite black high heels round off the noble outfit and so my foot fans will also be thrilled. The open crotch gives you wonderful sights onto my pussy with its silver little curls. I think my butt also looks very classy in that lace.. I bend over the chair and I think you know what you have to do!
164 139 pics This was the wish of a member of my site - he wanted outdoor shots with his queen in a bikini! So- here they are! Since the focus was on the bikini, and since we weren't alone on this beautiful summer day, there are only a few nude shots to see this time. Hope you enjoy anyway...
163 143 pics A member of my site recently gave me a fantastic fishnet bodystocking and in this set you can watch me try it on for the first time. It's an erotic transformation from casual to sexy. Enjoy it.
162 138 pics A bar chair has a wonderful height - not only to lean over or sit on - but also to show you my curves - well wrapped in my hot, patent leather overknees with thigh high stockings, black leather gloves, sexy lace bra and panty and last but not least- a wonderful black fakefur jacket with hood! Want to see me strip?
161 132 pics My boss invited me to a work lunch, so I had to figure out what to wear. I think I could wear this blue dress and my favourite high heels. I love the neckline and I decided not to wear anything under it. For all cases....
160 107 pics If you want to see me naturally and privately on a garden chair, you will love this set. This time Tina was my photographer - she did it great! We had to be careful, because in the garden next door the neighbours were barbecuing. You can see very nice pictures of my pussy, my big bottom, my breasts and my feet - but this time the main role is played by my smile...
159 144 pics What do you say to my new blue high thigh boots? I think they look really good on me! I love to seduce you - and I want you to imagine everything! On all fours I move towards you - and also away from you, so that you can look closely at my magnificent butt and my little pink asshole. What would you like to do now? I imagine it while I finger my pussy and come to a wonderful orgasm.
158 150 pics This set could be called "thigh high" because I wear very sexy, thigh high boots and thigh high stockings. Both look fantastic together and you'll probably like it even more after I get rid of my shirt and bra.
157 128 pics In this set I am wearing a beautiful purple negligé - all transparent and very soft! It was a gift from a loyal fan- thank you Gavin!- and I at once felt absolutely sexy in it. It doesn't take more to show the best sides of a beautiful woman: a gorgeous butt with a tiny rosebud , natural breasts and a hairy Pussy. And also my foot lovers get their money's worth. Enjoy!
156 148 pics Come and watch me make a delicious fresh salad! Only in flat Ballerinas and a man shirt I stand in the kitchen and you have beautiful views on below and above! I think vegetables have something very erotic and the cucumber turns me on immediately - but in the end I decide for the carrot... do you want to try the salad afterwards?
155 142 pics This is one of my favorite sets of the last months. Don't I look very innocent in the white transparent top and the white leggings while I present myself for you on the rocking chair? What didn't quite fit was the hole in my wool socks, but I only noticed that during the photo shoot and I'm sure that you don't mind.
154 150 pics White stockings, a white transparent blouse, a white faux fur vest, sexy fur-trimmed high heels and an erotic, mature lady are the ingredients of this wonderful new set. I am sure you will enjoy it very much ;-)
153 139 pics Don't I look decent and innocent in my nightie? After I have shown you my feet, my big bottom and how I play with my hairy pussy you will see that I am not. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed with this recognition;-).
152 137 pics The beautiful red and black babydoll I wear in this very erotic new set was given to me by a faithful fan (Thanks Gavin). I am sure that you will love it dressed, but also undressed ;-).
