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Update 100


The Way Ahead 

I'm thrilled to present you my 100th update here on Southern Charms. It's delightful to be here - watched and complimented by you. :) 
I'm showing you 101 erotic pictures in this update. It's the railway theme, the vintage car theme, and the old black and white airfield theme. The message is simple: 100? Hm... still long railway ahead of me, yet plenty of cars to get naked near... and the sky is the limit for future postings. 
Notice please that I've inserted few other themes - these are actually snaps from future posts. Yes, the Red Riding Hood and the angry wolf, posing on some exotic beach, touching myself while watching TV (on the TV screen it's me naked, yes, touching myself), tap dancing my worries away, showing my toes to the barefoot camp. Must satisfy them too, not just the high-heels camp - which seemed quite spoiled lately. 
Just giving you a few heads up about what is to come. But for now, wish you'll enjoy my 100th Update 

Thanks for giving me confidence with your support

Update 99


The Flowery Scent of My Garden 

Through the following 90 erotic pics, I'll lay down in the grass, move around in slow feline moves - maybe that's why they call us cougars... But the bunny in me screamed (silently) to sniff the blooming flowers, to find imaginary hides behind red tulips. Still, the camera caught my pussy in the open. I love the outdoors

Update 98


My Bee Dress 

An aunty told me that I look like a bee in this dress. Maybe... 
Anyway, I'm in a hurry to get out of it, to jump out of my panties and pose for you just in my black stockings and garter. 
A little bit of wall climbing and window hanging - why not? 

Have fun watching. I did posing

Update 97


Pin Up Shoes? 

I saw them and I grabbed them in a minute. Love them. They bring nostalgia to my mind. The rest is white. White stockings, white bra, and the white butterfly panties with the not-so-subtle opening - just where you've been thinking. 
I was at a desk, drawing something nice when the camera began to click and produce the 121 erotic pin up shoes pictures that I'm offering you now. Enjoy all of them.

Update 96


Hausmeister Doris 

Yes, I get excited when my man drills the walls or hammers a nail in some wood, or screws a screw with a screwdriver. I like staring at his muscles. 
In these 125 new sexy pics, I play my fantasies the other way around. Namely, Hausmeister Doris (that's me) takes the tools in her hands and pretends to fix something in the wall, or the ladder... 
The high noon sun warms me up as I take off my red top, eventually deciding to step out of my denim and perform the drilling in the nude. 
Totally naked, I sense the eyes of another neighbor peeping through the fence. Good for him

Update 95


Two Ponytails 

Late to school? Well, honestly, I was never late to school - when I was in school, that is. But this time I am a bit late, maybe not to school, but who cares. 
See that ladder? Helps me get the furniture back in place. 
My photo man seized the moments, from my backside, with his nosy camera. 
Enjoy the 75 sexy photos.

Update 94


Playing with Avocados 

Minutes after we have made love like bunnies (see the two clips presenting fragments from the longer video "Waking My Man's Dick Up") he brought me an armful of avocados, told me to play with them as he took pictures. 
I love him, his dick and, as you have already guessed, I love avocados. See for yourself through the 84 erotic photos taken on the bed where we just made passionate love. The erotic videos with that are waiting for you on my SC Videos page.

Update 93


Retro Scene on the Stairs 

I love to play between shadowy and bright yellow light. Especially when I wear transparent pantyhose, tight over my pubic bush. Or those vintage sun glasses, coming so handy for such a photo sitting. I pretend to walk up the stairs. In fact, I climb my feet across the balustrade - this when I don't just squat to spread them apart. Panties? Not todayEventually, my pantyhose will slip lower... How low? You'll discover through the 146 steamy fresh sexy photos presenting you a vintage scene on the stairs.

Update 92


Sitting at the Window 

Not much to tell about this rapid photo sitting. It took place minutes after I returned from the fairy orgasmic land. YesIt exists. ReallyI was there this morning, for about half an hour or so. Then I thought why not doing a photo set in the window. Hadn't had the courage to pull the blinds up. Maybe next time. :) 
Enjoy the 82 erotic red bra, red stockings, no panties pics.

Update 91


Cold Mornings, Warm Noons 

The cold air of these early April mornings stings your skin. Waking up and getting out and about, I took my thick jacket with me. The short shopping tour offered me a couple of cute surprises. Excited, I came back home, looking for spots to display my newly bought garden accessories. It is then when I felt the generous warmth of the noon sunshineTo make sure, I stared at the thermometer. TrueOff with my clothesLet me hop on the green grass. Oh, look at that nice tree. Think that I need to climb in it. Just a bit. What if the neighbor stares on the window? So what? This is my warming up before a casual frugal nooner... Showing you only 122 erotic photos from my backyard. At noon.

Update 90


Country Music & Red Wine 

Yes, there's a nice striptease video bearing the same title in my SC Videos listing. Go download it if you haven't already. 
Along with the 93 erotic photos, this issue presents you a couple of clips from the aforementioned video. 
The theme is so simple: a cowgirl strips for youTo give herself some courage, she sips from a glass of red wine. That helps not only wetting her lips, but also her... lips 
Until Thursday morning, enjoy the dancing and romancing

Update 89


Frigid Imagination 

Once upon a time, a spell brought frigid air over North America and the winter turned bitter. Too bitter. 
Upon the same time, around the Blue Danube, a lazy Indian Summer gave way to this Early Spring. 
It was then, when a little gal from the plains took her mature naked body to pose for the Frigid Imagination 
Enjoy the 82 sexy pics depicting nudity (mine), snow, water and a skyline. 
Please forget about the cold until next Tuesday when I'll play the hot cowgirl!

Update 88


Role-Playing the Hooker 

A fine Gentleman wanted me to play the role of a hooker. This took me a bit farther from my natural frolicsome nudist garden attitude. To properly display myself in this new role, I needed some equipment - most of it being already at hand, no problem. But then there was a request for "lots of makeup." Hm, putting all those layers on my face, painting my eyebrows... Made me feel like a clown. The mirror said "use this with moderation," which I did. Anyway, the makeup is "lots" compared to my other photo sets - where it's missing. :) One of my miniskirts had been scissored into a micro-skirt. And don't dare ask me about the color of my panties. There are no panties in this set. Don't know if hookers wear them, I'm no expert. 

Enjoy the 100 seductive hooker picsThursday I may come back with a frigid set. 
Big smooches, 
PS - This set hides a secret message. If you know it, please mail me. :) xoxo

Update 87


Vernal Vagabond 

No holidays. Just flowers. 
Forsythia. Narcissi. Hyacints. 
Busy bees and ladybuggs. 

Sunshine startles my exposed skin 
In wonderful light and lovely warmth. 
SpringtimeHow I missed thee... 
ComeTake me Outdoorss 

The Sun smiles at me, 
Gently touching my naked body. 
Earth tells my feet 'How are yee!' 
As they hop ahead, like bunnies. 

I look about, 
And turn to you: 
Welcome Springtime 
Says the Vernal Vagabond. 

Don't know if you liked my naive poetry. At least you may have an enjoyable look over the 100 erotic photos of mine, taken in the first day of Spring 

See you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, regularly, 

Doris - the outdoor nudist spring bunny :)&nbs p;

Update 86


Reflections in Front of the Green Screen 

This is my first photo sitting in front of a green screen. Look at me in the coffee cup and look at the same me in the living, er, the improvised studio. My pantyhose and my shiny lingerie are reflecting the color green from the background. Bad choice for this experiment. Lucky me for the coffee cup where all shadows of green have melted - experimentally. 

