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Hello Dear Stranger, 

I am Doris, a romantic mature European MILF taking pleasure in exhibitionism, outdoor nudism and striptease. I enjoy having sex in front of the camera. Here on Southern Charms I wish to entertain you with lovely erotic bunny pictures and cougar movies featuring me naked, walking or stripping, or just performing casual house chores in my birthday suit. I will be very pleased to hear how hard you get and how fast you cum when watching my nude pictures and sensual films. It flatters me to know that I have you turned on and it excites me to learn from you how this happened, down to the most intimate details. See? I love talking at least as much as showing off. So don't be shy and share your passion with me. Ask me a small question and expect for a big answer. 

My man wanted me to be part of your sexual fantasies and I won't mind to serve as inspiration for your actual, real sex life. Porn is a fantasy but your life is real, just like mine. We perform in the prosaic all the time and we dream at the romantic once in a while. When you'll stare at my adult images and amateur movies, I wish you to also have an eye for the shy bunny hiding behind my eyes. As much as I enjoy showing off my bum and pussy, as much as I wish to arouse you with my erotic dancing, I can always taste a kind, gentle and sensual romantic moment. 

Every soul has his own story, and romancing is the ingredient making the best of it. As a one-man woman (I never knew a man other than my hubby), I wish to present you the naked romance of real life, to feed your fantasy with -say- the next-door reality, with something that either happened to you or it can happen anytime. 

Industrial porn feeds unrealistic fantasies, make-believe scenes that can't, or shouldn't, happen in real life. On the contrary, romantic porn (how I love to call it), invites your mind to the realm of attainable fantasies. If I'm a housewife, a mother of four, a former career woman, a blogger and a web mistress, if I enjoy pleasing my man to THIS degree, then your loved one can do the same. It's all a matter of time, and trust.  

Physically stimulating free pictures go second to the complete nude galleries and explicit erotic movies in the members area. Take the free tour as a stranger and, if you like what you see, then you must become a member and a friend of mine. (Join Here Now) 

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As a friend of mine, you can email me about your fantasies and fetishes, comments and compliments, critics and suggestions. You may send a request for a picture or position of your liking. In my replies to you, I wish to exceed all your expectations. It's a great pleasure for me to live my own fantasies, to fulfill them in front of the camera, to share them with you here on Southern Charms, and then to hear your fantasies about me and have them captured in new candid pictures and erotic movies. 

Welcome to my Romantic Porn corner on Southern Charms, 

Yours to love, 

Doris Dawn

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