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Photo Update 1508

Brandi’s Bras – Part 28

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Hi guys and gals!

My boobs sprouted when I was quite young and I got my very first bra when I was just ten years old. You can probably imagine what it was like-a young girl with BIG boobs and all of the attention I got. When I would go to sleepovers, all the girls wanted me to take off my top and show my bra, then take off my bra and show my boobs. After that they would toy with me, touching and squeezing my breasts, amazed at how big my nipples would get. When I got just a little older, guys always wanted the same thing! I always loved the attention…and still do! So this is “Part 28” of a retrospective look at my bras, this time from updates #1342 through #1394.

I hope that you enjoy and really look forward to hearing from you!



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