151 123 pics Red is erotic - isn't it? At least I feel so- and you can see that in this hot set! Even my vibrator is red... If red is also your favorite color and you like natural breasts, a gorgeous bottom and thigh-high boots - then you will love this set!
150 104 pics Before I go for a shower in the morning I feel like doing a little gymnastics. And I remember my youth when I had a few years in ballet class. I stretch my legs and feet and do a few exercises on the bathtub edge like a naked ballerina... then I bend forward and stretch myself and I grant you a beautiful view of my hairy pussy, my gorgeous ass and my little pink asshole. Hope you enjoy....
149 118 pics You want to be my servant? Lick my shoes clean, suck the tip of my high heels? Then get on your knees and wait for my instructions! I allow you a look at my breasts, my gorgeous ass, my little pink asshole - maybe you may taste it with your tongue. And then I want you to jerk off.
148 117 pics Actually I wanted to delete this set, which was already taken two years ago, because some pictures are a bit out of focus or wrongly exposed, but when I looked through it again I noticed that it is not so bad after all. So enjoy the sight of me and Busty Tina while we stroll erotically through the EVENING SUN.
147 139 pics Although spring is slowly approaching, the evenings are still so cold that I sometimes make myself comfortable on a blanket in front of the oven. Sometimes it happens that I get hot in the true sense of the word and play with myself until I get an orgasm.
146 149 pics Whenever I think of my boss, I get very hot... In my fantasy I imagine seducing him. So sit down and imagine that you are my boss and I am your horny secretary - I slowly strip my work clothes and show you all my advantagesand I hope you can manage to come at the end ;-).
145 132 pics Unfortunately I had no possibility to make an outdoor set in this great fake fur coat, the fur trimmed boots and the hot overknee socks, but I'm sure you will also enjoy it as an indoor set.
144 150 pics A ladder isn't just for cleaning high cupboards, is it? I climb up and down and you have wonderful views under my short skirt. The glimpses become even more wonderful after I have undressed... Take your time and enjoy the view!
143 132 pics Unfortunately I had no possibility to make an outdoor set in this great fake fur coat, the fur trimmed boots and the hot overknee socks, but I'm sure you will also enjoy it as an indoor set
142 150 pics A ladder isn't just for cleaning high cupboards, is it? I climb up and down and you have wonderful views under my short skirt. The glimpses become even more wonderful after I have undressed... Take your time and enjoy the view!
141 137 pics In today's new set you can see me in a wonderful grey jumpsuit and very sexy high-heeled pumps. What you will probably like even better is when I insert my necklace into my pussy and slowly pull it out again. Although some pictures are out of focus (Does anyone know a good photographer? ;-)) this is still one of my favourite sets.
140 126 pics I recently bought a sexy, blue cut out dress and in this new set you can admire it for the first time. I thought the combination with my blue gloves and the high heels is perfect. What do you think? If you prefer to see me and especially my cute little feet naked, then you will surely like the pictures very much, too.
139 143 pics When I took this short WINTER WALK with my friend Busty Tina, it was really, really cold. Not even the (fake) fur clothes and the pantyhose warmed us up. Maybe next time we shouldn't be naked under the (fake) fur coats ;-). (Sorry for some blurry pics)
138 127 pics This new set is proof that even mature women can look very innocent even though they are usually not ;-). Enjoy watching me taking off my transparent nightie and the matching french knickers and showing myself in my natural beauty.
137 118 pics I love lying on the sofa and reading. Because it's a bit cold at the moment, I usually wear pantyhose, which I'm sure you'll like ;-). From time to time I get horny and then start to play my pussy until I have an orgasm. Enjoy this wonderful set with the many pantyhose pictures.
