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Q. Will you send me pics?

A. For my members who request a special pic to be sent either by e-mail or through a secured private link for free, I will honor their requests. For non-members I cannot send out pics, and if you think about it you'll figure out why!

Q. Do you work out?

A. I have no alternative, do I? The kids, the house, the garden, they all keep me physically busy. Besides this, I do a morning round of calisthenics, usually naked, just before I'm served the after-breakfast "dessert" in bed.

Q. Why do you do this?

A. Besides the obvious reason there are a few more, nonetheless essential. Time before, when my man used to compliment me, I told him that he is subjective. Then he began sharing nude photos of me with his (non-local) friends. This wasn't enough to convince me. Then he started posting nudes of me on the public web, for strangers. And ONLY when perfect strangers sent me their compliments I realized that, as kids grow up and leave the nest, I'm left with two alternatives: either turn into an old depressive and dry menopausal worried woman or RETURN to my joyful, exuberant and vibrant youth, yet keeping the naughty mind that I earned over the years. I opted for the latter and it makes me feel wonderful (even when I stop to think about it).

Q. Why don't you shave your pussy?

A. Because my pubic hair is a dry lubricant for his piston. Plus it protects my wet and intimate parts from microscopic bugs and fungi. If this is by design, then it's gotta have a function, methinks.

Q. Were you ever shaved down there?

A. Yes. They shaved me at the maternity. Three times. It was a pain and an itch until it grew back to normal.

Anyways, over the years, few fans wished to see my smoothness and I obliged by shaving, at times. Then a Gentleman convinced me to try organic sugar Brazilian waxing. Which I did and will do again. Just not all the time. Because I love wearing, and showing, my bush!!

Q. But you do trim, right?

A. Quite often. I use to let hubby play with his Braun mowing machine on my triangle, to make butterfly- or heart-shapes. At least this is how he calls them. The best and simplest one is the so-called landing strip.

Q. Are you really a one-man woman?

A. Yes. Had no sexual contact with anyone but my husband. And we're a "porn couple." Incredible.

Q. Where do you live?

A. The vast plains of Central Europe. Born here, live here.

Q. May I send you gifts?

A. Of course you can. I'll show you my gratitude by wearing them in front of the camera. Any new items with the tags intact that you wish to send me to wear for photo shoots will be welcomed, although I suggest you e-mail me first for sizes. Other gifts are also welcomed. Please email me first.

Q. Are you intimidated by your small breasts?

A. I was when they were smaller. But Saw Palmetto made them rounder. They say that big boobs are key in the industry. Well, I'll go with the niche...

Q. Will you do a custom video for me?

A. Yes. To make it happen, please write me an email at with the details. But let me tell you that custom videos are time consuming and, depending upon the complexity, not very cheap. If you are truly interested in having me do a custom video, e-mail me with the specifics of a script/scenario you desire and we can discuss the possibility.

Q. How often do you masturbate?

A. Only when I'm on camera. And I try hard to attain the same levels of pleasure that I receive from my man's tongue or dick or caressing. With my own hand, it seldom happens to me -especially when I masturbate in front of a camera. Difficult to get surprised by myself but quite excited about 'showing the world' how I look in my intimacy, who I am in some of the most vulnerable moments. Truth is that I get waving orgasms on demand, anytime I wish. All it takes is ask my man. Oh, he may give them to me even if I forget to ask :) .

Q. Are you a Domina or a submissive Bunny?

A. I enjoy being submissive. I love giving. But then he will ask me to dominate him, calling me his Domina. If I resist, he will nag to get me upset. Hang on, dear. I've got a broom, rulers, mops and whatnot to show you who is the Boss!!

Q. Do you personally respond to all your e-mail?

A. Yes, I do respond to all my e-mails from both fans and members. If you write me from an AOL account and do not receive a reply, you can be assured it's not because I didn't send you one!

Q. May I send you artwork created with your pictures?

A. Aw... That would be one of the sweetest gestures. Thank you!! XOXO


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