You're welcome to enjoy the following 91 sexy images of me reflecting the green on the screen. Even naked

Update 85


Freshly Fucked 

Twas a Friday morning this late January. Snow was heading our way, they said. Kids have decided to spend two weeks at home with us, during their exam session. "Why not find occasional shelter at the mama hotel?" I said to them, invitingly. 

I was in a real hurry early that morning (right after the other two kids drove their bikes to school). My soul craved for a love making with multiple orgasms that I (still) was at ease to yell out loud - as no one could hear. No one but hubby - the orgasm-inducer. I had him copiously charge my batteries for the snow storm. I knew that, for the next couple of weeks, my orgasms will have to be moaned, muted behind a locked kitchen door. So I went wild, very wild, during this love making. I seized the moment! 

Recovering from uncontrolled muscle trembling, I watched the clock. "We still have about half an hour before the bus will arrive. Honey, get the camera ready and bring me the orange fishnet stockings... What?... NoNothing else, the stockings will do just fine... Ah, and the camera... don't forget the camera!" 

Ensued 63 erotic photos with me naked in bed, the very one where we made love like crazy bunnies. See my pink cheeks? Yes, the rubbing, the scratching, the wild things we did to each other. Minutes before these pictures were taken. Did I mention my soaking pussy? Never mind... 

If you'll read this on a Thursday, then see you next Tuesday 

If you'll read this on a Tuesday, then see me again on Thursday 

Same place, same time

Update 84


White Leotard Gym Strip 

Remember the Fine Gentleman mentioned in Update 80? Remember my imaginary - and flamboyant - entry to the gym? Hard to fathom how much adrenaline I'd need for such a stunt. Hard to put in practice as well. Thank Lord for the chromakey 

Many trendy photographers of the day use to "photoshop" their models. Not my manI pose to show you how I am in reality, at the moment the picture is taken. I wish my photos to be a statement of expression. That's good, and natural, and what I hope you to enjoy, because I do. But come on, have me walking into a real gym hall like this? Stripping off my mini skirt, leather belt, white leotard, pantyhose. Spreading naked on the machines? God knows when I'll have the chance to findthe keys of an empty gymAnd make sure the security cameras are blind! 

Until that day, I hereby offer you no less than 69 (a digit that I so love in all possible positions) composite photos with me doing everything I told you above, against a couple of gym backgrounds from the public domain. The lighting and perspectives may not fit, but what matters to me is the following: to show you my naked body as it is in reality - who knows?, maybe you'll see me strolling nude on the Adriatic coast this summer; to please the Fine Gentleman who asked for this gym strip service; to stay fit and happy 

Enjoy the sixty-nine photosSee you on Thursday! 

In the previous update I confused Tuesday with Thursday, oopsThe rule is that I post an update every Tuesday and Thursday, with the exceptions to the rule being more posts not less. :) 

Athletic hugs n kisses, 


Update 83


Midlife Rocker Fantasy 

When young, I was shy and submissive. Not that I'm completely "cured" of these positive aspects right now, but a bit of erotic rebellion won't do any harm, I assume. Raiding the corners of the closet, identifying this leather jacket, I tried to match it with my new boots. Don't tell me that you're worried about my pink panties... Well, when I rebel then I do it both ways: pink is my preferred color and I love to take it with me - even in a rocker fantasy. See my camel toe? Through the pink 

Daring more into the 92 sexy pics, your eyes will have the chance to see beyond the pink: I'll get naked in no time - boots excluded. 

Rebel Hugs to you

Update 82


The Decorator 

Last week we called a decorator in house. He painted a bedroom and a hall upstairs, the staircase and the hall downstairs. He worked fast and tidy, a true professional. I liked what he did. And then, it came the time for reception. Went to check the quality of his work. But you know me: not comfortable wearing panties. Not even a bra this time. Oh, what about the blue jersey? See for yourself: it went off in no more than three photos. The decorator was impressed following me with my reception moves. So I decided to share with you these 74 suggestive, but also explicitly erotic photos. 

I climbed naked on desks so I could touch the ceiling. What a thrill. For the climber and for the watcher. 

The decorating job was accepted, the contractor happy and the client (that's me) mildly wet. How are you?

Update 81


The Green Sexy Mask 

Remember that movie: The Mask... Twas a magic green mask, presumably tossed by the evil gamer Loki. What that thing did to commoners, oh my oh my. I can't take the paradigm of the crazy green mask any further. It's insanely dangerousThus I decide to keep my sexy green mask at a fair distance from my face, just in case. :) 

Enjoy the 101 sexy masquerade photos. My strip tease begins with the maskThen the corset and eventually the pantyhose - do you like the model on them? 

Unmasked kisses, 


Update 80


Gym Jumping Doris 

Few weeks ago, a Fine Gentleman asked me to take my leather skirt over my pantyhose over my leotard and to enter the gym in high heels, where to start using various machines. The scene sounds flamboyant. I made serious efforts to find my courage, and a far away town, where to dare a stunt like this, not to mention the nonchalant public posing in front of the photo shooter. Usually, I do my best to pass unnoticed in public places. Still the Gentleman's proposal incited me and, once upon a time, with all the provocative wear on me, seconded only by my fearlessness, I'll turn this fantasy into reality, shyness apart. Not today! 

This morning, I wished to rehearse a bit for the grand daring day at the gym but also to keep my body in shape. Performedsome calisthenics with my hand weights. Rolled my belly (and butt) on the mauve ball, etc. Not long after taking off the thong, my excitement in front of the warm lights made me jump like a happy squirrel. I felt so exuberant... Thus I jumped even moreGood that the camera caught me. In the airOh my, twas so good 

Enjoy the 128 sexy sporty photos if you wish to see how I jump, up and down!

Update 79


Gone Picnic 

This is my first composite update. But let's start with the beginning. Hubby bought me (or us) a portable chromakey kit. It's that vast fabric of green cotton hanging from a bar between two tripods. The model (that's me) does her thing in front of the camera. The Fotomann does his thing in front of the laptop and there you go: IMAGINE 

I love itAnd I wish to make you part of my excitement. If you had a dream, or daydream, seeing me around the corner, on that lawn across the street, laying on this or that bench in the nearby park, sunbathing on the edge of that particular pool, etc. then take a photo (make sure that you own the copyrights) and mail it to me. It will be my pleasure to fit best in your photographic dreams. :)  

For today, I'm offering you a glimpse over an impressionist-like perspective where you imagined me strolling in casual wear and halting for some rest, some nude stretching and, hang on, for a moment of triplets - can this go beyond your imagination? Watch all the 85 composite photos in the Free and, mostly, in the Club area and then write me what was your, er, impression about the triplets...

Update 78


Bare Feet, Carnival Time! 

A Fine Gentleman from the Southern Hemisphere wrote me (amongst the many sweet compliments tickling the narcissist little dormant beast in me) this: "Give us FEET + LEG guys a dedicated photo-shoot with close-ups when using DARK nail-polish!" 

I promptly addressed the request as part of a Carnival update. It's again that time of the year, isn't it? They call it Mardi Gras, in some parts of the world, or Fasching, in other parts. The point is quite simple: you gotta wear a mask 

About my feet now: I always had a complex, not too fond of my feet - can you imagine?Didn't like my skinny feet with long toes. Are they in the likeness of my dad's or is it because I ran too much, too often?... Who knows... 

This Carnival time got me take out my almost new red sexy dress. You've seen it recently: RED - remember? So what if you've seen it only couple of weeks before? Today it comes in a new presentation. See the mask? The scarf? The gloves? All of these, together, wish to confer an exotic appearance. Ah... I almost forgot: disguise apart, it's the same me, showing off my bare feet, notice the dark nail polish please:) Dark like the bikini, which flew away, eventually. Away with my old complex about my feet: if you like them, why shouldn't I? 

