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Bio Page

A Little Bit About Me...

age: 22 years old
Birthday: January 17th
Marial Status: Single
Favorite Color: green 
Height: 5' 4"
Measurements/Bra Size: C34
Eye Color: hazel
Hair: brunette 
Muff: usually very tidy
Dream Job: Forensic analysis
Ambitions: Hard working, a student going to school full time, and want to run marathons again so in the practice of training. 
Hobbies: I am an artist, I enjoy painting and drawing. I like working out and preferably running. 
Dress Size/Jean size: size 6
Panty Size: small 
Favorite Drink: water
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Music: Play me some Roy orbinson, beach boys, four tops, Four seasons... I was born in the wrong decade
Sexual Orientation: prefer men
Shoe Size:
Favorite Sexual Position: doggy style, 69, I could go on....
Favorite Masturbation Object: vibrators! It gets me into any position you want. 
Weakness: I crave for public fun. Once I was on a train with my ex. I wore leggings only with no panties on, he slid his hand into my leggings and would rub my clit. I got so wet for him, and we had to watch out anyone coming near our seats. 
Kinkiest Adventure ever: One night in Oakland California, I broken into a public pool and skinny dipped. The guys who watched those security tapes sure had some fun watching those.