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DVD #1 : Moments of Romance

I am so happy to present you my first DVD! :)


DVD Title: "Moments of Romance"

* Total running time: 150 minutes

* 11 titles (please scroll down for the screenshots)

* DVD-R (make sure your player can read this format!!!)

* PAL (make sure your player can read this format!!!)

(If your player only reads NTSC-DVDs please let me know that to find a solution for you)


*** $54 | EUR 40 (for VERIFIED current members)

*** $69 | EUR 50 (for non-members)

Additional shipping fees: Outside Europe $10 / Inside Europe EUR 5


Email me at for the address where to send your order and payment! s.

Please include the following in the envelope:

1) Email and shipping address.

2) Signed terms of purchase agreement. Download it from here. (printable PDF format) IMPORTANT!!!!!  

3) Payment (details by email).

As soon as I receive all of the above, your DVD will immediately be shipped discreetly in a

brown/white envelope. I will then email you a confirmation when your package has been shipped.


Payment can be made by Cash (please make sure it is well concealed) or Online (details by email).

Hope you'll enjoy watching as much as I did orgasming!


Moments of Romance | 150 minutes

1.0. Wifey & Hubby Try to Make a Porno - 27 minutes

1.1. Intro Presentation by Doris to "Wifey & Hubby Try to Make a Porno" | 2 minutes

1.2. Wifey & Hubby Try to Make a Porno | 25 minutes

2.0. Clitoral Climaxes - 41 minutes

2.1. Intro Presentation by Doris to "Clitoral Climaxes" | 2 minutes

2.2. Clitoral Climaxes | 28 minutes

2.3. Red White Window | 11 minutes (Sequel of "Clitoral Climaxes")

3.0. Joys of Spring - 11 minutes

3.1. Joys of Spring | 11 minutes (Vivaldi Intermezzo)

4.0. More Romantik Porn with Orgasmik Doris (Special new cut) - ~ 60 minutes

4.1. Doris Strips out of Red | 10 minutes

4.2. Classic Penetration of Orgasmik Doris | 20 minutes

4.3. Beyond the Oral Orgasm | 20 minutes

4.4. Lovely Full Body Massage in the Outdoors | 10 minutes 

5.0. Pussy Dance, Sensuous Shower - 11 minutes

5.1. Pussy Dance, Sensuous S! hower | 11 minutes

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