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FAQ Page


Hey darlin, Welcome to my FAQ page. Here are some questions I receive a lot.......

1) Customs -  I will do some custom photos/videos- email me and we can see.


2) Have you done any sets with other Charms or Gents?

Yes, so far, with over 25 charms & gents.

3)  Requests----I do take requests, Members take more priority over others.


4) How do we know who are members?  We get your email address that you used to sign up.

5) My fav sexual position??  any will do <grin>


6) Will I meet up with men or couples?  We have met people at the clubs or events before, but we do NOT meet up and just have sex, so don't even think it.


7) Where am i from originally?  Well Im a southern girl.. but i've lived in VA, FL, GA, LA, WI, TX, NV, PA, VT


8) my hobbies: writing, reading, relaxing, taking photos, doing things with my child, curling up and watching a movie


9) Do I have feet shots, cumshots, pantyhose shots? YESSSSSS I have many of them.

10) How long have you been a Charm? Since the end of March 2001, with a break from 2011 to 2017.

11) Is it okay to send you something?  Yes feel free & if usable in a set I will

12) Do you enjoy anal?  Depends on the cock or the toy, love anal with my hubby though.

13) Do you SMOKE?? Yes I do... Marlboro Full flavor for years. I have also done sets with Cigars and VS 120's as well.

14) Do you chat with members or fans? YES, i do. In SC Chat room and via emails.

15) Do You go to any swing clubs?  Yes.  We loved the Red Rooster in Las Vegas, NV.  We will be looking to venture to ones near us in the future.

16) Why do you have a wish list section? This gives viewers not only items/stores that I like, but cheap places ive found online that are great for you to buy yourself or your spouse something.

17) Who did your Art on tour Art section? Members, fans, friends, and a few I did.


18) Do you have messy sets, cream-pie, facials, balloon pics, etc?   I cater to ALL kinds of fetishes in my members area.

19) Is JUGGS magazine the only Magazine you have been in?  I have also appeared in 5 pics in Plumpers August 2004 article on Internxet/GOTI 4. 

20) Do you & hubby swing?  Yes, we actually met at a swing club as well.

I hope this answers a few more things about me.