136 150 pics If a lady gets a cigar as a gift, it doesn't mean she has to smoke it, does it? I'll show you what I came up with... I put the gem in my mouth, between my breasts, between my feet, my buttocks and finally also in my little wet, hairy pussy . That was a fun - and at least as hot as a burning cigar!
135 135 pics I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. A special THANK YOU to all those who joined my site and purchased my videos.
134 127 pics What can be more beautiful than an attractive, mature woman slowly undressing on a sofa? Well, I think it's an attractive, mature woman who wears pink high-heels and a sexy black body during that time. What do you think?
133 125 pics In this wonderful new set I wear a sexy white swimsuit and a very chic swim cap. Watch me take off my swimsuit in a very erotic way. If you want to see how I shower in this outfit, then you should not miss my new video.
132 141pics This is my first anal pictureset!  The butt plug is a gift from my photographer - what a good idea! Thanks again! (I'm sure he had ulterior motives....) First of all I had to explore this new toy of course - how it feels in my mouth and also in my wet pussy. But the highlight was when I inserted it into my little tight asshole... ohhhhh what a feeling! My big round ass is like made for such a piece of jewelry....
131 112 pics In the forest you can not only meet animals but also sexy, mature women wearing patent leather boots, a bra and a highly erotic skirt. So keep your eyes open next time you go for a walk in the woods.
130 117 pics There are no "50 Shades Of Grey" in this new set, but there are some. The fake fur, the hold-upless stockings, the fake fur on the shoes, my lingerie, my hair and even the door in the background and in between a highly erotic, mature woman. What a beautiful combination.
129 131 pics Well, I think that the men would look at the businesswoman Ms. Silver with big eyes and an open mouth if she came into the conference room in a short skirt, a tight blouse, a fancy tie, sexy high heels, stockings and hot white lingerie. Taking off my clothes and presenting myself in all my splendor, as in this set, I would certainly not do for these businessmen though. I do this only for you ;-).
128 147 pics I bought the bikini I wear in this wonderful new set this summer. I find it very beautiful and really sexy, but when I wear it in public people sometimes look at me a bit strange. Maybe it's the colors or the open side of the bikini pants. Anyway, I'm sure you'll love the bikini as much as I do.
127 129 pics The lady in red presents you her mature body in a shiny and very sexy combination of a miniskirt and a top.
126 138 pics Usually you can see me getting undressed bit by bit, but in this very nice new set it's the other way around. Before I slowly put on my pink pantyhose, my black top and my Birkenstock sandals you can of course look at my big butt, my well-shaped breasts and the rest of my voluptuous body ;-).
125 138 pics We had a wonderful summer this year so I took the opportunity to be outside a lot. As you can see in this video, which was made on a beautiful recreational lot, I was not only out to sunbathe, but also to play with my hairy pussy.
124 105 pics Sometimes I feel like doing something crazy. When I found this man briefs with slit, it was so far! I play the man for you! So that it looks real and feels real, I put a dildo in my pants and move like a man! Well, almost like a man.... My female curves I can not hide of course ... By the way: I do not want that at all!
123 113 pics The legendary Munich Oktoberfest started last Saturday, so I've made a matching set for you again. This time not in a dirndl but in a checked blouse and leather shorts. I think it also looks very sexy.
122 136 pics It was always a big wish of mine to make a video on railway tracks and recently I've found a suitable location. So enjoy watching me in this wonderful outdoor set.
121 137 pics  