And when you'll discover a new desire to see some kind of fetish that you think I can deliver, you know what to do: mail Doris!

Update 77


Slipping Out of Pink 

My man has bought a chromakey green screen kit. This means that in a few weeks or so, you'll be able to watch composite photos of me walking naked (well, wearing my shoes, mind you) on streets where I have never been or sunbathing on islands I can only dream of. But the art is hard. Had to spend hours surrounded by a green cotton fabric and blinded by halogen lamps. After laboring to "climb the mountains" or "hide from strangers," I asked my Fotomann for a classical photo shooting in a white corner, in front of my mirror, wearing just this new slip and getting myself out of it, slowly, gently, naturally. 

Wish you'll enjoy the 114 sexy photos of pink, and white, and me naked.

Update 76


Playing with Myself 

I love those times in the morning when I can find a moment with myself alone, in bed, abusing this piece of macramé against my blue satin panties. Allowing them to slip up along my thighs and calves. Letting me lay naked on the bare bed. Spreading wide and gently caressing my pubic area with my palms and fingers. There's a mild tremor raising from my clit through my nipples, vanishing to comfort my arms - not before exploding in my head with an uncontrolled laughter as my entire body shivers in delight. I open my eyes to call my Fotoman - it's time for his tongue to amplify the tremors... 

I present you 74 intimate photos with me playing with myself, all over the empty bed.

Update 75


Happy Valentine's 

I love this dayWell, if I sit and think, I love every day: waking up on the shoulder of my man, feeling his sleepy hand under my butt, or his ankle pressing my pubic mount - with his palm captured between my legs, having breakfast with him, making love... and some nude calisthenics (in the warm days), talking to him, planning with him, listening to him or screaming at him, watching an evening movie on his chest before falling asleep and dreaming that I fellate him on a public beach, in front of few nosy watchers. 

Out of my dreams, from my daily reality, I share with you the following 140 sexy photos. Wish you'll take your better half in front of the screen and enjoy watching me posing and spreading on the red heart chair, or around it. Have just read a study with an infographic saying that couples watching porn together have an enhanced sex lifeYou don't say. :)

Update 74


New Dress, Simple but RED 

Lovers' Day is nearing us. I'm getting ready for an evening out. At a restaurant? Really?"If you didn't do it, you won't eat it," chatted the two lovers in RED2. That's our motto too. My new dress is simple but REDWhy? Because red is the color of love. And what better blending than red and black. 

Under my dress? As expected: nothingWell, the black bikini, already flying out of my fingers. :) 

Going out a bit later won't do any damage. I indulge myself, through these no less than 108 photos, into yet another strip tease, before dressing back again. Wish you'll notice how I make the preparations for Lovers' Day.

Update 73


The Bear and The Beaver 

For animal lovers, don't worry, my fur is synthetic, cheap but warm. So warm that I wear it with nothing underneath. Sounds naughty? I can feel its softness on my bare skin, like a velvet. I make rounds, I waltz in my fur until I get dizzy. This explains some of the photos taken in motion... Ah, and for more specific animal lovers (those loving cougars or bunnies, or both), rest reassured: the fur won't stay too long on me. Soon enough, during this set of no less than 100 photos, I'll continue my waltzing and table climbing, and posing etc. exposing my all natural beaver for your enjoyment.

Update 72


Went Shopping 

I know someone who says that shopping is so... tiring. No wonder, if one's roving all day long through boutiques... But how about me? Well... I like shopping especially when I can buy what I desire. Often times, when visiting the shops just to see what's new, I get the impression that there is an infinity of cute little things, all of them very useful, appetizing, exciting... Perfect for my photo sittings. But when I take my wallet with me, I don't know how comes that, all at once, I become very picky. Like nothing would please me. Nothing would fit me. Most often times I end up buying when my patience has reached a limit and I gotta finish with this shopping story. Especially if I'm confident that, when back home, right behind the door, there will be waiting, guess who?, my beloved photo man 

Hope you'll enjoy watching how I come back home from shopping through these 74 pics, taken right at the door, where I decided to just... undress. :)

Update 71


A Snowflake 

Before writing about Update 71 (this one), I owe you an explanation. Update 69 (from Monday) has ended with "See you on Wednesday!" The same Monday I've uploaded Update 70, due to be processed on Tuesday and published on Wednesday. But bad weather intervened and there were no SC updates this Wednesday. Thus my Wednesday turned into a Thursday (unexpectedly). Then Update 70 ended with "See you on Friday!" - which I've been writing on Monday when sending the message out of my hands. Sorry about that. Next time, I should write: "See you on ___ if good weather allows!" 

Talking about weather, this update (71) is all about a Snowflake. And I mean A Snowflake, not any snowflake, or all the many snowflakes out there. Guess who's the Snowflake? 

Two sample clips (one for the free section and another one for the Club) will additionally tell you about the Snowflake glowing white-hot video, to be processed (let's pray that global warming won't delay it, too much). 

Wish you have a Terrific Tuesday watching me as A Snowflake

Update 70


Sitting on the Dryer 

The following 76 photos will show you how I perform my chores - sometimes. Before having a dryer I have felt like wasting too much time with all the laundry. But this machine has changed everything: I just take the laundry out of the washer, throw it into the dryer, push a button and that's it. 

Now I discovered a more extravagant aspect of this machine: it is spacious, roomy enough to allow my buttocks, naked of course, sitting on top of it, in all comfort. As I extract this or that soft little cloth out of the box, I pose for the camera. Do you like my little white cotton socks?

Update 69


Wearing Just a Trendy Belt 

Ah, and my crimson shoes, how could I forget. My man has a fantasy of me strolling out naked on the sidewalk. Well... not naked, I'd wear this trendy belt over my waist. Depending on how I move, turn or lean, more or less of my pubic hair will be exposed. I'd embrace myself tightly with both my arms at times, to cover my tits. But waitHow would I manage to hold my purse in all this complicated scenario? Best option might be just to behave naturally, as if I'd wear the cutest dress of my dreams. Actually, he said to me, "there's no dress matching the beauty of your nudity." What can I say? Is he so charmed by me? No idea... Maybe you'll get one after studying the 95 photos in this belt update #69. 

This update carries aHAPPY BIRTHDAY message to one of my best online friends. Hope he won't mind me telling the world about his birthday. Anyway, the world won't catch the details, just the essence: Love and Friendship are more than the Universe. Hope you agree. If so: Dear World, please wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend 

Hugs and kisses, above and below the belt, from naked Doris

Update 68


A Crinoline and Many Pink Balloons 

Did you think that I had just a retro spell in my last update? Well, that was the typography workdays nostalgia. Today I wish to present you no less than 144 photos and one sample naked clip (in the club) from a yet-to-come dancing and stripping video where I play with balloons, most of them pink, smaller or bigger, some that I kick, some that I break. Ah... now I remember, there was a Gentleman asking me to pose nude playing with balloons, squashing them until they blow. This is the right photo set for blowing some balloons. Will blow something else soon, in another cartoon! 

I hope that you'll admire my red vintage dress with the 'loverly' crinoline underneath... and there's something more, and red, under the crinoline... if you dare have a closer peep :)

Update 67


The Quick Brown Fox 

I hereby would like to draw your attention to these 110 photos that were shot in a retro atmosphere. I played the typist - this has been my first job before going to university. I keep an old typewriter in a chest of memories from the younger years. Less about glamour and more around nostalgia, I did now what I could never do then: stripping off in front of the typewriter, conveniently positioned between me and my mirror on the wall. The blue office suit went off first, revealing that I wasn't wearing any panties at all as I came to work. On my!... The white satin blouse stayed some longer so I could play with the tie while posing on this tiny little chair. Warmed up, I had to remain just in my black stockings and my black high heel shoes. Took my time to spread and stretch, to stand against the wall or arrange my hair inthe mirror. 

