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Hi, I hope you love BOOTS.

 My site is dedicated to the
decadence and pleasure of wearing kinky boots.

 I love them
and I get turned on by wearing them. Ever since I was
little I have thought they were wicked and naughty and I
couldn't wait to get a pair. I discovered that boys
were turned on by them too! I wanted to be one of those
sexy-looking females strutting around in tall boots and
I wanted to get boys aroused with them. I got my first
pair before I was even a teenager and had my first orgasm
in them. I was amazed by the attention I got from nice boys
when I wore them. I was hooked! When I wore my boots I felt
like a boot-queen. The feeling of them on my legs was
exciting and wearing them in public made me feel elated
and lusted after.

Recently I have been joined on my site by Baby Bootstrut
(a few years younger than me) so we can do "twin" shoots
in the same boots and outfits. Please subscribe so we can
buy more boots. Baby is hooked now too!


And do you know the funny thing? Mum knows about our modelling
and she has seen the website.

And she likes it!  (???)

Barbara Bootstrut

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