Today I have another wonderful update for you. It shows me in a sexy red corset, great high heels and hold-ups. So enjoy the sight of a mature woman showing you her sensual body.


120 126 pics  

These gossamer nylons were a gift from a fan. (Thank you Michael!) I loved them immediately - that feeling when I stroked over my legs - infinitely soft and with a tender crackle. It was especially exciting to roll them slowly down from my thighs and to pull them very slowly over my little red lacquered toes. This fragrance..... HHHMMMMM...


119 150 pics  

The first day of my training was really very exciting. At first, my boss, Mrs. Tina, just criticized me. The tie doesn't fit properly, the sleeves are too long, my stockings don't fit straight and so on. When I started to touch her too, she slowly thawed and we both undressed each other. Wow, that was really erotic, especially the kiss at the end. Hopefully me and my boss will get even closer in the future.


118 129 pics In this new set you can admire my voluptuous mature body at and in a car. Come and take a ride with me ;-).
117 142 pics In this very erotic new set you see me sitting in pink underwear on a pink armchair and playing with my pink pussy.
116 114 pics Today I have another beautiful set for you. It shows me, dressed in a red top, a black mini skirt and sexy red high heels in a quite rough terrain. Luckily I managed to get undressed for you without falling ;-).
115 140 pics When I come home after a busy office day I always take off my business clothes first and sometimes it overcomes me and then I start to treat myself to a little after-work relaxation, if you know what I mean ;-).
114 137 pics This is one of my favorite sets of the last months. A beautiful environment, especially the ladder, beautiful clothes, especially my blue high heels and an erotic, mature woman. These are good "ingredients" for wonderful pictures. What do you think?
113 150 pics As you've seen in many of my updates, I love being outside. This set was made during a walk and it got so warm that I looked for a nice place to undress completely and enjoy the warm sunbeams.
112 131 pics Oh, I love my new leo print lingerie set - isn't it sexy? In this new I show you my female body with all its advantages: my natural breasts, my big round bottom, my beautiful hairy pussy, my wide spread buttocks and my little pink asshole are just waiting for you.
111 136 pics As you can see in these new pictures it was certainly not my fault that the German team has already been eliminated from the Soccer World Cup. Maybe I should have presented myself like this behind the goal of the opponents to motivate my team ;-)
110 146 pics Two curvy ladies on a short walk in the nature. While me and my friend Busty Tina try to climb a stone hill it gets very warm so we take off our clothes to explore our "hills" for a change ;-).
109 114 pics You already know that I love the color pink! So I couldn't resist posing for you in front of that pink wall! What could be a better packaging for my curves than my new sweet lingerie set in white-pink and my beloved fur mules?
108 119 pics The black overknee boots and the black-red dress I wear in this new set look really sexy and I am sure you will like them. I am sure you will also like the fantastic close-ups of my hairy kitty. Enjoy it.
107 124 pics I know that the cowboy boots I wear in this wonderful new outdoor set are not good for a walk in the woods, but they look much better than my hiking boots ;-). What do you think?
106 130 pics What could be better than a very tight jeans to bring out my big butt? Yes, almost nothing. So enjoy watching me slowly taking off my jeans, my blouse and my panties and finally showing you my completely naked body.
105 123 pics In todays update I would like to present you a part of my large shoe collection. As you can see there is everything from sexy high heels to sandals. So this is a special set for the lovers of shoes and cute little ladies feet.
104 100 pics The lady with the black hat, the black boots and the shaping panties shows you her sexy, mature body and I am sure you like to watch her ;-).
103 142 pics Today I have a wonderful new outdoor set which was made in and next to a high stand. I'm sure you will enjoy watching me taking off my tight jeans shorts and my sexy sheer body stocking.
102 140 pics A few weeks ago my friend Busty Tina received a package of beautiful clothes from a member of her site. In this set you can watch us both trying on the clothes. As you can see it was really very funny to take these pictures.
101 131 pics Since the summer is just around the corner I bought a new red swimsuit which I present to you in this new set. Unfortunately the weather wasn't warm enough to wear it outside, but I'll certainly do that later.
100 125 pics My update #100... wow. I would like to thank all my fans and members - for your loyalty, your wonderful compliments and your loving and appreciative mails. Special thanks also to my cameraman - he always puts me into the best light... And of course to the SC team for their great work! I love to pose for you and even after 100 sets I still have as much fun as I had in the beginning. For example here on this rocking chair in my favourite red lace dress... Such a rocking chair is not only suitable for 100-year-old grannies - but also for ladies in their prime. What do you think?
099 119 pics Fur trimmed hotpants, black overknee boots and a beautiful fake fur bolero are very erotic garments for a fantastic new set that you are definitely going to love.
098 111 pics OMG, it was so fun to make this set together with Busty Tina. Balloons are just great to fool around as you can see on these great pictures.
097 141 pics When I recently bought the wonderful pink high heels I thought they would fit great with my pink dress and I think I was right. Am I right? ;-)
096 118 pics I'm not sure if I've already told you how much I love the fishnet body I wear in this brand-new set, but I'm very sure you will like it, especially the open crotch ;-).
095 117 pics I recently started learning to play the piano. I love Bach... but I have to practice a bit more; -). My piano teacher is so attractive that I sometimes can't concentrate on playing the piano. I wish he was here, I would be a very willing student.....
094   119 pics What could be nicer than making yourself comfortable on a cold winter day with a hot cup of tea on the sofa. The tea heated me up so much that I had to slowly undress. The less clothes I wore, the more horny I became so I started to play with my breasts and my pussy.
093   109 pics Taking a photo set on a staircase is always great because it's wonderful to present yourself on it, especially when you're wearing hot clothes like me in this new set. I'm sure you'll love the overknee boots, the thigh highs and the sexy body.
092      124 pics This is another wonderful set with my friend Busty Tina. Watch us playing with each other on the bed in a pretty erotic way.
091      109 pics Actually I don't like phone sex, but if someone with an erotic voice calls I can sometimes get very horny as you can see in this new picture set.
090         104 pics In this beautiful set you can see me wearing only a transparent dress, sandals and a hat enjoying the warm evening sun. Of course, I'm taking them off one after the other ;-).


107 pics

This is another set I like very much. It shows me slowly undressing in front of an antique trifold mirror.


