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Here is amy Art section. This is where I will place artwork sent to me by fans (than can be allowed in the free area) as well as a few creations of my own.  Please enjoy, and feel free to submit.


kiss & Lixxx, Dev

z072103x101.jpg z072103x102.jpg z072103x103.jpg z072103x104.jpg z072103x105.jpg
z072103x106.jpg  z072103x110.jpg z072103x111.jpg z072103x112.jpg z072103x113.jpg
z072103x114.jpg z072103x115.jpg z072103x116.jpg z072103x117.jpg z072103x118.jpg
z072103x119.jpg z072103x120.jpg z072103x121.jpg z072103x122.jpg z072103x123.jpg
z072103x124.jpg z072103x125.jpg z072103x126.jpg z072103x127.jpg z072103x128.jpg
z072103x129.jpg  z092403x101.jpg z092903x101.jpg z100703x101.jpg z102803x101.jpg
z122903x101.jpg z122903x102.jpg z013004x101.jpg z080604x101.jpg z100208x101.jpg
z100208x102.jpg z100608x101.jpg z100608x102.jpg z100608x103.jpg z033009x101.jpg
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