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Photo Update 500

Busting Balloons: 157+19 Action Sexy Pics

This picture-rich Update 500 is made at the kind request of a sweet fan.

I took the black dress on me, grabbed a glass of champagne, armed myself with a few extra magazines of joy and began busting the balloons. Celebrating Update 500.

Ah yes, the balloons! Such a noise when your heels bust them.

Incredible. Deafening.

My Fotomann got scared. What if the neighbors were hearing all the bangs?

What if?! Who cares?

This got me even more excited and, sipping from the glass, I continued with the busting of those balloons.

In this Update #500, I offer you 157 balloon busting pics plus 19 more photos in expectation of the coming daily updates.

Club Members can exclusively watch and download no less than 51,000 photos with lots of close-ups of my lovely intimate moments, with or without my bush, (and coming at a rate of 100+ more with every new post, DAILY - yes!!) plus 235+ erotic videos from my SC Videos page (normally 2-3 new videos a week but some weeks even more).

Thank You All!!

Your support, your subscriptions, your video orders, your custom orders, the little screenplays you write for me to play in the clips, your generous tips and all your mails, mean very much to me.

I am truly happy that YOU enjoy what I do in front of the camera.

I love the way we communicate!

Hugs and Kisses to you!!


P.S. Remember! After you've joined my Members' Club - please write me an email, so you can get your FREE video!! - The Erotik, Romantik Oktober SPECIAL PRESENT from me to you!! No email, no gift.

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