107 pics

I'm sure that you will love the wonderful red fishnet body with the open crotch which I wear in this very hot new set.


100 pics

I hope my new set is a little comfort in these cold winter days. You can watch me undress at the bathing lake and then put on my sexy red polka dot bikini. And don't forget: The next summer is sure to come ;-).


105 pics

I really love the sheer chemise I wear in this new set and I'm sure you will love to watch the insights it offers ;-).


150 pics

In this new set you can see me and my friend Busty Tina cleaning the bathtub wearing rubber gloves and nice aprons (or Kittel as we say in Germany). I'm sure you'll enjoy watching us undress each other ;-).


97 pics

This wonderful new set was made last summer in front of a big stack of wood. I'm sure you will enjoy watching a very natural woman in nature ;-).


105 pics

I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. A special THANK YOU to all those who joined my site and purchased my videos.


105 pics

I love that sexy lingerie and the black high heels I wear in this new set in which you can see me slowly undress on a red sofa.


150 pics

Today I have a wonderful new set with my girlfriend Busty Tina for you. Watch us eat strawberries in a very erotic way. You probably would have rather eaten something else ;-).


112 pics

You like to watch a mature woman wearing thigh highs, a garter belt, high heels and a sexy red dress? If so, I think you will be very satisfied with this new set.


87 pics

Also at the risk of repeating myself, I think this is my best set so far. A wonderful setting, a great light and finally - the apple, which gives the whole thing a very artistic touch. I think Helmuten Newton couldn't have done better; -).


107 pics

Today I have a lovely new outdoor set for you. It was made at the end of a wonderful summer day which makes a very nice light.


103 pics

In this new set I show you my volouptous body on a TABLE. There are some wonderful close-ups and some fantastic pics from the aerial view.


86 pics

I have always been afraid to go into dark vaulted cellars, but for this new set I have overcome myself for you. I'm sure you'll love the contrast between a white dressed, mature lady and the dirty basement. I'm sure you'll overlook the cobwebs that got stuck on me unnoticed ;-).


88 pics

This lovely new outdoor set has fewer pics because me and my photographer have been interrupted while shooting them. I'm sure you will like the set anyway ;-).


101 pics

I simply call this very sexy new set "Pretty in pink" ;-)


124 pics

The Oktoberfest ended last tuesday but I'm sure you will enjoy this new set, in which I wear a beautiful Dirndl, anyway.


103 pics

This wonderful new outdoor set was made on the terrace of a fisherman's hut. Watch me slowly undressing for YOU!


109 pics

The setting of this new set was wonderful and the white bodysuit I wear is one of my favorites. Enjoy these wonderful pics.


88 pics

At the risk of repeating myself, I think this is one of the best sets I've made so far. Watch me slowly stripping off my tight red dress in front of that nice masonry wall.


109 pics

A wonderful and warm sunset light, a car and a sexy mature lady with hot tight jeans pants are "ingredients" of this hot new set.


113 pics

Of course I had to clean the shower after using it for my oiling video. I'm sure you will enjoy seeing me wearing my apron and my rubber gloves.


104 pics

I'm sure you will love the lingerie with the open crotch & bust I wear in this very erotic new set.


121 pics

This is one of my favorite stes I did in the last weeks. It shows me on a bench in front of a wooden hut.


135 pics

In this wonderful new set you can see my handsome friend Busty Tina and me preparing a wonderful meal. Due to our zeal some of the pics are blurry. Sorry for that.


120 pics

It's not the usual outfit I wear when I do my homework, but I thought you would enjoy it more to see me vacuuming with some sexy lingerie on.


117 pics

It's always fantastic to make outdoor sets especially on a warm and sunny day. This time you can see me slowly stripping of my dotted dress.


118 pics

It was so much fun doing this set, maybe too much fun 'cause there are some blurry pics in this one which are caused by my horniness. I apologize for this inconvenience ;-).


100 pics

In this new set I'm dressed all in black and I think that looks quite good ;-), especially the (faux) leather jacket and the sexy dress. Enjoy the new pics!


100 pics

This is one of my favorite sets so far. See me dressed all in red posing besides and on a high-voltage pylon.