Wrapping up the photo shooting, I dressed up, had Don do the same, gave him the tie. He fixed one video camera on the tripod, another on a chair, I guess, and switched roles from photographer to playing my hard-core "boss" dictating me some blah about a certain quick brown fox... I pretended to act with less agility as a typist - which is not the way I do under normal conditions. Ensued an erotic retro porn video that you can download from my SC Videos section. You may certainly watch the promo clips going up in this update. 

About The Quick Brown Fox, Part 1 video, the description. 

In this retro classic secretary video, Doris plays the typist on her old typing machine from the 1980s. Don begins to dictate her the obvious lines of ageless typography: ""The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is an English-language pangram--a phrase that contains all of the letters of the English alphabet. It has been used to test typewriters and computer keyboards, and in other applications involving all of the letters in the English alphabet. Owing to its brevity and coherence, it has become widely known." Imagine that Doris, distracted, makes a typo. OMGDon gets angry at his slow typist. But she tells him that she is the Quick Brown Fox and promptly provides her "boss" an awesome blowjob - not after a stand up little fucking. Filmed with two cameras from different angles... Part 2 will go beyond the blowjob, with more nude dancing, a selfie and a facial... 

Enjoy the 110 photos, the two clips and the two HD video parts with the erotic retro secretary: The Quick Brown Fox.

Update 66


In Bed with Magnets and Headphones 

I wished to lay down in bed, have some romantic music in the headphones, grab my two little magnets and play with them. It's nice to place them over your pubic mount, close enough to feel the vibe as they tend to attract each other. It's nice to have one inside you and one on top of the mount, and feel the magnetism pushing up and down. Posing in doggy style or laying on my back with the legs stretched up and to sides, wide opening my pussy for the camera. Did I mention that the same camera has caught quite some close ups of my little virgin ass? You can only imagine, just watch me 

93 photos with me opening for you as I touch myself, playing with the magnets and listening to romantic music.

Update 65


A Dancing Day 

Ever since I can remember, I loved to dance. As expected, it's the music that turns me on. Regardless of melody, I feel the urge to move... slower or faster... Dancing makes me feel better, gives me a sensation that my chest is clearer and my breathing deeper. 

Not surprisingly, I'm a DIY dancer (wished to find the time, or chance, for classes). Not sure if these pics, or videos (to come) are telling enough about how I wiggle my buttocks on rock and roll, how I tap my feet or how I spin the waltzing romance. Well, I'm not sure, I wonder and I'm asking you to tell me what do you think after watching the 122 photos in this update, plus one the one little sample clip in the free section - this as a forerunner for the coming videos... 

Update 64


A White Kimono 

My athletic education commenced in grade school - because of the school's profile, every morning from 8 to 10 we had to be present at the mandatory athletics training. Not that we were too fond of it. Years later, I knew that this was not wasted time, on the contrary. 

Many women are forced, by the violent nature of society, to get trained in martial arts in order to defend themselves. The lucky ones - who never had the occasion to fight in self defense - are probably happy to practice martial arts just as a sport, for the sake of competition, in a fair play atmosphere. 

Last week, a kind Gentleman wrote me an email, suggesting to show off in a white kimono and simulate some judo moves. This idea amused and intrigued me at the same time. Why not? I said to myself. Sure, there's a slight difference (as always). I never assisted at a judo training. Still, I was at several karate trainings, for kids, during the '90s. Not remembering much though. Good that I could find my daughter's long forsaken kimono in the garage. So here I am. Watch out 

Disclaimer: You're gonna see me laughing or getting "in heat," because of so much "effort." Please keep in mind that this doesn't imply, by any means, that I am disrespectful of the culture of this sport or of the kimono. My performance here is nothing more than a sexy simulation, based on fan request. 

Enjoy the 72 "pseudo karate" photos in today's update 


Update 63


Undressing the Christmas Tree 

Nowadays, some authorities keep outlawing the layout of Christmas trees in public places. Hm... too bad... The first Christmas tree has been recorded in Estonia and Latvia, in 1510. According to another legend, Martin Luther invented the Christmas tree. "One winter's night in 1536, so the story goes, Luther was walking through a pine forest near his home in Wittenberg when he suddenly looked up and saw thousands of stars glinting jewel-like among the branches of the trees. This wondrous sight inspired him to set up a candle-lit fir tree in his house that Christmas to remind his children of the starry heavens..." The Christmas tree arrives in America in 1749, together with the German colonists established in Pennsylvania. 

After this short history moment, please allow me to take you back to the present - which is milder here in Europe but quite Arctic in America. Brrr... Therefore, I decided to present you no less than a 139 warming photos with me undressing my Christmas tree while taking care to undress myself, inch by inchHope you don't mind me keeping that yellow hat on my head. It reminds me of the jolly Sylvester night, also known as the New Year's Eve. Today I danced, performed some pirouettes and cheerfully jumped around the Christmas tree as I removed the decorations, one by one. You'll probably notice my swift movements in several photos... Taken away by this enthusiasm, I found myself completely naked, wearing just that vintage yellow party hat and a pair of satin high heels. Oh myAnd don't pay much attention to that hole in my leggings - must have ragged them in a pointy deco or something... oops 

Enjoy the 139 photos showing you how excited I have been. Then write me an email if you liked my hat, or something else. :)

Update 62


In My Intimacy with My Foehn 

Some won't accept to be looked at in their intimacy. Some spend hours in front of the mirror before daring out on the streets. Each detail of clothing and makeup is meticulously analyzed. Some prefer to stay with the makeup and the outfit even in their home - someone had taught them that not even their hubby should be allowed to watch them as they wake up and if, oh my, this might happen, then make sure to sleep with a tad of lip gloss, perhaps a touch of makeup powder... Everything according to the imperious command that you've gotta save the appearances, to hide the wrinkles, the dark circles... as if any of these was never heard of... 

How about me? Well, I don't "wear" this kind of inhibitions, as you may notice from my photos. What if I've just woke up in the morning, washed my hair and then hubby caught me on his camera - I like when he's chasing me. :) What if the curlers are still adorning my hair? Nonchalantly, I drink my coffee... It's really nice to feel this freedom of showing yourself during your "for you" intimate moments. 

Taking my curlers off, I use the hairdryer - we call this thing a Foehn around here. This because of the Foehn wind that, when it blows, melts the snow in no time. This is the idea of the 101 pics in this update: break the ice!, let the snow melt and be yourself all the time. Even during the "only for me" moments, let it go

Update 61


A Tennis Game? 

Today, I have 107 more pics for you. With me playing tennis... Hm... A game of tennis, indoors? No way... Still, some exercise is always a good idea. With so many sweet and sour goodies during the holidays... Twas a superb cream cake, then chocolate cakes, strudels and the unforgettable Rinderschnitzel... yum... yum... Calories over calories over calories. These things stick to your thighs... Not goodThis is why I went jumping and turning and pushing and squatting, to keep their effects at bay. This time I called it tennis... Playing with the racquet alone, I imagined, for a moment or two, that... But I'd better let you see me in action.

Update 60


A Happy Nude Year! 

Wishing you all a fabulous New 2014 with even more sunshine than in the 90 nude window photos that I present you in this update. 

