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FAQ Page
Q. Do you answer your own E-mail?
A. Yes I do and I love hearing how hard and horny I make all of you!  I try to answer email with in a couple days of receiving it. I won’t make you wait too long I try to read it everyday and answer your questions and comments asap.

Q. Do you do custom movies or photos?
A. Absolutely, email me your ideas at and we can work out all the naughty details.

Q. Where are you from?
A. I officially live in Windsor, Ontario Canada but also spend many hott days and nights across the river in Michigan.

Q. What will I see in your Members section?
A. You will see anything from sensual erotic poses of just me in many different dirty positions. As well as me with  many of my friends that are female, male and groups of people. I will show lots of close up's of my boob, pink, and toys, as well as requests for just about anything allowed on SC. I love learning about all the fetishes out there and try hard to give you all what you want and need.

Q. Do you ever Chat on-line?
A. Yes I have my Yahoo ID set up now members can get chat at me there , just email me and I will add you. I also visit the
SC chat room frequently as well.

Q. How often will you update your content?
A. I update new pics atleast 2 times a week sometimes more.

Q. Can I send you something to wear in one of your photo sets?
A. Yes I love getting things to show off in or use in any of my updates.  Just send me an email and I will send you my mailing address and dedicate that shoot to you.

Q. Do you like toys?
A. Yes I love toys! Glass being my favorite. You will see me using many of my toys but only in my members area, join so you don't miss out.

Q. Are your breasts real? And what size are they?
A. Yes my boobs are real they are a soft supple size 42DD

Q. What do you like the most when it comes to sex?
A. I love Oral sex best both giving and receiving with a man or woman.

Q. Why did you become a charm?
A. My boyfriend/photographer is an avid picture taker of everything we do. He has taken 10’s of thousands of pictures of me, him and our swinger friends over the years including some current charms here on SC.  After talking to them about the fans I was convinced I could do this too.
Q. Are you Dominant or submissive?
A. I would have to say I’m a bit of both depending on the company I’m with. A bit more dominant as I do like to take charge of the situation so everyone cums out happy, but I can also enjoy being held down and told what to do once in a while.

Q. How long have you been on Southern Charms?
A. I went live on SC a week before my birthday in October/08
Q. Do you smoke?
A. No I do not smoke but have friends that do and can help with updates and
customs if need be.

Q. Are you truly Bi and are you a Swinger?
A. Yes I am truly Bisexual I love having fun with both men and women for real, not just for pictures. I am definitely a swinger; my boyfriend/photographer have great sex and love sharing it with others.

Q. Will you sell printed photos?
A. Sure I will, I’ll sell a print of any photo you see on my site. Rates depend on size and content of the photo please email me for details.

Q. Do you like to watch porn?
A. Yes I do watch it though I hardly ever get to finish watching one start to finish…I get to hot and bothered and usually want some action 10 min in too the movie lol.

Q. Do you like anal sex?
A. I do have to admit I love it more and more. There's nothing quite like the full body orgasm you get from a vibe on my clit and a cock or toy in my ass these days mmmmm.

Q. Are you a true Redhead?
A. Yes I am a true red head, because I shave myself smooth you can’t tell but you can by all the freckles I have all over my body. However my hair does seem to be turning grey earlier then most women, so I do cheat and dye it to keep it my natural color occasionally.

Q. Will you meet your Fans?
A. Yes I am totally real and open to meeting fans, I will however only consider meeting fans who
become members of my site unless I am attending a public meet and greet.

Q. I have no credit card is there another way I can join your hott site?
A. Yes you can still join me on the wild side by following these directions;

Q. Do you have videos on SC site?
A. Yes I sure do and they will be growing every week
click here to see my video page.

Your Canadian Gem,