102 pics

I've recently read in a magazine that jumpsuits are very hip this year so I bought me one for the summer. I think it looks quite sexy on me but maybe you enjoy it more when I take it off ;-). (Sorry for some blurry pics in this set)


115 pics

The wonderful blue babydoll I wear in this brand-new set was given to me by a member of my site (Thanks Gavin). I'm sure you enjoy watching it as much much as I enjoyed wearing it for you.


148 pics

Springtime is workout time to bring the body in shape for the bikini season and the best thing is you can do this outdoors on a sunny and warm day. Stretching, jogging, and a few exhausting excercises with a heavy piece of wood heated me up, so I had to take off my clothes to continue with my workout. Enjoy watching Sporty Beatrice :-)


110 pics

Instead of wearing muted colors, as I quite often do, with this new set I try to implement the slogan "Orange is the new black" ;-).


111 pics

I know that some of you guys love to see women in pantyhose. So here is another wonderful set for you (and for all the others who love big-butted mature women ;-))


124 pics

It's just wonderful to take a walk on a warm and sunny day, because you can take off your clothes when it gets too hot ;-).Enjoy my first outdoor set of this year.


99 pics

I love the fantastic long sheer cardigan and the black overknees I wear in this wonderful new set. Watch me slowly undress in a very erotic way ;-).


104 pics

The good thing about having a website is that I can always buy new lingerie without a guilty conscience :-). In this new set I present you my latest addition: Purple panties and a purple bra.


94 pics

I'm not really a morning grouch, but when the alarm clock rings in the morning I prefer to stay in bed for a few more minutes. Then I stretch out, touch myself a little bit and finally get up.


120 pics

You better lick the tip of my boot or you you will feel the whip of Lady Silver.


104 pics

In this new update you can see me and my friend Busty Tina as the raincoat girls.


103 pics

There is almost nothing better than a hot cup of coffee, but I should take care not to spill anything the next time ;-).


98 pics

It doesn't take more than a naked mature woman in high heels and an umbrella to make a very sexy set of pictures.


110 pics

In this brand new set you can see me wearing some very hot lingerie and a black latex coat. I'm sure you will love to watch my sexy mature body on that ladder.


150 pics

In this wonderful new set you can see me and my friend Busty Tina drinking champagne and getting a little tipsy. Well, this made us quite horny so we kissed and undressed each other. As you can see we had so much fun doing this set ;-).


110 pics

A fake fur bolero, black overknees and a very sexy fishnet bodystocking is everything I wear in this fantastic new set.


104 pics

I'm sure you will love to see me dressed all in black and I'm also sure you will love to see me slowly undress ;-).


128 pics

"Dear boss, shall I take dictation or do you want to see your secretary Beatrice naked? Ok, what a stupid question."


132 pics

This wonderful set was made last summer and it is a mixture between two sets. The first part shows me eating MELONS in a very sexy way with my friend Busty Tina. In the second part we just strip for you outdoors.


97 pics

I think the best word for this new set is "body parts"? You can see nearly every part of my sexy body in wonderful close-up pics.


124 pics

In this classical striptease set you can see me showing my naked body on a barstool. All the lovers of my big butt should not miss this one 'cause it looks fantastic when I sit on this chair.


105 pics

A massage table is just a wonderful furniture to present my mature body. What do you think? ;-)


143 pics

OMG , it was so funny doing this set together with my friend Busty Tina . This very large WARDROBE was wonderful to hide and to pose in. See two beautiful mature ladies exposing their hot bodies.


124 pics

In this new set you can see me dressed in black. Black hold-up stockings, black panties and a very sexy, sheer black blouse. There are many fantastic pics of my big butt in this one.


101 pics

The wonderful turquoise babydoll I wear in this new set was given to me by a member of my site (Thanks very much Gavin).


122 pics

Well, I'm not really a morning grouch, but when the alarm clock rings in the morning I prefer to stay in bed for a few more minutes. Then I stretch myself and take off my nightgown.


114 pics

I totally love to wear this fishnet body and those sexy overknee high heels. I'm sure you will enjoy watching this brand-new set.


130 pics

This new set was requested by a member of my website. He asked me to make a wet clothes pictures just wearing a pantyhose and a dress. Well, I hope that my other members and admirers like this fantastic set, too.


