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Welcome to my Page here on here on SC. 

I have OVER 85,000 photos for your Viewing pleasure!!!!!!!!

Check out my photo page to see more information on photos.


Now a little bit about me....I am a true Southern Belle. I was born in a southern state, and have lived in 9 states now. Currently residing in Vermont. I'm a married bisexual.... my hubby and I are in the Lifestyle.

I enjoy doing my website and update frequently, with added Member Bonus sets that had no free sample pics.   I started my site on SC from March 2001  up until 2011, and now I'M BACK!!!!

Feel Free to check out my other sections of my page as well. 


For those that would like to send a letter, card, gift, or snail mail me something you would like me to wear or use ..Mail to:


PO Box 163

Concord, VT 05824


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Any use, duplication, or publication can and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permissable by law.  All commercial use, duplication, inclusion in any archives, web pages, CD-ROM's, or other medium for commercial gain is subject to usage fees of $500 per photo per day, payable immediately upon use.  Usage constitutes agreement to these terms.  Violations and failures to pay are prosecutable in civil and criminal courts.

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