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Aja's Panties/Panty Hose
In case you haven't already noticed I do not wear panties very often. At least not to any of our parties or photo shoots.
And never when I go out to the nightclubs or bars.
That's because I never know when the moment may arise that I might get someone that I would like to feel me up.
I love it when I have a skirt on with no panties and one of the guys runs his hand up my skirt. And when I wear jeans with no panties
I can better feel their touch between my legs. And I especially love the excitement of them doing it in public.
But I do wear panties and panty hose on occasion and I always wear both to work.
If you see any of my panties or panty hose in any of my pictures that you would like to know about, or would like to ask me about a pair
of the panties or panty hose I wear to work, please feel free to drop me an email.

I will post some pictures of some of my panties and panty hose on here from time to time so check back often.

Love ya