109 pics

This wonderful new set was made on the waterfront and in a very picturesque lake. It shows me and my friend Busty Tina taking a bath on a wonderful sunny day.


110 pics

Who is this sporty mature woman who makes her gymnastics on a RED BALL? Yes, it's me.


123 pics

A table is a fantastic furniture for a sexy photosession. You will love to watch me in my hot hold-up stockings and my checked skirt.


107 pics

Silver dress, silver shoes, silver hair and Beatrice Silver. This wonderful combination can be seen in todays new set.


115 pics

My friend Busty Tina is a wonderful MASSEUR as you can see in this very erotic new set. I enjoyed her soft hands on my hands, my feet, my back, my inner thighs, my boobs and my big butt.


117 pics

Beatrice Silver, the lady in red. Well, not completely, but in this new set I wear a sexy red dress and a pair of very hot black/red high heels.


106 pics

I recently cleared up my garage and rediscovered my wonderful old MOTORBIKE and I thought this would be a wonderful accessory for a new set. Well, I think it definitly was!


93 pics

I'm sure you will love the hot PVC dress and the sexy black high heel overknees.


117 pics

A member of my site asked me if I could make a set with sheer raincoats. Well, here it is and I hope that all my other members enjoy it, too.


130 pics

Although there are some blurry pics in this set I think this is the best ones I did with my friend Busty Tina so far. See us both posing on TWO CHAIRS.


108 pics

In this wonderful new set, which was made in summer, you can see me inside and outside of a car.


109 pics

It's so much fun being naked in front of the camera as you can see in this new set which shows me slowly undressing on this old box.


127 pics

Just before I went to a dinner I realized that my dress was crumpled so I had to iron it. I don't really like doing this but I hope you like watching this ;-).


107 pics

What do you think about the sexy high heels I wear in this new set? I think they look great especially together with the sheer babydoll.


92 pics

I think the best title for this new set is PRETTY IN PINK. You can watch me and my friend Busty Tina playing with each other on the sofa.


112 pics

I think the black garments I wear in this new set give a wonderful contrast to the red table, but I think you will also enjoy to see me naked on that table, right?


124 pics

A ladder is just wonderful to take pics on as you can see in this new set. I think you will also love the hot jeans underwear I wear.


116 pics

I think the black hold-up stockings and the red lingerie I wear in this new set fit perfectly together. What do you think? ;-)


94 pics

There are few things which are better in summer than wearing a dress with nothing underneath as you can see in this wonderful new set.


113 pics

I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. A special THANK YOU to all those who joined my site.


111 pics

It's always so much fun doing picture sets with my friend Busty Tina. In this brand-new one you can watch us trying on some different garments.


113 pics

I don't really understand why men are so fascinated by BALLOONS. When I started my site I received over 5 (!) requests for a set with balloons. Well, here it is and it was lots of fun doing it and I hope you have fun watching it.


93 pics

In this new set I wear one of my favorite lingerie. It's a crotchless fishnet bodystocking. I hope you like to watch it as much as I love to wear it ;-).


119 pics

Welcome back to another great set. Today you can see me cleaning my body in the bathtub. What a soapy and wet update ;-). (Sorry for the spot on some of the pics but my photographer didn't realize the waterdrop on the lens)


116 pics

In todays new update you can see me doing my daily exercises. It's a mixture between yoga and gymnastics.


148 pics

My friend Busty Tina and I thought it would be a nice idea to do a set in "Oktoberfest" style. We hope you enjoy this set as much we enjoyed making it. Prost!


106 pics

One of my favorite things I'd like to do in my spare time (apart from taking new pics ;-)) is reading. In this new set you can see me slowly undressing after my book got a little boring ;-).


106 pics

Today I have my first outdoor set for you. It was made besides and on a deerstand in a wonderful surrounding.


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This new set was made in an ATTIC of an old house. I hope you like the fishnet dress I wear in this one ;-).


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In this new set you can see me wearing all black. A very sexy black dress which accentuates my big butt, black panties and my favorite black high heels.


108 pics

This is the first picture set I've ever made in my life. It was my friend Busty Tina who encouraged me to make a website on my own. In this set you can see us giving ourselves liquid courage before we shyly explore each others bodies. It was very much fun doing this set and I hope you enjoy watching the pics as much as I enjoyed making them.