May each day of the New Year be full of fun, merriment, festivity, and happiness. 

Let's make 2014 the sexier year to date :) 

Love, fireworks and smooches, 

Update 59


A Cup of Tea in Pantyhose 

In my kitchen, cleaned up after lots of cooking and baking, I need to take a break. Sipping from a cup of tea, I wish to show you my pubic hair - first through my pantyhose, then only through the lens of the camera. Imagine that I'm sitting at a table in a restaurant, doing what I'm doing in these pictures. Imagine that you happen to be in the same restaurant, full of guests. What would you do? Hurry up with your answer before 2013 ends 

Wish you a Happy Nude Year!

Update 58


Tiny Camel Toe, For You! 

Finally I managed to get the Christmas tree in the living. As I dress it up, with a few garlands and other decorations, I feel like getting warmer, so I undress myself. At least out of solidarity - look at it: naked and lonely, and green, standing on that table... Before feeling the hunger, I wish to show my camel toeYes, it's tiny, I know... Had to make efforts to emphasize my shy camel toe by keeping it tight under a pair of red panties: FOR YOU 

Please enjoy the 91 sexy photos, watch me getting out of my white corset, then taking my tiny camel toe out of the red panties, not before I play with a purple garland, and gently peeling, biting and eating a banana - tosatisfy my hunger.

Update 57


White, pink, yellow or mauve? 

White, pink, yellow or mauve - four colors, four blouses - made of wool to warm you up. Usually I'd wear them over a shirt or something, but now I chose to try them right over my bare skin. Brrr... some of them make me shiver... An affable touch - the cashmere; bit irritating - the coarse wool; almost neutral - the curly wool... Well, I do enjoy myself playing around with all of them. Dressing up then stripping off, I stretch, I spread... and still gotta decide... which color to pick for the day? 

Maybe you could help me out, after watching the 82 photos...

Update 56


Santa's Little Helper 

Christmas is nighThe female reindeer (see update 54) have already been released into the wild, exercising and circling the globe in all frenzy. Santa is extremely busy, I can tell you this. How do I know? Can't you see that I'm Santa's little helper right now? All days and nights long (mostly nights here in Lappland) I'm on the phone receiving calls from all over the world. Toys and candies and books and movies... and many many wishes... 

As I get the orders, note them down, it seems to me that the heat is on in this room. Can't stay with the clothes on me so I undress, little by little, then I stretch some more on the rocking chair, spread my legs wide, playing with my pussy... feeling happy... Ring... Ring... Another phone call... Gotta answer... Bye(In the while please enjoy the 101 cute erotic photos for your delight below.) 

Merry ChristmasThis is Santa's little helperHow can I comfort you?

Update 55


The Ironing Cougar Bunny 

AgainI gotta iron... :( An activity not exactly on my liking. I avoid it as much as I can... But now, that I noticed hubby wagging his camera around, I said what if I'd try the black blouse? Right after ironing it. :) Well, well, to try the blouse, I'll have to undress first, no?!... And then... after trying it, I have to undress once again, not to wrinkle it so fast... 

Ensued a whopping 184 nude photos set with me ironing, undressing, trying the blouse, undressing it, playing with my pearls in the sun and wide opening for your relaxation. Have fun

Update 54


Riding the Reindeer 

"Santa's reindeer form an imaginary team of flying reindeer traditionally held to pull the sleigh of Santa Claus and help him deliver Christmas gifts. The commonly cited names of the reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen." Wondering if they are male or female. And here's what I've found: "Male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer, however, retain their antlers until after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to every historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, every single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen... had to be a FEMALE. We should have known this... Only women would be able to drag a cute corpulent man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night, and not get lost." Or maybe not? 

Well, a tougher scientific argument would be finding out what makes a female reindeer fly?But in the while, let's cool down, relax and get ready for a little show (in photos and video). You guessed rightI'm playing an imaginary female reindeer: Doris - imaginary only as a reindeer, mind you... 

Enjoy the 70 photos and the two video clips, one for free and one for my Club Members, and let's hope that my SC Video titled "Riding the Reindeer" will get published before Christmas (I've already posted it).

Update 53


My Pink Fluffy Blouse 

Wearing just my white transparent pantyhose and an adorable pink fluffy blouse of mine, I come to see the tiny presents. Well, my little nose detects the scent and warmth of the approaching holidays. It gets me in the mood for a striptease... 

How exciting can it be to contemplate, to sniff, to imagine the presents inside the package, yet knowing that you can't touch them. Is it really, in there, the long-awaited present? Has Santa brought you what you wished for? Have you been a good girl?

Update 52


Decorating for Christmas 

With the first week of Advent, we all know that Christmas is getting near, so I must decorateOutside, the hoarfrost covers the lawn. Makes me think twice before giving up my newly acquired knitted wool stockings. I even keep close to the radiator, brrr... Love playing with the decorations and making faces to the camera - ensued 113 photos for your delight. Do you like my new shoes?

Update 51


White Knit Stockings and Gloves 

Twas this early November. Brr... Bit cold to take a sunbathing... And still, with my new knit white stockings, a warm reminder from my granny's epoch, along with a pair of white angora wool gloves on my hands, I defied the low temperatures outdoors. 

But my white business lady coat screamed at me when I was just about to exit the house. I couldn't resist the "textile noise" and took it with me. Yes, looks confusing: farm-like woolen knit stockings and gloves edging my business suit - no skirt involved, of course. However you approach it, what's definite is that I'm gonna strip in the garden, in November. My plants are ready to hibernate and I feel all sorts of whimsical desires under the sunshine. I'll blame the gloves for that... 

Enjoy the 135 pictures presenting you the white and playful sunny morning of a daring cougar bunny - that should be me, according to hubby's saying at least... Hugs and kisses to you, Doris 

PS - Did I mention the clips from my upcoming SC video titled "You Are a Masturbator?" I just didThis new video hasn't much to do with sunbathing outdoors in November. It was only filmed minutes before I decided to dare my naked pussy outside and smile to the chilly sun. These lewd videos give me ideas, so it seems...

Update 50


Handball and Crimson Tide? 

Yes, it already sounds strange enough, far fetched and whatnot. The interesting fortuity is that our auntie from Alabama, fervent fan of Crimson Tide, has sent us the Bama gear but, having no American football in the house, I snatched a handball for this photo shooting. Handball is popular enough in our neck of the woods, it makes good use of your hands. :) Now, I'm really curious what you saying about this sports combination - enjoy the 162 photos!!

Update 49


Delicious Roasted Duck Recipe 

To the end of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving to say goodbye to the Orange and - after a harsh Black Friday of all out shopping - to give us the Red and the White and the Green of the Christmas Season. 

Old Europe celebrates Martinmas, according to some traditions, in the 11th minute of the 11th hour (pm) of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. It conducts a similar message as Thanksgiving about the conclusion of harvesting and preparation for the Advent. 

We use to put a goose or a duck in the oven for Martinmas. I was agile enough to grab the last plastic bag, laying solo on the bottom of a glass refrigerator in the supermarket. The mechanically packed duck was brought home, to my kitchen, where it suffered a pleasant process of cooking before the family had the chance to congratulate me, the chef, for the delightful roasted duck on cabbage, stuffed with an apple down her empty behind. 

They say that after Martinmas, in the old, "women traditionally moved their work indoors for the winter, while men would proceed to work in the forests." Well, well, part of my amateur housewife work is posing nude for the camera. Following this tradition, I'd have to keep my pussy inside for the cold season. Not sure if that will happen to the letter. 

