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Photo Update 1204


I just got this new power tool that I ordered off of the internet. I could hardly wait to get and as soon as it arrived I got it all charged up. Then i called my girlfriend Lindy over and asked her to shoot this update while I got off. I knew when i finished that Lindy would be dripping wet and would want me to use it on her and get her off as well.

So after messing with the various speeds and pulses, I settled on the highes speed the thing had.....all I can say is this thing got me off in less than 3 minutes once I put it! on my clit....say hello to my new friend.

So....I have an idea.....I am thinking I should contact all the companies out there and see if they would give a job as a vibrator tester....I coukd write a review about the different vibrators and they could upload my review to their websites.

Or maybe I coukd write a coffee tanle book about vibrators with lots of photos of me using them....your thoughts?

While you're sure to check out my entire site...I have ove! r 84,000 photos and 200 MPEGS on my site...I invite you to check outMY DOWNLOADABLE this link --->

These are streaming videos that you can download to your computer. Once you download them...they are yours to keep forever.

Just click on theblue linkabove & you will be redirected to my downloadable video page.

Well...I need to run...see you on my member's side. Feel free to shoot me an email from time to time...I personally reply to all my emails within 24 hours

Kisses and Licks,


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