In the meanwhile, I invite you to enjoy the 110 photos and the two video clips (one for the free area and a more explicit one for my Members' Club) that will give you an idea about the HD videos to be published in my SC Videos listing (or maybe alread y there). The stuffed duck on cabbage recipe is to be found in the description of the SC Videos. :) 

If you're in America, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 

If in Europe, hope that you had a great Martinmas!

Update 48


Wearing Tan Pantyhose 

A passionate Gentleman once asked me if I could wear a pair of tan pantyhose for him. I sure doFor him and for you. But what else to do then? How about dusting that round white lamp hanging from the ceiling? Think I'd need to stand on the table for that. TrueThe dusting went like nothing, I even gave up the duster when time was about to get myself off the tan pantyhose and right into full nudity. Twas a sunny day. Enjoy the 90 photos!

Update 47


Washing My Lemon Tree with Beer 

With the chilly mornings upon us, I gotta shelter my flowers and little trees, like my lemon tree. During the cold season, I cannot walk naked around my garden, can't enjoy the sunshine warming my nude body. If I dare outdoors, naked of course, for a photo shooting at best, then the cold air makes me quiver. In the closed area where I keep them for the winter it's still pleasant enough to take off my clothes while taking care of my plants. I have opened a beer can to moisturize a cotton pad and wash the leaves of my Japanese rose, ficus and lemon tree with it. This is a thorough job, leaf after leaf, on both sides. It may sound boring, but on me it has a terrific relaxing effect. Hope it doesn't look boring to you. Eventually, in the last photos of this 72 pics set, I bring more action with a carrot and a wide opening "exit" through the house entry door.

Update 46


Under the Shower 

This is one of the simplest photo sets. 

I wished to take a shower and he followed me closely with his camera. What else can I say? 

He even groped me... Can you believe that? 

Please watch the 70 photos if you don't believe me.

Update 45


Learning to Ride My Bike 

I still have to learn how to ride a bike. I'm still playing around, taking my little blue bike for short turns in the backyard. I talk to my bike and caress her, and ride her, naturally. In the hope that, finally, I'll learn to ride her on the street as well. Sometimes I feel the sensation of gliding. An interesting sensation, I might say. Especially when I press my bare pussy against its firm seat. There is a saying that a bike seat may provoke you an orgasm. I even saw this happen in a movie. The main idea is for me to learn well about riding this bike. So I can extend the sensation further... and subtlerI'll keep you posted. For now, I invite you to watch this set of 112 photos with me stripping my mini skirt and red top off while playing around with my little blue bike.

Update 44


My Little White Bodysuit, Gym Time 

One, two, three... y'all do like meeSo I begin my gym hour. It is good for my back. It is good for my thighs. It is even good for you to look at me while I'm working out on the carpet. Why not? 

This bodysuit is a bit small on me, as a gym suit... When I stretch more seriously, the bodysuit remains "behind," revealing more of me... And when it keeps sticking, then I don't hesitate to push it down... or up... 

One, two, three... y'all stretch like mee...and bend like mee...And what when the gym hour turns boring? Then I introduce my small crimson clam vibe friendWe vibe? Yes, we doWorking out on the exterior and the interior tooMy vagina needs some exercise as well, no?? 

Offering you 81 pics from my gym hour on the fluffy carpet. Doing the bridge or the candlestick with my white bodysuit unbuttoned and left like a thin belt on my navel. This is the good part when you wear a body: no need to get out of it while you wish to show off. Enjoy

Update 43


Demystifying A Vintage Chemise 

Once upon a time, when I was young, my mom didn't use to wear trousers, nor the male-inspired tight top - which are both commonplace in our feminine wardrobe nowadays. 

My mom, like most women from that epoch, was comfortable wearing a chemise. When a woman undressed then, she wasn't showing her slips in a snap. Exploring the closets of old, I found a lost chemise. In my mind briskly aroused hopes for mysterious lights gaming the under shadows, for transparent moves revealing, or concealing, the naked forms and shapes beneath. But who knows? Maybe the light came differently. Maybe the measures of this chemise were improper. 

After the photo sitting, when looking at the images, I realized that the texture of this old chemise was not as transparent as expected. Too thickHm... I wished for my contours to be more mystifying under this vintage chemise. 

But the honorable man has nothing to fear from staring at all these 98 vintage erotic picturesThis because I have nothing to hideTherefore, playing with the chemise in the sunshine, I dared to reveal my soft and hairy intimate parts to the camera, and to your attention. 

Right after consuming these subtle, and not so subtle, retro moments, I decided for a bolder backwards time travel. Thus I took the chemise off and continued posing in the good ole naturist fashion. Well, I forgot my stilettos and necklace on. PleasePlease!, forgive me for this omission. Will you?

Update 42


Carving My First Halloween Pumpkin 

Believe me or not, I never ever carved a Halloween pumpkinPerhaps because traditions on All Saints Day differ a bit in Europe. Or because I considered it being a kids' business? Never mind. 

Sure, I've cut and carved pumpkins in many ways, for the pumpkin pie or as a side dish to Schnitzels... 

Thus, the 128 photos I'm hereby presenting you, in this 42nd update, come as a PremiereAnd because I did something new, I thought to combine this activity with another one, that became commonplace to me: undressing in front of the camera. So there you go. 

Is my Halloween Pumpkin cute? Whaddaya say? 

PS - Oh, forgot to mention: hubby had a filming camera on me while he took these photos. On this page I present you a small clip from the Great Pumpkin Halloween video!!Enjoy the clip while the video awaits its turn to get posted. :) Happy Halloween

Update 41


Cleaning the Dusty Red Car 

When you're gonna watch the last photo of this set, then you'll realize what exactly was on my mind 

Next morning I turned 48. So that afternoon I've chosen to pose minutes after coming back home from the hairdresser. Wanted to look good. To feel good. I always loved curls. A shame that it takes so long to make them, and so little to lose them... 

This red car of ours is older than me - counting in car-years, of course. :) What counts is that the car is doing its job rather well. Maybe it should be cleaned more often. Don't you think that my hubby finds much time for this feat. He wants me to clean and polish it. Hence I began: with my pants, blouse, and what followed, one by one...

Update 40


Black Full Bottom Panties & A Thong: In the Mirror 

Wearing two pairs of panties. Did it happen to you? Well, a hard winter could be a good excuse, just that is not the case. In this photo shooting I'm offering you 86 pictures with me wearing the following: black satin top, black garter, black stockings, black stilettos... and... two pairs of black panties: one full bottom and a thong - both black. 

I play in front of this mirror on the wall until I manage to get myself out of all those panties, then out of the satin top. Time to spread my legs wide, kneel, lay on the floor, showing off my nicely trimmed pubic hair... and... casually... my clit. Have fun. I had

Update 39


Out of My Pink Panties Outdoors 

I hope that you like my pink panties. Because I really do. But do you know what I like most? It is when I catch a short moment in the early afternoon, when the sun shines westwards over this small spot of my backyard. It is when I take my pink panties off and I lay naked on the grass. For a very short time only, because they say that you may lay naked on the grass only in R-less months, such as May, June, July, August. 

Is this a myth, is it not? Well, the ground gets colder in months bearing an R in their name. I can tell.

Update 38


Doris Dancing in a Vintage Skirt 

A new online friend gave me an idea: doing a tap dance video. Before finding the appropriate shoes -- and before finding the time to find them :) -- I managed to grab a vintage looking skirt, to associate it with a cute white top and to start the rehearsals for this video. Enjoy the 98 photos with me dancing on nostalgic music. When I'll get the tap dance shoes, I'll ask hubby to record the rehearsals in video mode. Good that pictures have no sound, for the time being.

Update 37


Playing with the Hallstand 

Exploring for new ideas, I noticed this hallstand. HeyIt's not easy to see it because all the time it's covered with all sorts of hats, jackets and bags. So it took me some time to figure that there's something, some sort of hidden structure, holding all those things together. :) 

Okay, I got the hallstand naked for posing and, gradually, I got myself naked too, while playing. Enjoy

Update 36


My Red Girdle 

It was about time to use the other end of these stairs... where to pose and show you my red girdle, red stockings, red bra, etc. But what's that excessively long and black robe? Well, just for teasing. Isn't it a balance breaker for the black in my shoes and transparent triangle on the front of my thong? 

Long story short, hereby I present you 101 photos in red and black - the robe went down in no time, you won't see it anymore in the Club members' area. :) 

Hubby asked me to pose like someone in the last two pictures. Wondering if you can make the association, or is it just him?

Update 35


My Romantic Rose Petals Bath 

Wednesday morning I wanted something more than just sex. Wished to have a romantic rose petals bath together with hubby. While I went out to my garden in order to gather a small basket of rose petals, he was ready, camera at hand, for a new photo sitting. Ensued 74 lovely pics with me bathing, playing and raining petals. Enjoy the view before the bath tub got crowded and he moved me out of romance-land, right into reciprocal masturbatory porn. Too bad that we had no one to film us while at it...

Update 34


Morning Nude Workout 

It's important what you eat, what you drink and what you breathe. But it's nonetheless necessary to have your daily workouts. In sunny days I go out gardening and exercising in the outdoors - oftentimes in the nude because I really love to feel the sunshine bathing my naked skin. However, chilly rainy mornings are not too appealing for my workouts in the nude. This time, I picked a corner indoor while hubby grabbed the camera. Enjoy the 82 resulting photos with my mauve gym ball, my red bodysuit and my blue weights - no more suits at that point.

Update 33


The Retro Dress & The Classic Piano 

Remember my previous update (32) where I told you that I'm gonna pose in my own 1984 Prom Ball dress? I did it, after I found it, of course. I chose to sit, and strip, in front of the piano belonging to my third daughter. HeyThis time I wear my own dress, it's a progress, don't you think? Well, it's common place to borrow and recycle clothes in a large family. But "recycling" the piano? Never heard of such a thing... :D Here you go, 96 photos for you with me wearing (only in the few entry poses) this dark blue retro dress and pretending to play the piano. Do you know what made this sitting so special? Let me tell you: I use to love fitting in dresses from my late teens. That is, methinks.

Update 32


The Ball Dress 

I wished to wear the dress at a ball early this winter (when my second graduated high school) but my first said "no" to me because this dress was worn only once before, by my second, at her (my first's) graduating ball, two years ago. My daughters agreed that I should wear a more formal attire at their balls. Mhmmm... 

Now that they left part of their wardrobe at home, I seize the moments and feel young again. Hubby caught them moments on camera, 94 photos for your delight. But hey, an idea came to my mind as I write: why not posing in my own Prom Ball dress? A piece coming back from 1984, is that actually a retro thing?

Update 31


Up the Stairs I Changed My Hair 

I've noticed that people, men most likely, love to look at me while I'm smiling down from up the stairs. 

Really, have no idea why. 

What's your opinion about this stairs "fetish?"

Update 30


Naughty Mature Mom 

Now that my second daughter is (at her turn) off to college, I feel more at ease borrowing one top from here, one shoe from there (oh, that's from my first daughter, it fits better), a skirt or a t-shirt... 

This morning, when cleaning her old gardrobe, I stumble over this little pullover that she used to wear over her jeans. She hasn't worn it for quite a while. I try it, casually walking around my man, without any jeans, mind you. 

Prepared, with his Canon at hand, he wastes no moment. 

Ensued 75 photos. The youngish dressflew away in no time allowing my mature personality to exhibe in front of the camera. What thrills me is that I fit well in such dresses, without tearing them apart. What thrills you?

Update 29


Red and Black 

I often use this combination of colors. I find it so exciting. Do you?

Update 28


Cougar Bunny Doris, Naturist Working 

There was a garden, someplace, that looked pristine and unstepped by man. At least this season. Indeed, that garden exists not far away. It has seen no man and no cutting tool. Until the cougar bunny arrivedSporting her long and dreaded garden cutters. And her white working gloves... The bunny, who is also a cougar, contemplated the green shades and the petty dunes of vegetation. "Gotta clean this heath!" Said she. Stripping everything away, but her sandals, socks and white little gloves. Huge cutters began to chop, snatching anarchic branches and pointy twigs alike. The sun arched beyond the blue canopy as the untiring cougar bunny cut her ways through shrubs into the natural wilderness. Then, sweated, she rested the hefty arms of steel, down against an old wall, to joyfully grab her yellow buzzing garden trimmer. Before starting the mini monster, she agreed to pose with it at hand. To laugh and stretch and squat. For you to see and enjoy her green nudist working hobby. (The Club Page harbors 94 photos more with Doris at work, naked, jumping, spreading, smiling, cutting, squatting, white gloves and scissors of steel at hand.)

Update 27


Smooth Satin Shoes and Panties 

Do you know what Gentlemen love to admire on a woman? Maybe the glitz of satin. At least so have I heard from some of the finest Gentlemen coming to visit my site. But wait a minute. A distinguished Lady, studying my Photo sets, told me that I have to smile some more. Sure, I can find excuses, such as "Here and there I look serious, like a romantic dreamer or a melancholic downer, because this is how I felt when the picture was taken;" or "I was tired after so many pics and poses;" or "When I laugh too long and too hard, then my wrinkles show up more prominently." Oh my, how many reasons not to laugh in pictures. Yet every coin has its opposite side. You gotta laugh and feel the exciting moments upon you. Even when time, or the lack of it, overwhelms you with all things busy, what you really need to do in the background of life is LAUGH,laugh out loudPut a smiley face in your mind and laugh at it, or smile if you're too shy. Then get naked, find a new pair of white satin panties. Enter in them to notice that there's a hole on the back, presumably for a bunny tail (must buy myself a bunny tail next time as well). Get your feet into those fancy white satin shoes (high heels, of course). Have your pearl necklace at hand and jump on the bedroom bed. YesYou heard me well: shoes, panties and necklace. Nothing more. Nothing less. Oh really? How's that "nothing less?" I have a naturist soul screaming out loud from the bottom of my being: "Show off your bare skinExpose your intimate detailsKeep your natural silky hair and be gorgeous!" Well, I trimmed my pubic hair, just a bit, right before this photo shooting. Wanted it better arranged to match the satin, or to contrast with it. The graphic proof of this lays on my Club Photo Page. Want to check and write me a note about it?

Update 26


Doctor Doris Mrs. Dawn 

Many have been asking about the sexy doctor photo set. Finally, I've got one for you. The numbers are ever growing: 37 free photos and 94 club photosBut what's a hefty erotic photo set without a good succulent story? The story is that we made a hard core video after the photo shooting. It's more or less about role playing: how a midlife male "patient" comes to the "doctor" to ask why his ejaculation is so late, if at all. Doc Doris, with her analytic spirit, needs to make sure that the patient can have an errection first. So she dances and strips in front of the naked patient - for science's sake. And only then she labors hard - manual and mouth labor, that is - to get his sperm tested, err, tasted... Ugh, I find myself rambling again. Enjoy the photos while my man prepares the video for you.

Update 25


My Sex Toy & The Moustache Open Thong 

Please watch closely over this photo set, because right after hubby took the pictures I tore up the silly moustache. Yes, these opened strings look fancy with a surrogate moustache attached to them. It may even provide more inciting contrast when applied on top of a shaved pussy. But an idea is an idea, a look a look, and a plastic a plastic. No more plastic- says the naturist in me. Otherwise, I played with my quality ruby clam-like sex toy, inserting it deep into my pussy to feel the vibe. Nice vibe, really. But when hubby put the camera aside and brought his tongue to action, then I knew "who" is my preferred sex toy. He said that the black and red thong looks fabulous on me, moustache or not. What you saying?

Update 24


After My Silver Wedding 

Yes, twenty-five years of our lovely marriage are now behind us. We can look at them through the rear mirror. But hey, I've got many little presents for my Silver Wedding: the silver ring, the silvery string and a ruby-colored clam-like little toy (you'll see the thing in this photo set but there's an entire video dedicated to it, on the pipe to get live on my SC Videos page at any moment, or day, from now). 

I have truly enjoyed every moment of my Silver Wedding. 

Hope you'll like the snaps.

Update 23


Doris Tries a Pair of Pantyhose 

Many have asked for a photo set with pantyhose. This is my first here, I guess. However, as you'll have the chance to notice, I eventually managed to get all nude, because this is how I feel totally free in front of the camera. Enjoy!

Update 22


Out of My Polka Dot Skirt Bikini 

I love to sunbathe in the nude. And I also like my Polka dot skirted swimsuit, because it shades the random rebel hairs that may always find a way around. This when I have to wear it, of course. In this photo set I present you a backyard rehearsal for stripping out of my suit... 

On my Members' Club Page you'll have the opportunity to enjoy watching me laying down naked, stretching in the sunshine, opening my legs wide, showing the close up details of my wet and hairy pussy, playing with my brave clit. The "continuous process" will shortly be available on my SC Videos page. YesOne camera was filming me while the other took these photos.

Update 21


French Maid Finds a Vibrator 

With a pair of new white stockings and the butterfly string, it was easier for me to improvise a house maid attire. Armed with the duster, I dared appearing in front of two running cameras: simultaneouslyThe Canon in the hands of my hubby gave you these pictures while the SONY on the tripod made a cute little video, soon to be published as I already submitted it, before this update. And the "Stimulator" or "Le Stimulateur" well, that's another story. So it began...

Update 20


Doris Roaming the Meadows 

From the second nudist beach, hubby thought that we were done shooting. He packed the camera in the car and asked me to hurry up, not to melt in the torrid sun. But I saw this marvelous meadow on the left side of our car. OMG, there were haystacks spread all over. I love getting all natural, roaming in my birthday suit over this patch of meadow.

Update 19


Doris in the Wild 

Told you that we headed to another beach, on the other side of the highway. There I enjoyed photographing colorful butterflies and elusive dragonflies, and few wild flowers. While posing for the camera, my face and pussy against the railway bridge over the river, a passenger train passed by. I smiled and waved my hand at whomever was astute enough to watch closely.

Update 18


Doris in the Woods 

Today we took the Autobahn to chase a secluded nudist beach. It was so secluded that the river still swamps the trail to it. Not to give up, I told hubby to get his camera ready because I'm gonna perform my act right there, in the shadow of the riverside woods. Poor hubby had to stay still and become a perfect prey for those tiny buzzing vampires. Then we went to another beach...

Update 17


Doris' Laundry Chores & Pussy Close-up 

Torrid Saturday summer afternoon. Chores have only one rule: you can't avoid them. What's good though is that I never have to use my mind on these routines. So I think of little cute things, like my flowers or like my posing for you. What shall I do? Where? And how? A free mind tells me swiftly: why not call the hubby with his camera?; why not here in the middle of my laundry chore?; why not getting naked, laying on the deck chair, spreading wide and showing you a little of my intimate details. Why not? See for yourself and tell me what you think.

Update 16


Don't Bug Me- Part 3 - The Bush Behind the Bushes 

Sunshine, pink roses, green bushes, shadowing trees. 

My small paradise where I work and play. 

Finally,the closing part of this little series. :)

Update 15


Don't Bug Me- Part 2 - Loving to Spread in the Shadow of the Pine I read somewhere that, when you touch a pine, free radicals will diminish in your body, or even go away completely. Hubby says that's like grounding an electrical machine: you spool out the rebel electrons. Well, not sure about the electrons but I can testify on behalf of my hormones, especially when gently rubbing the tree with my backside, showing off my pussy to you. Hope you'll enjoy watching at least as much as I did posing!

Update 14


Wonder Wednesday - Part 2 

The inflatable mattress gave me a mild diving sensation. The sunshine, in exchange, pulled me up to stand and raise my hands and savor the warmth of light washing my skin so early on that wonderful Midsummer morning. Uplifting!

Update 13


Don't Bug Me- Part 1 - My Freshly Trimmed Pubic Hair 

They used to call it Frugal Friday, but sometimes I take the Friday mornings further. This one I did not went to the farmers' market - without my panties on, like in a previous Frugal Friday - because I stayed at home, alone with hubby, to make a couple of videos and then to pose in my garden, among my beautiful red roses, and under a cute pine (in Part 2), and in the midst of its shadows behind a few green bushes (in Part 3). Today's line is that roses look beautiful but you should never underestimate the thorns. Oh, and did I mention that these photos were taken shortly after hubby had trimmed my pubic hair with his razor? I've got all that filmed too...

Update 12


Wonder Wednesday - Part 1 

It was one of those Midsummer sunny days that is hard to forget. I chose a beautiful spot in the garden where I wished to strip out of the little lacy nothings, even out of the fancy high heels. Posing naked in the sunshine warms my body and exalts the soul in me. If you liked my update then please also know that I have a sequel to it.

Update 11


Daybreak on a Saturday 

Twas early after dawn, last Saturday. Finishing some inside play, I decided to join him for an outdoor photo shooting. The sun was still chasing the night Westwards. Therefore hubby boldly activated the flash on his camera. I moved and sat and squatted and smiled between the aurora and the flash light. At Dawn

Update 10


Whenever my hubby buys me a new pair of leggings, I hurry to show him my gratitude, but I also think of you: What would you say about watching me wearing them and, surely, getting out of them?

Update 9


Here's a practical way to protect yourself from excessive exposure to sunshine. You can even try some squats and stretches while exposing yourself to the camera. The idea is to avoid tan lines as much as possible.

Update 8


Revealing my nudity in front of the camera, or the neighbor's windows, or online, is exciting. Even more appealing to me is the way of doing it, HOW I reveal it, when I hide and when not, behind what piece of cloth, transparent, semi-transparent, or not. Giving your imagination more space to explore the little secrets of my concealed nudity sounds inciting to me. Honestly, I love this type of teasing at least as much as I like explicit erotica -- because all things turn explicit, eventually.

Update 7


Why mowing the lawn if not to lay on it? The bee t-shirt is a present from one of our neighbors, I received it just minutes before this photo shooting. In the Club Issue you may (re)discover my exhibitionist inclinations. According to my calculations, there's not much of a chance to get caught. But still, a chance exists, big or tiny, who can tell? The thrill of being peeped at, from behind the curtains, gives me some extra tingles when I sunbathe in this nice spot of my backyard -- unprotected by the evergreens. Enjoy the view, from more than one perspective.

Update 6


I love wearing slightly transparent scarves. Especially when I wear nothing else. Before taking off my blue lace undies, in the members' area, I wish to tell you just a little thing about my red cheeks. They are so because I am minutes after a fabulous orgasm. To stop him from making me tremble more, I asked to get the camera, I'll get into the undies and in front of the mirror. So ensued this little, but steamy, photo set.

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